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MARCH 2024

UPDATED: Palestinian Islamic Jihad Claimed Responsibility For Infiltrating Northern Israel

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UPDATED: Palestinian Islamic Jihad Claimed Responsibility For Infiltrating Northern Israel

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Update: The Palestinian Islamic Jihad group based in the Gaza Strip claimed responsibility for infiltrating Israel from the border with Lebanon. Six Israeli servicemen were wounded.

On October 9, the Israeli Defence Forces reported that an armed group crossed the Israeli northern border from the territory of Lebanon.

According to the IDF, the group included four armed militants. Now the units of the Israeli army are engaged in patrolling the area. According to the authorities, some of those who have entered the country can already be eliminated by the military.

Footage from the northern Israeli border confirmed shooting in the area.




Earlier an air alert was declared in the north of Israel. Local residents, who did not evacuate from the northern regions, were ordered to hide in their homes.

The Israeli military is moving tanks and military equipment to the north of the country. Self-propelled artillery installations have been deployed on the border with Lebanon.

On October 8, Hezbollah officially joined the attack by Palestinian armed factions against Israel by launching strikes from southern Lebanon. According to the official statement, Hezbollah attacked three sites of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) in the occupied Shebaa Farms with artillery and guided missiles. LINK

The leadership of Hezbollah reportedly gave guarantees to the Lebanese authorities that it would not attack Israeli territory first. That is, Hezbollah will join the hostilities only if Israel attacks the territory of Lebanon. Prior to that, Hezbollah promised to come to the aid of Hamas and open the second front if Israel launches a ground military operation in the Gaza Strip.

However, small-scaled provocations on the Israeli border are likely to continue. Two days ago,  Israeli soldiers opened fire toward demonstrators carrying Hezbollah flags on the Lebanese side of its northern border.

It is clear that the Israeli command is likely to launch an invasion of the Gaza Strip in the coming days, and then Hezbollah may intervene in the conflict, which will significantly distract the Israeli army. The IDF may also escalate against Lebanon in order to maintain deterrence against Hezbollah. Thus, the risk of the full-blown confrontation on Israel’s northern front remains high.


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Operation Oy Vey

we ran out of maztos in the kibbutz


israel deployed so many units to the north because its already been decided that intense fighting will take place there.

Hook Nosed Hookers

the israeli public relations department has decided that cutting off water, electricity and food to 2 million gazans will be a great look

US made flimsy dog tags

the zionist defense minister sees them as “human animals”.


“”there will be no electricity, no food, no fuel. we are fighting human animals and we will act accordingly.”

what goes around comes around.

Erik 1953

very primitive language from hi-ranking people.. also from trump, kennedy jr. nikki haley.. so i wonder are these people realy that stupid??? is that all they can do??? did no-one read the bible???

Icarus Tanović

they are evil.


the war has officially started in south lebanon now.

Erik 1953

more tanks, more drone targets..

James Hodgkiss

not enough drones yet


i think it’s about time, jesus should intervene or something. i know he doesn’t exist, but still hillarious, how humans decades later are still fighting and butchering each other 😆😆😆


demons = love, cooperate, sex each other peacefully. humans = outbreed, divide and conquer, rape each other in chaos.


žid to robí presne opačne!!! západ sa bil do prs a žiadal humanitárne koridory pre niektoré oblasti ktoré sa ocitli v obkľúčení. hlavne ak sa jednalo o ich vojakov, ktorí sa v tom obkľúčení ocitli. spomínate si na boje v bývalej juhoslávii? a tu zrazu vidíme praví opak? a západ mlčí!!!


hamas war criminals hide behind their own non combatants as they attack israeli ones.gazan jihadi death cultists are nothing but cowards and scoundrels who couldn’t possibly care any less about the people they claim to represent. no palestinian ragheads will be dying of old age in gaza. we are fighting against human animals and we act accordingly.


soon you shall join them,inshallah..you know they don’t seem cowardly to me,hahaha .


hey saeed, how many of your palestinian friends and family have been slaughtered so far?! maybe you’ve seen bloody parts of their body fly past your window in the last 24 hours?

Last edited 4 months ago by Murphy

so beloved to the zionist squatter is his birthplace in the ghetto, that he recreated such a paradise for an entire nation whose land it stole. there will never be peace in occupied palestine until the khazar demon is sent back to the hell hole it came from. long live the semitic people of palestine and death to the anglozionazi empire of carnage and lie$.

WT Bakee

the intent on behalf of the west is to blame iran. remember how they mindlessly blame russia for everything? so iran is the real target here.

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