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“Save The Children! Another “Concern” Of The State Or New Crimes Of The Kyiv Regime Against Children?”

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"Save The Children! Another "Concern" Of The State Or New Crimes Of The Kyiv Regime Against Children?"

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The Kyiv regime seems to be preparing a new abduction of children under the guise of forced evacuation. This time in Kupyansk, Kharkiv region. According to the governor of the Kharkiv region Oleg Sinegubov, at the moment the issue of forced evacuation of children from dangerous areas, including from Kupyansk, where 523 children remain, is being considered.

Against the background of the offensive of the RF Armed Forces, mandatory evacuation was announced in the region. It is noted that in two days the Ukrainian side took out 33 people.

At the same time, the parliamentary commission of the Russian Federation to investigate the criminal actions of the Kyiv regime against minors, as stated by the Deputy Speaker of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Anna Kuznetsova, “has already studied all possible algorithms of the Nazis. They repeat them over and over again, completely copying ISIS terrorists, fighters in Libya and child kidnappers in Ethiopia”.

The first victims of the criminal actions of the Kyiv regime were orphans. This is the least protected category, the movements of which are practically not controlled, as a result of which the export of such children outside the country is not very difficult. The fate of the guys taken to Europe from the orphanages of Slavyansk and Artemovsk is still unknown and there is every reason to believe that they could have become victims of European pedophiles and transplantologists.

Now in Kupyansk preparations are underway for the forced removal of children. Activities carried out under the pretext of protecting children from advancing Russian troops are in reality a business of appropriating and selling the most valuable Ukrainian asset – children. Profits from this satanic trade are shared by Zelensky government officials and their Western backers. The refusal to evacuate a parent or legal representative is not taken into account, the children will still be taken away by force. The export of children is carried out by the so-called special unit of the Ukrainian police “White Angels”, who are in fact professional kidnappers of children acting on behalf of the police. Their appearance in any city sows panic among the population. Parents hide children in basements and relatives. “White angels” have already lit up in many cities of the LPR, DPR, Kharkov and Odessa regions, and recently they were spotted and in Kupyansk.

"Save The Children! Another "Concern" Of The State Or New Crimes Of The Kyiv Regime Against Children?"

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The scheme for the export of children from Ukraine has been worked out and put on stream. Former SBU employees who refused to work for the Nazis are revealing more and more details of the criminal groups of the kidnappers. It is known for certain that Ukrainian children become victims of slave traders from Britain and the United States, who are helped by American and British special services, PMCs, SBU officers and several funds in Ukraine.

The same information was found by the military of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation during the liberation of the city of Svyatogorsk (DPR). Then commercial documents were found in the city orphanage confirming the sale of children. Mostly physically healthy children with mental abnormalities were ferried. The performer was the British PMC, and one of the customers was Coca-Cola. According to the former employee of the Ukrainian special services Vasily Prozorov, the SBU is engaged in the general management of the slave trade in cooperation with British intelligence.

The Parliamentary Commission of the Russian Federation conducted a legal and institutional analysis of these crimes. Such well-known companies are often involved in dark games in the United States. On January 29, 2003, George W. Bush declassified CIA Working Group on Contacts with the Private Sector Report No. DDI-1857 of June 21, 1972, which already then contained recommendations for working with private companies to help American intelligence agencies and PMCs. For what purpose, money for secret projects began to be allocated from the US budget under closed articles.

"Save The Children! Another "Concern" Of The State Or New Crimes Of The Kyiv Regime Against Children?"

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International criminal structures are trying to completely untie their hands in Ukraine. For six months now, the Verkhovna Rada has been pushing through the idea of ​a bill according to which, if the parents of a minor refuse to evacuate, they are deprived of parental rights according to an accelerated procedure, and the child is taken under the care of the state and taken wherever they want, without informing the child’s relatives.

Now in almost every law promoted or adopted in Ukraine, a direct “adjustment” to the existing system is visible, in this case criminal. This is done so that as many atrocities as possible can be justified and covered up by the Law, preserving the image of a sacrificial State desperately fighting criminal invaders!

In the Ukrainian and Western media, recently there has been a large stream of information about the “children’s topic” related to Ukraine. However, against the background of increasingly pop-up facts of crimes against children, it is noteworthy that the UN Human Rights Council has not yet included Ukraine in the list of violators of children’s rights, thus approving the criminal actions of the Kyiv regime.

