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Russian Army Advancing In Two Directions In Kharkiv Region

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Russian Army Advancing In Two Directions In Kharkiv Region

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May 11 is the second day of Russian offensive operations in the Kharkiv region. The attacks are launched on a wide front in the border areas.

By the evening of May 11, the Russian army expanded the zone of its control in the border areas. After the liberation of about five settlements on May 10 by Russian forces, today the Armed Forces of Ukraine lost their control of up to 5 more settlements in the north of the Kharkiv region. The North group of Russian forces has already liberated about 110 square kilometers and has already taken control of a dozen villages in total.

The Russian Army is advancing in two main directions across the border in the region.

Advancing towards the town of Liptsy, Russian forces took control of several settlements, including Krasnoe, Morokhovets, and Oleinikovo.

Ukrainian tank on fire:



Ukrainian stronghold under fire:



In the Volchansk direction, Russian assault groups liberated the village of Gatyshche. They also gained a foothold on the northwestern outskirts of Staritsa. The assault groups approached the outskirts of Volchansk. Some sources reported that the Russian military entered the town of Volchansk, while Ukrainian forces are retreating through Stary Saltov and Bely Kolodez.

Russian strikes destroyed the bridge over the Volchya River between Volchanskie Hutora and Tikhoe in the Kharkiv region:



Russian strikes destroyed the YPR-765 armored personnel carrier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine near Volchansk:



Unlike the officials in Kiev, Ukrainian military sources admit the rapid retreat of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. However, the Russian military command is yet to deploy the main forces prepared for the offensive. The current attacks are launched by quite small assault groups aimed to pave the way towards the main line of Ukrainian defense in the region which is located to the west.

In response to its defeats in the Kharkiv region and in various directions in the Donbass, the terrorist Kiev regime increased shelling on the Russian civilians with the military equipment supplied by NATO. On May 11, the city of Belgorod came under the heavy fire. The precision strikes targeted the residential areas. Unfortunately, the attacks resulted in civilian casualties. The terrorist warfare of the Kiev regime is one the main reasons why the Russian military is forced to launched the large-scale offensive in new directions. Pushing Ukrainian Nazis away from its border in Kharkiv and Donbass, Russian servicemen create the necessary buffer zone to secure the civilian population.


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tactical n u k e s

i hope that the nazi pigs of the rdk will be the first to be killed

Last edited 2 months ago by tactical n u k e s
Parubiy's Brown Shirts

no such luck. they ran away too fast. it was another syrsky brainstorm. put russian nazis on the border as a tripwire, not thinking that they’d be the first to skedaddle out of there to escape the extra special treatment they’d get from russian troops.

Last edited 2 months ago by Parubiy's Brown Shirts

things are looking good, nafomosexual fellas! saint javelin must have heard your prayers from the circle jerk!

R. Ambrose Raven

surovikin excepted, russia;s generals seem obsessed with battalion groups. consequent lack of speed and lack of striking power assists the defence. it also confirms western military and political complacency, which would be disconcerted by sudden and aggressive advances. drones are a power to both sides, but russia has more and better ones, and better jammers, zhukov would not have given them many medals.

Adam Kafei

it shouldn’t be too hard to achieve, really, as long as you maintain the modularity to use them as components of larger formations, they give you a level of tactical and operational flexability that larger and smaller formations lack. i think the hardest part is building a command and logistics system that accommodates this as well as having a second echelon ready to cover elements exposed by a battalion group breaking formation to achieve some goal.


are you two an item?


thanks for derping, rommel.


1. russia doesn’t need speed. the current speed drains ukraine and the west costing the west many time greater than it is coating russia. 2. russia isn’t using the best jammers at all. they experimented with the personal backpack jammers in adveevka, which is why the number of ukrainian drone attacks nearly ceased during that period. but then they withdrew them shortly after. most likely to prevent them from studied and countered.


armchair general spotted

Parubiy's Brown Shirts

the french foreign legion has a special for new recruits this week.

Sumy Sumatra Big Bang

what’s that? a life insurance policy and all the borscht you can eat?

Gjost of Kiev

chicken shit kiev is winning so much, this is all just an illusion. its actually ukrainian troops entering from russia to liberate ukraine

Parubiy's Brown Shirts

we brown shirts live on illusions and nostalgic trips back to volhynia’s killing fields.


my assessment is that this new front will put pressure on kharkiv, but the first objective will be to connect with the battle group coming from luhansk direction.

Sumy Sumatra Big Bang

my assessment is america’s project ukraine is kaput.


russia is doing what they said from the start. demilitarization means burning nazi$ and the natostan filth that “trained” them. this is entirely obvious to anyone with a functioning brain. slow burn ensures no nazi “stay behinds” remain. remember the reinhard gehlen caper. russia will not make the mistake they made after the last chosenite bout of fascism they financed in urupp with their onkel adolf stooge.

Last edited 2 months ago by Martillo
Parubiy's Brown Shirts

yeah but but…what happened to yats’ chicken wire northern wall to keep the russians out? he’s been building it for 10 years and they marched right over it. looks like somebody’s been buying villas again.

no mines, no trenches. what a joke.

Sumy Sumatra Big Bang

lloyd austin said: “uh, uh …….there were at least 5 battle ready trenches that didn’t defect to the russians.”

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