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Russian MoD Summed Up Interim Results: Ukrainian Army Lost About 6030 Servicemen Over Past Week

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Russian MoD Summed Up Interim Results: Ukrainian Army Lost About 6030 Servicemen Over Past Week

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On February 10, the Russian Ministry of Defense summed up the interim results of the ongoing military operations in Ukraine. According to the official report, the Russian military launched 31 group strikes with high-precision long-range weapons and drones on Ukrainian military-industrial facilities from February 4 to February 10.

The targets hit by Russian strikes included enterprises of the Ukrainian defense industry used for the production and repair of aircraft, reconnaissance and attack UAVs and unmanned boats, coastal and tactical missile systems, as well as multiple rocket launchers. The locations of military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and foreign mercenaries were also struck by Russian forces in different rear regions.

The Russian Ministry of Defense concluded that all the targets of the strikes were reached.

Russian strikes destroyed accommodation of the Ukrainian military and foreign servicemen in Zmiev, Kharkiv region:



Moreover, Russian tactical fire on the Ukrainian rear with aircraft, UAVs, missiles and artillery resulted in destruction of two launchers and a radar of the S-300 anti-aircraft missile system, as well as eight ammunition depots of the Ukrainian Army.

According to the Russian MoD, the Armed Forces of Ukraine lost the following military equipment in battles in all directions:

  • 3 tanks
  • 36 armored vehicles
  • 120 cars
  • 56 artillery systems
  • 2 Grad MLRS
  • 7 boats



In their turn, Russian air defense forces shot down:

  • Ukrainian MiG-29 and Su-25
  • 488 UAVs
  • 34 rockets of the US-made HIMARS, Czech-made Vampire, Ukrainian Uragan and Olkha MLRS.

The Ukrainian Army is suffering heavy losses in manpower on the battlefield, including because of the low morale of Ukrainian servicemen.

A group of 6 Ukrainian servicemen surrendered in Avdeevka:



In the last week alone, 36 Ukrainian servicemen surrendered to the Russian military.

In total, the Ukrainian army lost about 6030 servicemen, including:

  • more than 725 servicemen, including killed and wounded, in the Kupyansk direction;
  • up to 1500 servicemen, including killed and wounded, in the Krasny Liman direction;
  • more than 2190 servicemen, including killed and wounded, in the Donetsk direction;
  • up to 1160 servicemen, including killed and wounded, in the South Donetsk direction;
  • more than 210 servicemen, including killed and wounded, in the Zaporozhie region;
  • more than 245 servicemen, including killed and wounded, in the Kherson region.

Russian small FPV drones are destroying Ukrainian troops at night time:



The Ukrainian Army is suffering the heaviest losses on the Donbass frontlines. In the Krasny Liman direction, the Russian military is advancing near Yampolovka and Terny, destroying the Ukrainian grouping in Bogdanovka and Azov fighters in the Serebryansky forestry.

Avdeevka remains the bloodiest battlefield, where Russian forces are bringing the closure of the cauldron closer every day. The huge losses in Avdeevka are accompanied by Russian attacks on all frontlines in the Bakhmut region.

In the South Donetsk direction, the Ukrainian units are retreating in Gergievka, after they lost control of Mariinka, and they are already loosing control of Novomikhailovka, suffering losses under Russian attacks.

The Russian Ministry of Defense admitted advances of the Russian troops in all directions despite Zaporozhie and Kherson frontlines.


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well done, forward brothers…


tak to je ozaj sila, nemajú takmer žiadnu šancu. a teraz si predstavte čo bude, ak ich budú mať chytených do kotla. tam ich budú môcť potom hlušiť ako potkanov. svetu mier!!!

Tommy Pickles

ukrainian masochists are you happy now? 6030, is that too little for ya? wtf is wrong with yall?

life boat

if the nazis keep losing precious personal at this pace, the war will be over by the spring (and this is a conservative prognostic)

Gneaus stapo

yawn boooring, same yada we heard from the beginning.


schnauze du braune ss kacke

top gunt

sore ass gestapo piglet squeals.


everyone of those fpv drone strikes were complete misses. what a waste of time. why don’t they fly a little lower. they might as well be dropping explosives on empty fields.


sure they were… that’s why 6030 ukrainians are 6 feet under in a week. if good ol’ ryan the keyboard general was at the helm of the operation tho than it would have been a gazillion quadribajillion dead ukrainians. russia missed a good one.


you are not interpreting the videos correctly. the purpose of grenades is not to hit the target, they fragment and the fragments damage the targets. you can clearly see this in several videos. actually, it hits pretty well. consider how much waste is done with artillery or rifles.

stapo rat

germland populated by moron germs—deindustrialized amerikunt colony

Gneaus stapo

yawn boooring same yada yada as always. 1000% success rate, no proof, but 1 million % success


lots of proof and 100% certain your parents should have used a condom to avoid the birth of stupidity.

Gestapo mcstupid

tu layt. gestapo piglet was spawned..

jens holm

no parents—cooked in test tube by ukrop experiment

Jan Kotke

yes indeed. only very naive pro russia military fanboyz still believe in this pathetic boring rf mod reports.

ор Оуыгы

so you are a very naive pro russia military fanboy then, as you are here commenting , every fucking single day

Jan Kotke

russian military keep on exaggerating ukrainian losses 5 times bigger than ukrainian armed forces actually lost. during this winter rf army has lost twice as many tanks than ukrainan army.

Last edited 2 months ago by Jan Kotke
ор Оуыгы

ok incel boy, and where is your finnish and swedish ‘personas’?

jens holm

why kuntke desperate? impotent defeated humiliated…lol

hillbilly rat

why kuntke so insecure? are you senile failure retired fly cook?

jens holm

if me not poor retire janitor i invest in zelensky human burger factory


if the russian side can keep up the pressure then im sure we will soon see their lines collapse. these losses are unsustainable for their side. they are already scrapping the barrel manppwer wise. a full collapsw is already happening on the whole front once it happens expect a quick changes in painting on the map.

Degeneration Of Russia

russian mod reports are as stupid and boring as eu technocrats. both are living in fantasies and spreading propaganda.


clearly the ukrainians are winning. it’s a secret, reverse win, which the russians will never understand. by losing a vast swathe of territory and getting tens of thousands of military personnel killed, while millions of people flee the country, the ukrainians will lull the russians into a false sense of success, and that’s when the ukrainians can declare their secret victory. psychology!

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