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JUNE 2024

Russian Air Defenses Thwart More Ukrainian Drone, Rocket Attacks (Videos)

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Russian Air Defenses Thwart More Ukrainian Drone, Rocket Attacks (Videos)

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Kiev forces launched on May 10 more drones and rockets at four regions in Russia, but most of the projectiles were shot down by Russian air defenses.

In an early morning statement, the Russian Ministry of Defense said that air defenses intercepted three drones over the Bryansk region, another over the Moscow region and one more over the region of Belgorod. No casualties or damage was reported.

The ministry announced later in the morning in three separate statements that three more drones and two heavy rockets fired from a Ukrainian-made Vilkha multiple launch system were shot down over Belgorod. Again, there were no reports of losses.

While most of the attacks were thwarted, local authorities in the Kaluga region said that a drone struck an oil refinery there.

“Last night, a fire occurred as a result of a drone crash on the territory of an enterprise in the Dzerzhinsky district,” Kaluga region Governor Vladislav Shapsha wrote on Telegram.

The governor did not identify the enterprise by name, only saying that the fire had been extinguished and there were no casualties.

The KIev regime stepped up attacks on Russian territory with the start of the year, apparently as a way to make up for the never ending failures of its forces on the battlefields.

Nearly all recent Ukrainian attacks on Russia targeted civilian properties and infrastructure. Drones either supplied directly by NATO backers or made locally from commercial models and parts were used in most of these attacks.

The Russian military usually responds to such attacks by launching large-scale group strikes against military and energy infrastructure in Ukraine.


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inna from slavyangrad tg channel just wrote a long and interesting article about the current and future state of the smo in ukraine, go read and comment


look like putin are defending russia against messile and drones instead of hunting zelensky every day in kiev.the purpose was to denazify not dedrone and de missile.remember lot of russian soldier died for putin nonsense of peacefull surrender.

vichyssoise borscht

didn’t you get the memo? russians don’t surrender.

vichyssoise borscht

ukranazis tried imitating surovikin defense lines but didn’t manage to get past su. somehow, the work orders got redirected to panama.

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