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Russian Army Took Control Of Last Buildings On Western Outskirts Of Netailovo, DPR

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Russian Army Took Control Of Last Buildings On Western Outskirts Of Netailovo, DPR

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In recent days, the Russian military gained new victories in the Donetsk direction on Ukrainian frontlines. Both Russian and Ukrainian sources confirm Russian advance in the town of Netailovo located on the western outskirts of Donetsk.

The battle for Netailovo began about a month ago after the Russian military took control of Pervomaiskoe located to the east. The break through Ukrainian defense was rapid thanks to Russian victories around Avdeevka, when the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) were forced to retreat on a wide front. Russian forces rapidly advanced in the eastern part and the center of the town; but the Ukrainian military gained a foothold on the western outskirts of Netailovo and slowed down Russian offensive.

After several weeks of heavy battles, the Ukrainian stronghold was destroyed and the Russian army advanced on the western streets of Netailovo. On May 20, various Ukrainian military sources confirmed the loss of control of the town and reported the withdrawal of the AFU from their positions. The reporters complained that the 59th Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was forced to abandon its military positions due to lack of military equipment, while suffering heavy losses in killed and missing.

Russian military reporters are vary careful in their reports from the frontlines. They confirm Russian advance but note that the mop up operation continues on the outskirts.  According to the latest reports from the battlefield, Russian forces took control of the last houses in the west Netailovo. The battle there was won by the fighters of the Russian 9th brigade, with the support of other units, aviation and artillery.

The Russian Ministry of Defense is yet to officially confirm the full Russian control of Netailovo. Moreover, the AFU are still present on its southern outskirts.

Russian Army Took Control Of Last Buildings On Western Outskirts Of Netailovo, DPR

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After the mop up operation on the western outskirts is completed, Russian troops will continue their advance along the southern coast of the Karlovskoe reservoir and launch assault on the village of Karlovka, to which the AFU are retreating now.

Russian offensive in the settlements is secured by the simultaneous advance in the field areas on the flanks. In recent days, Russian troops expanded the zone of their control north of Netailovo and straightened the front along the Netailovo-Umanskoe road. At the esame time, the AFU are still holding control of their positions in the field areas south of Netailovo.




Russian victory in Netailovo is an important tactical success amid the ongoing Russian offensive west of Avdeevka. Battles have recently began in the village of Umanskoe, which was the last stronghold on the southeastern flank of Ukrainian defense after Kiev lost the city of Avdeevka. Russian forces rapidly advanced in Umanskoe and took control of a large part of the village. Clashes continue in its western part.

The AFU are also likely to retreat from the village of Yasnobrodovka in the nearest future in an attempt to avoid their encirclement by Russian forces from three directions, while the water reservoir complicates any manoeuvres west of the village.


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