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Russian Army Rains Fire On Kiev Forces In Krasny Liman, Donetsk (Videos)

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Russian Army Rains Fire On Kiev Forces In Krasny Liman, Donetsk (Videos)

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The Russian military had inflicted heavy human and material losses on Kiev forces in the Donetsk and Krasny Liman directions, Russian military sources reported on September 30.

In the Donetsk direction, the Russian Yug Group of Forces repelled two Ukrainian attacks near Maryinka and Avdeyevka. The group also eliminated two sabotage and reconnaissance groups close to Andreyevka.

“Battlegroup South units have repelled two attacks by assault groups from the 59th mechanized and 79th air assault brigades in the Maryinka and Avdeyevka areas,” the group’s spokesman Georgy Minesashvili told TASS.

The group’s artillery targeted six strongholds of Kiev forces close to Kleshcheyevka, the spokesman added, noting that TOS-1A multiple rocket launchers also targeted Ukrainian troops in the vicinity of Predtechino

According to the spokesman, the group’s aviation also delivered strikes against Ukrainian troops and equipment in 25 districts.

“The battlegroup’s aviation has delivered strikes on manpower and military hardware in 25 districts,” the military official said. According to him, the adversary lost an infantry fighting vehicle, two MLRS combat vehicles, a Msta-B howitzer, an AN/TPQ-50 counterbattery system, five 120mm mortars, 11 vehicles and eight drones.

Meanwhile in the Krasny Liman direction, the Russian Tsentr Group of Forces repelled four attacks by Ukraine’s 63rd mechanized brigade.

The aviation of the group also targeted two temporary deployment points of Kiev forces close to Torskoye. In addition, more than ten Ukrainian artillery pieces were destroyed by counter-battery fire.

Ukrainian losses in this direction amounted to up to 50 troops and one armored fighting vehicle, according to a press release by the group.

In addition, Russian news sources shared videos showing recent Ukrainian losses near Verbov in the Zaporozhye direction, airstrikes on a Ukrainian deployment point near Cherneshchyna in the Kharkov direction and the destruction of another bridge used to supply Kiev forces in the Kupyansk direction.

In Order to deflect attention from the failure of its counteroffensive, the Kiev regime continues to launch attacks against Russian territory.

Kiev forces launched a salvo of BM-27 Uragan 220 mm rockets at the Russian region of Belgorod in the early morning hours. However, all rockets were intercepted by air defenses, according to the Russian Ministry of Defense.

“Overnight on September 30, at about 3:45 a.m. Moscow time, the Kiev regime’s attempt to carry out a terror attack on targets in the Russian Federation with nine rockets of Uragan multiple launch rocket systems was thwarted. The air defense systems on duty eliminated all nine rockets in the air,” the military agency said.

Belgorod Region Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov said on the Telegram messaging application that the failed rocket attack didn’t result in any casualties or material losses.

Kiev forces have sustained heavy human and material losses since the start of the counteroffensive more than three months ago. However, they are yet to break through Russian defenses in any direction. In a few weeks, worsening weather conditions will likely bring the counteroffensive to a halt. This will be a major blow to Kiev.


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John Simons

my one question in all this is, when will russia make a positive move and advance? it must have enough of everything to make such an action and push the weapons that are still attacking donbass. just that one action would relieve a lot of stress for a lot of people.


when they have $ 120 billion to burn for nothing. even then, you wouldn’t make such a stupid move.


so, the lives and security of the people of donb, khers and zap are ‘nothing’? existential wars are fought for deep cultural/political reasons, not because state accountants give the go ahead.

the smo stalled because rus still believes it can ‘make up’ with usa and europe – but it can’t, (and indeed never has). those at the top need to stop dreaming and act. western elites hate rus – it must look south and east instead.

