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MARCH 2024

Standoff In Washington Reveals Kiev’s Secrets

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Standoff In Washington Reveals Kiev's Secrets

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The Washington Post revealed ‘sensational’ well-known fact that the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) was behind the murder of Daria Dugina and other Russian public and political figures, including the military reporter Vladlen Tatarsky (Maksim Fomin). The newspaper claims that over the past 20 months, the SBU and the Main Directorate of Intelligence (GUR) of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine have committed dozens of murders. The increased capabilities of the terrorist Kiev regime were the result of the opportunities its security forces received for almost a decade of deep ties between Kiev and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the United States. Sources of the newspaper claim that the CIA is still actively working in Kiev.

The young philosopher Daria Dugina died in a car explosion in the Moscow region in August 2022. The Russian FSB immediately revealed that the Ukrainian special services were behind the organization of the murder, and the perpetrator was a citizen of Ukraine Natalia Vovk. According to the sources of the Washington Post, the explosive elements were hidden by Ukrainian forces in a secret compartment of a cat carrier. The components of the explosive device were brought by a woman by car into Russia, with whom her 12-year-old daughter travelled together.

According to Ukrainian and Western officials, the other victims include Stanislav Rzhitsky, the former commander of the Krasnodar submarine, was shot in July during a morning run; writer Zakhar Prilepin, who survived an assassination attempt unlike his comrade killed  in the car explosion; military reporter Vladlen Tatarsky and dozens of other public figures.

Along with the long list of assassinations, SBU officers trained by the CIA are responsible for the explosions on the Crimean Bridge, UAV attacks on the Kremlin and Russian ships.

The Washington Post highlighted the role of the US special services in the creation, training and equipping of the special Ukrainian departments. Since 2015, the US intelligence agency has spent tens of millions of dollars to turn the Ukrainian special services created in Soviet times into “powerful allies in the fight against Moscow.”

The authors attribute the merits in the reform of the GUR to US advisers, although it is known for certain about the key role of the British in this process.

Recall that in the “post-Maidan” Ukraine, there is a kind of division between the special services: the SBU traditionally interacted with the US CIA, the GUR was in contact with the British services.

An unnamed former senior CIA official told the newspaper that Ukraine was witnessing “the birth of intelligence service structures similar to the Mossad in the 1970s.” The publication recalls that Israeli intelligence has long been accused of committing murders on the territory of other countries.

At the same time, the report attempted to whitewash US services. Some representatives of American intelligence claimed that the CIA had nothing to do directly with the murders by Kiev, but was focused on strengthening the capabilities of the special services of Ukraine to collect data on Russia. The propensity of the special services of Ukraine for deadly operations allegedly complicated their cooperation with the CIA.

The CIA reportedly refused to comment on the issue.

Standoff In Washington Reveals Kiev's Secrets

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The article by Washington Post caused a wide resonance, although in fact there was nothing new fo the audience, except perhaps the use of a cat carrier in the attack on Daria Dugina. The main question is why the US newspaper reported its “sensational discovery” now? The reason for the publication of the article lies within the disagreements among the American establishment.

On October 20, US President Joe Biden requested Congress to allocate additional funding for military assistance to Ukraine and Israel. The total amount of the request is $105.85 billion, of which $61.4 billion is intended for Kiev, and $14.3 billion for Tel Aviv. In addition, the administration is asking for $7.4 billion to contain China in the Asia-Pacific region. Some of these funds are aimed at ensuring Taiwan’s defense capability.

Anthony Blinken commented on Biden’s requests to allocate more than $ 100 billion to Ukraine:

We should see continued strong, bipartisan support. Support for both Ukraine and Israel. We have two friends who are under attack in different ways, but you heard the President speak very powerfully and eloquently about this the other night to the American people. We know that if we allow aggressors to act with impunity, be it a state like Russia, be it terrorists like Hamas, we will open a Pandora’s box of other aggressors around the world who will try to get away with the same actions. We need to support our friends.

Blinken’s desire to fight all wars at the same time and for the money of American people is finding less and less support among the population and in Congress.

“Americans can’t afford to finance Joe’s foreign wars.” – US deputies reacted.

A lot of officials are also dissatisfied with the allocation of $850 million for the needs of migrants who arrived in the United States from Mexico. The funds are embedded in the same Biden project.

Including amid the new round of hostilities in the Middle East, the conflict in the American establishment is escalating. An increasing part oof US officials is against the growing financing of the war in Ukraine and is for saving money inside the country where there are enough critically dangerous problems. Biden’s growing demands on Congress to provide funding for wars abroad, including for war-torn Ukraine, deepen the split.

When the persistence of Biden, Blinken and their team goes beyond the red lines, loud headlines traditionally appear in the MSM discrediting the Kiev regime and its American friends. Their opponents once again pulled the trump cards out of their sleeve, publishing facts that are obvious, but were previously carefully hidden by Western propaganda and MSM. Thanks to the terrorist policy of the Kiev regime and unprofessional Ukrainian leaders, there are a lot of dangerous facts to unveil and the recognition of an truth harms the image of Kiev nannies and Western lobbyists who are promoting the incitement of war in Ukraine.

October 2023 marked the lowest rate of US military assistance to Ukraine since the beginning of the Russian military operation in February 2022. US military aid decreased by 93.5% compared to the first half of 2023. While Washington’s warmongers are trying to cope with internal resistance, they are shifting the burden to the European Union. In their turn, the EU leaders, who have no sovereign responsibility, loudly declare their readiness to save the Kiev regime to the last. However, the leaders of European countries chosen by their peoples are less willing to “sink” together with Zelensky. At the recent meeting of the Foreign Ministers of European states, assistance to Ukraine was not the main topic on the agenda. Fatigue from Kiev is being admitted by all the leaders of European countries.


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“according to credible information received by the russian foreign intelligence service, the us military is actively recruiting militants from” takfiri terrorist groups “affiliated with the daesh and al-qaeda to carry out terrorist attacks in russia and cis countries,” the statement said, as cited by tass.

Hamas Is Looking Like A Fool

hey everyone what happened to daria trepova, did the russians execute her yet?

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it is very long overdue for a khinzal to wipe out each sbu headquarters all over ukraine. russia has hundreds of recon satellites, intel, and electronic warfare to figure it out. make it happen :)

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amerikan morality is like german —we are proud biden colony


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the truth always comes back to haunt the criminals of dc, kiev and tel-aviv !

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