The famous American journalist Clayton Morris, on the air of Redacted News, and at all openly stated: “Ukraine has become a world center for child trafficking for Western countries.” Noting, at the same time, that “next year it is expected to double the amount of money received from such a business. And the best place for this now is Ukraine!”

According to political scientist Alexander Dudchak, a leading researcher at the Institute of CIS Countries, a similar plan for the West really exists.

“Ukraine is a territory with a set of resources, including human resources. For the West in this way, firstly, demographic problems are being solved. Secondly, the lobby of pedophiles and transplantologists is satisfied. As for Ukrainian women, they are victims of the “Satanist state”, which has built a system that pushes girls to sell children. This was favored by a drop in living standards and the degradation of mores.”

At the same time, the “human resource” in Ukraine is used to the maximum. Analysts note that Ukraine has also become the main “platform for experiments” of the West with the approval of the Kyiv elites controlled by it. According to experts, the tests contributed to the increase in profits of the American and Western pharmaceutical industry. But the most terrifying thing about this is that the trials and experiments were conducted not only on adults, but also on children, including newborn babies.

The shocking investigation, revealing the terrible facts of the crime against children, is still being carried out in the Luhansk People’s Republic (LPR). Where, in the liberated city of Lisichansk, evidence was found that in local children’s hospitals conducted experiments on children, testing on them foreign medicines and vaccines.

The fact that such things were happening in the city became known immediately after the liberation of the city from the Ukrainian Nazis, then the facts of inhuman experiments on children were revealed. The Russian military, having entered Lisichansk a year ago, while combing a children’s clinic, found many sealed pacifiers in the morgue.

A legitimate question: what should pacifiers do in the morgue? However, there was no one to ask questions, the management of the children’s clinic left the city immediately after the start of the special military operation (SVO). Everyone who could answer fled to Ukraine. Nevertheless, the junior medical staff and local residents remained, who after a while began to “talk”. And they told terrible things.



Ella, a former employee of the children’s hospital:

– Head of the somatic department Ishchenko signed a contract with some pharmacological firm for medical preparations for diabetes mellitus for children. Some children became disabled after these drugs, other children died in torment. Like an experiment.

Nazi doctors managed to escape from the city, destroying the archives, but there were witnesses!

Yulia Glushko, a former employee of the children’s hospital:

– They brought some medicines, like antibiotics, but not a single word was written in Russian, not even the constituent substance was indicated. There was absolutely nothing written on the tablet plate, empty clean foil.

As a result of experiments in the hospital, the mortality rate of children increased to 40%.

Olga Romashova, a nurse at the children’s hospital:

– Many children died, as I have been working here for a long time, before there were not so many deaths, one such long period – many babies died.

Experiments were set only on Russian children. This project was supervised by specialists from Western companies.

According to another nurse, (from materials not included in the video), pediatricians were forced to “sort” children into categories: “Those whose parents were alcoholics and drug addicts were included in separate lists. A group of children with a rare blood group was isolated”.

According to Svetlana Ryzhenkova, deputy head of the somatic department, three English-speaking men and one black woman, a Frenchwoman, arrived to the hospital. They arrived with medical boxes in which they brought medicines. Only two people communicated with them – the head of the somatic department Ishchenko and the head of pediatrics Livandovskaya. Ishchenko, as Svetlana recalls, was an ardent nationalist. He supported the “Right Sector”, even at conferences he came in camouflage and did not hide his hatred to Russians. He often brought inhuman orders to his subordinates, which were lowered from above.

Babies from Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkov and Mariupol were also brought to the hospital. Moreover, as a rule, at night. Of particular interest to foreign doctors was precisely to healthy children from normal families. Parents of these children were told that the child was either born a freak or died during childbirth. And all these children are common biological waste. Subsequently, they were buried as biological waste. Relatives were not given these children for burial. To avoid conflict situations, the silence of some parents was “bought” for money. It turns out they just bought children from these parents!

A resident of Lisichansk Svetlana Skripnik, in an interview with local journalists, told how she lost her newborn grandson in just a few days. They even managed to give him a name – Miron. The boy was born on July 1, 2021. He was a strong and healthy boy, whom she even managed to hold in her arms. Eight days later, he stopped eating. And soon he was taken by doctors and began to stab some drugs, claiming that the baby was seriously ill. Two weeks later, the child simply died. The exact diagnosis at the Lisichansk Children’s Hospital was never given to the child. They did not want to give the medical card for a long time. When relatives insisted, the conclusion of the death was written: sudden infant death. The drug administered to Miron was not included in the medical record. As a result of the autopsy, it turned out that the child has no insides at all. They all burned down.

