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Russian Army Took Control Of Yasnobrodovka, Avdeevka Direction

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Russian Army Took Control Of Yasnobrodovka, Avdeevka Direction

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In its daily briefing on July 9, the Russian Ministry of Defense claimed the full Russian control of the village of Yasnobrodovka in the Avdeevka direction. The settlement was liberated by servicemen of the Russian Center group of forces.

The village of Yasnobrodovka is located on the eastern bank of the Volchya River near the Karlovsky water reservoir. Russian forces entered the village exactly a month ago and the battle for Yasnobrodovka began. Before the assault began, the Russian military advanced north and south of the village. Russian victories west of Umanskoe to the north and took control of Netailovo to the south. Despite the threat of being surrounded, the Armed Forces of Ukraine did not retreat from the village and put up fierce resistance.



In recent weeks, the Russian troops achieved significant gains in the area of the water reservoir. As a result of the assault operations in Karrlovka, Russian forces rapidly reached the center of the settlement and took control of almost the entire town. At the same time, they managed to expand the zone of their control on the northern shore of the water reservoir. As a result, Russian advance on the southern flank of Yasnobrodovka  forced the Ukrainian military command to begin the withdrawal of the main garrison from the village. The pincer grip threatened Ukrainian garrison with encirclement. Forced to hastily retreat, Ukrainian servicemen began withdrawal along the thin crossing across the Volchya river under the fire control of Russian artillery. As a result, the Armed Forces of Ukraine suffered heavy losses.



The first reports about Russian control of Yasnobrodovka came from the frontlines about a week ago. Then, the main part of the Ukrainian garrison abandoned their positions and Russian forces took control of the cemetery in the west of the village and reached the Volchya River. The official claims by the Russian Ministry of Defense about the liberation of any settlements are often released later after the mop up operations are completed, the new military positions are secured and enemy counterattacks are repelled.

After the loss of the city of Avdeevka, the Armed Forces of Ukraine were hastily retreating to unprepared lines of defense in the villages to the west. Then newly appointed Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Syrsky transfered additional reserve units to this direction in an attempt to stop Russian offensive. The reinforcement allowed his to temporarily slow dow Russian advance but not to stop it. Unable to hastily build the necessary fortifications in small settlements surrounded by the fields, the retreating Armed Forces of Ukraine are using the natural water barriers, as the Karlovsky reservoir and the Volchia River to slow down Russian advance. Meanwhile, more and more poorly trained units are thrown into battles but they are unable to stabilise the frontlines.


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christian reinhard

what exactly was the order of those 4 ppl walking around there? wanna fool me? thats no war – thats cheap russo-zigany-ashkenazi-show

christian bernhard

“thats cheap russo-zigany-ashkenazi-show”

…genau das ist es, und sie gefällt mir richtig gut! 😆😆😆

Massa John

they’ve been slaughtering russian speaking people in donbas since 2014…now the real russians have started to respond, without targeting the unarmed, children, women, old and disabled. you are an ukrainian man who wants do right? get near to a weapon, grab it and take out as much nazi scum as possible. best you can do…


well said. why wait to be recruited by force and sent to die for ziolenskys muppet brigade?

take the fight to the sick minded idiots in kiev…

xf fggdheg h

the heroic underground ukrainian partisan resistance against nazis and fascists named after nikolai kuznetzov recently attacked 2 tcc trucks in odessa and zapo regions during the night. both were burnt to the ground.

Last edited 11 days ago by xf fggdheg h
xf fggdheg h

nikolai ivanovich kuznetsov hero of the underground ukrainian partisan resistance against nazis and fascists

never forgive, never forget

payback for the odessa massacre is just beginning.

christian bernhard

…nato lastwagen brennen seit neuestem auch in deutschland, mehr oder weiger, regelmäßig!

…nato trucks have also been burning in germany recently, more or less regularly!

xf fggdheg h

yes, the underground resistance also happens on other countries. recently there were some partisans also in romania

jens holm

after uncle hans rented me to gay mulattos i control by diarrea w diaper

gestapo mctaco

ask biden for diaper resupply, next tranche on it’s way, just say ur a banderite deviant..


amazing, they did nothing to cover their retreat! set no fires, used no smoke, nothing. it’s like they were never trained in ‘why things are seen’… unbelievable, this can’t be the army that’s winning, winning what, the greatest collection of darwin awards ever amassed by one army???


nice, ru is using famous pincer maneuver saa used in syria


true cappy…

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