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JULY 2024

Russian Military Grinding Down Kiev’s Reserves In Battle For Volchansk

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Russian Military Grinding Down Kiev’s Reserves In Battle For Volchansk

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Russian Military Grinding Down Kiev’s Reserves In Battle For Volchansk
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Russian Military Grinding Down Kiev’s Reserves In Battle For Volchansk

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The real goal of the ongoing operation of the Russian Armed Forces in in the direction of the large Ukrainian city of Kharkov seems to be slowly revealing. Initially, some of Russian sources stated that the plan was to create a buffer zone to reduce the intensity of shelling of the Russian border region – Belgorod Oblast. Nonetheless, the quantitative and qualitative composition of the Russian group “North” demonstrates that the real task apparently was to force Kyiv to deploy its strategic reserves into the battle and weaken the defenses in other sections of the front.

The Russians managed to achieve this. On June 13, they captured a significant part of the urban areas of Volchansk. Kyiv’s forces have tried to counterattack in recent days. For this purpose, they employ units from the strategic reserve and their most combat-ready units.

On June 12 and 13, in the east of Volchansk, Kyiv’s forces attempted to attack more than 10 times. Combined units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, up to a company, supported by armored vehicles, participated. All the attacks were successfully repelled.

The Russian military disrupted the transfer of Ukrainian reinforcements to the frontline. According to the Russian side, more than 40 Ukrainian servicemen were killed. Russian heavy flamethrower systems TOS-1A “Solntsepek” and TOS-2 “Tosochka” once again demonstrated their high efficiency. The total losses of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in this direction over the past day amounted to more than 300 people.

On June 13, Russian assault groups consolidated their positions on the territory of the Volchansk machinery manufacturing plant, occupying the administrative buildings and most of the production buildings and structures. The Russians began constructing fortifications northeast of the town.

Kiev’s forces continue attempts to restore control of the lost territory.

In the direction of Ocheretino in the DPR, the Russian military is pushing Ukrainian units out of their fortified points. Kyiv’s forces seem to be unable to stabilize the front line. The transfer of their most combat-ready units to Volchansk played the role. From June 11 to 13, the Russian Army occupied the settlements of Novoaleksandrovka and Novopokrovskoe, entered Sokol, and the fighting reached to the outskirts of an important Ukrainian defense node in the settlement of Novoselovka Pervaya.

As of June 13, the Russian Armed Forces continue to launch missile and bomb strikes against the immediate rear of Ukrainian troops. Once again, a missile strike was launched against the Starokramatorsk Machine-Building Plant in Kramatorsk. Ukrainian MLRS and other military equipment are stored and repaired on the territory of the plant.

Overall, the situation on the front lines remains extremely worrying for the Zelensky regime. Despite massive financial and military aid from the West, Kyiv has failed to present any significant achievements ahead of the summit on Ukraine in Switzerland which is set to take place on June 15-16 of this year.


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BRICS For a New Fair Planet

the brics are the new kids on the block, and there is nothing the g7 can do to stop them. so let the g7 cry their аsses off. cope.

Last edited 29 days ago by BRICS For a New Fair Planet
Barry Mael

…the g7 is a discontinued model of the 20th century! for a while they will still exist, the dirty dozen will try to fight back, in an emergency by all available means.

however, the deterioration is obvious and irreversible…

jens holm

i partly agree.

i dont see g7 is too old or outdated but things has right to be changed.

fx ussr is not there and its leftovers change.too.

i also see un as partly outdated. i was an important tool to reorganise the world after ww2. many new contries was med.


don’t be surprised if the same people who control the g7’s banking system, will plot and scheme and and try to gain control of the bric’s banking system to impose there usury system on it. oy vey.

jens holm

they are well connected already. brics trade with the rest of the world.

its more as brics will decide more then now and if it will more plus.


nope, they are not in control of the bric’s money supply let alone their central banks, and the more the brics move away from swift the more aggravated these people will become. oy vey.

jens holm

i dont see why any should have anything against brics.

russia was the lame duck in g7.

jens holm

i am too stupified to grind down

jens holm

uncle hans ground down my anuz when i was 7 years old

R. Ambrose Raven

military achievements are not necessarily required. just as the zionists have so long so easily played the jewish victimhood card, so the ukraine can exploit its defeats by playing the russian/putin threat to all card. that war being a post-ussr-dissolution war is harder to sell, the nato-threat-to-russia, naturally harder still.

jens holm

more as you hide and ignore simple facts even even they are esplained again and again.

you just love your own deroute and prefare ladas with pedals and better hay for cars.


so now the oecd gang has stolen 350 billion dollars that russians have placed in western banks. and gave the money to its allied gang in kiev.

Gangsta Rap

ukrainian sheisters explained to them how to wash it through a loans scam. those sheisters have been at it for years. plus a juicy $50 billion ‘loan’ backed by stolen interest will buy a lot of villas.

i can’t believe the europeon leadership can be that stupid. they must be taking a hefty cut themselves.

Last edited 29 days ago by Gangsta Rap
jens holm

we do. russian lovers seemes to have redefined stupid too.

jens holm

we have raised the value. we make toiletpaper from them.

jens holm

i don’t use toilet paper no more my bbc’s immigrant boyfriends overstretched my danish old fat ass, so i have to use diapers.


superior russians have humiliated us feminized amerikunts—devoid of culture we believe lgbt and burger= freedom

Comrade D

bye bye nato sponsored ukro-nazis!

Yuri Bagarin

this century or two next?

Taliban astrologer

why amerikunt saxon impersonate superior russian yuri?

jens holm

this century yuri, this century we will gang rape your women again in the branderburg gate but this time is forever.

jens holm

them too. of course we do. they defend their own country and the jewish president well well.

jens holm

i was mated to amerikan homo saxon now i am stale senile moron


well, you got the last word correct.

jens holm

0 id wrote that.

lies dont make peace

there is no real debate here just bs talk. you use what you have you use what you got in stock. move on.

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