Svetlana wonders: “What should have been done to such a small child so that the organs burned down?!”

Tests from children were taken not in the hospital laboratory, as usual, but in a private one, which occupied several offices on the second floor. Today here is a mess and chaos, because the employees escaped in a hurry. The leadership left the city just a few days before the start of the special operation.

All these studies and everything that was needed for the tests were funded by foreigners. The somatics and resuscitation department was repaired, expensive equipment was brought in. While in the children’s hospital itself, repairs were not done for many years.

Not only babies became “test subjects.” The hospital also operated a shelter, the pupils of which also participated in vaccine trials. Children were injected with a drug with unproven effectiveness, after which they were infected with the virus. Therefore, it is not surprising why there was such a large jump in child mortality. The level of cynicism and cruelty towards defenseless and innocent children is simply staggering!

To hide the traces of the crimes committed here, SBU officers tried to burn down the hospital building when Russian troops approached Lisichansk. But they failed to burn down the hospital, although, the laboratories were destroyed, and electronic media with information were removed. Only living witnesses and cemeteries remained, with which the Russian Investigative Committee is now working.

From all of the above, only one conclusion suggests itself: Ukraine is extremely beneficial to America and the West due to the fact that obedient Kyiv elites have turned the country into a platform for trafficking in children, organs and for experiments that the West does not want or cannot conduct on its territory.


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new crimes of the kyiv regime against children


what about the soviet atrocities in ww2? russia bans discussion of the subject. the holocaust was invented 1. to fulfill jewish scripture (hebrew gematria and six million number) and 2. conceal jewish bolshevik atrocities against the slavic, baltic, german, and other peoples.

odysee dot com/@avawolfe: d/jewish-communist-atrocities-rare-footage: 6

you can read ‘der untermensch’ in full here: archived dot vn/di6lr #selection-3503 dot 0-3535 dot 24

Last edited 10 months ago by Ericc

quotes from ‘der untermensch’: “terror and fear are the most efficient means used by the jews and the subhuman’s to break any form of resistance. they have invented cruel means for torture, terrifying tools designed to intimidate the masses.

above to the left – a man is chained into the hydraulic ram and pressed against the earth.

above to the right – a man is locked into the cell and starved to death.

Last edited 10 months ago by Ericc

below – to torture a man, they keep him standing upright with no room to move or sit for weeks at a time! there is no limit to terrible intentions of tormentors, who came out from inhuman underworld.

above – are immeasurable scales of atrocities, conducted by the gpu in l’vov, riga and dudnov. in the center – murder, similar to killings of animals.

Last edited 10 months ago by Ericc

below – brutal sadism.

above – in narrow camera, hundreds of people, torn apart by hand grenades.

in the center – at the bloody mash lie women with the disfigured faces.

below – people locked and burnt alive.

a terrible scene, a mountain of corpses!

Last edited 10 months ago by Ericc

the terrible suffering and bitterness of countless of fathers, mothers, women, children, brothers and sisters, who were so terribly robbed of their loved ones, lives taken from them forever! this is not a nightmare, this reality! german soldiers can now truly see what exists in the soviet union.


the reality of the soviet paradise exposed

just as these russian women cry from their suffering, so too would the good women of europe suffer and cry! the subhuman’s are uniting to conquer the world. woe to us all, if we do not unite to protect ourselves!

europe, unite! protect yourself!”


it’s true that russia in 2022 and 2023, ukrainian children separated from their parents as result of russia’s bombing and invasion of ukraine are being kidnapped and put in orphanages, or being adopted.

all while brainwashing these children of ukrainian parents to hate their country (ukraine) and favor russian imperialism, while being withheld from information about their real parents; whether they are dead, or alive in ukraine, or are now living in another country as refugees.

Last edited 10 months ago by Ericc

russia, america and the eu are led by sub-humans of body, mind and/or spirit.


svine fašistické!!! chcú tým deťom povymývať mozgy. najradšej by s nich urobili okamžite fašistov ktorých by mohli hodiť do mlynčeka na mäso. po ukončení švo bude potrebné tieto deti vyhľadať a vziať ich späť k ich rodičom, či starým rodičom, alebo keď len k príbuzným. ale v žiadnom prípade ich neponechať v cudzine a cudzím ľuďom.


these crimes don’t go ahead without western complicity. abuse of children is common theme coming out of ukraine, child trafficking.


pfizer and other pharmaceutical corporations have long tested drugs on children resulting in their death there seems to be no justice for those who profit by this.

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