Large Feline

i don’t think russia the political entity really cares bro.


the retired officer douglas mcgregor expects that there will be a tipping point that the opponent cannot recruit people anymore and the front collapses. but it is obvious the banksters are willing to fight to the last ukrainian and nato scrapped tank. but then with who can you negotiate about a dmz, because there has to be a missile free zone of around 100 km around donbass. and no negotiation possible with nazis of kiev regime.


also good to know there are 3 main objectives communicated by putin: 1. protect the russian speaking population 2. denazify ukraine. 3. not to destroy infrastructure. the enemy has no rules and would rather destroy odessa for example than to return it to russia. i have to think now of the famous pictures of the fuhrer and his general staff and nato command 10 years later. these were the same persons my friends except the main guy who retired to argentina.

Large Feline

1. not dine logistically or in terms of internal politics 2. nazis still in ukraine browbeating everyone else into their nonsense 3. “we are hitting odessa hard because we have no defence of russia’s borders.”

please don’t make me side with a crappy cowboy country like ukraine. please do your job.


i understand the people want to see action. it was the same when rome was threatened by hannibal. several roman armies were destroyed and the senate sent out another general with the last legions. their last hope so to say. they became impatient when he didn’t engage in a battle but waited and waited. the reason was that this general discovered the weak point of the enemy: it was a mercenary army and when the money ran out a mutiny broke out and there was victory for rome.


just be patient everything is under control

Grobe Katzen

i don’t even hate the other side, just feel that the situation is very complex and have watched us in the west jump into wars for years now… but either you have good intel or you’re trusting the plan. there’s a plan alright. it doesn’t concern the average person though :/

James Hodgkiss

i thin they are waiting for trump to win 2024. personally i think they should take orkhiv and thus undo all ukraine’s ‘gains’ in an instant.


if they’re waiting for a trump victory then they really do need their collective heads examined. it’s up to rus to prevail in this conflict by its own strength and determination not wait for the usa (which has facilitated and bankrolled the current crisis, including the trump years) to help them out. indeed, if rus needs trump then it would mark a massive victory for usa hegemony, and the biggest step backwards for rus since the events of 1992.

Large Feline

yeah because trump is so effective, conservatives always wait out a saviour and he never comes.


‘when will russia make a positive move and advance?’

when it finally figures out that p’s advisor surkov’s dreams of the ‘great north’ tripartite alliance between us, eu and rus (founded on ‘homer and st mark’) are complete and utter fantasy and the future lies to the east and south with brics. first, rus has to end its addiction to the west’s empty promises, and realise usa/eu wants to destroy rus not be its friend.

Large Feline

can russia walk and chew gum? you couldn’t pay me to live in china.

Large Feline

the subtext is they don’t really want to. they want a low level conflict that they can control because they sure as hell can’t project all that much power west at the moment. maybe post destruction of odessa the shoigu takes an extra shot of espresso but i doubt it. he would sleep on insurgency for sure. bullsh_t war between bullsh_t interests but the deaths are real enough.

Florian Geyer

the answer is,’when the time is right’.

the reality is, why chase the ukies all over the expansive ‘steppe’, with longer supply lines if the ukies are transporting themselves to the slaughterhouse, lol.

Grobe Katzen

if they have a braincell between them they will stop going or just start fragging commanders and delivering fresh apcs with white zeds on them. i think this war is pretty dumb and putin no 5d chessmaster but being realistic one side is gonna have to crumple, it won’t be russia.


it’s a good question and perhaps the answer is not too simple. militarily russia is preserving it’s manpower and resources because it is preparing for it’s biggest defence and counter-offensive, which will likely be a war against the usa/nato. secondly, russia could easily overwhelm ukrainian forces and unleash hell on a much larger scale.

Grobe Katzen

lol what happens when the russians invade alaska and the americans are happy to see them? biden government sucks, they should keep their powder dry and come armed with bread.


tak tomu sa dá povedať cintorín západnej bojovej techniky!!! ale, že ich tam bolo? dobrá práca!!! svetu mier!!!

Arjan Lieberton

ukraine lost over 450.000 people. you cannot make this up with a few rockets. ukraine is done for.

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