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Sweden Prepares For ‘War’ Due To Its Own Russophobic Paranoia

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Sweden Prepares For 'War' Due To Its Own Russophobic Paranoia

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Written by Lucas Leiroz, journalist, researcher at the Center for Geostrategic Studies, geopolitical consultant

The levels of anti-Russian paranoia are reaching dangerous levels in Sweden. Recently, the country’s authorities asked its citizens to prepare for a possible conflict situation with Russia in the near future. The case clearly shows how Western governments are acting irrationally in their decisions, ignoring reality and failing to properly understand the European geopolitical scenario.

The Swedish authorities’ statements were made during the Folk och Forsvar National Conference in Salen. Swedish Minister of Foreign Affairs Tobias Billstrom stated on the occasion that Russia is becoming the biggest threat to Sweden and the entire Europe, adding that his country must be prepared to face a possible situation of prolonged conflict with Moscow.

“Russia will constitute a serious threat to the security of Sweden and Europe for the foreseeable future (…) [So] Stockholm must be realistic and assume – and be prepared for – a drawn-out confrontation”, he said.

Billstrom’s words were reinforced by the position of Defense Minister Pal Jonson, who said that the war could “come” to the Swedes. Jonson stated that Ukraine currently works as a kind of “shield for Europe”, preventing hostilities from affecting other countries. He fears that, with a failure on Kiev’s part, the security crisis will worsen and more countries will begin to engage in direct conflict with Russia.

As well known, since the beginning of the Russian special operation, Sweden has violated its own tradition of neutrality and adhered to an aggressive military policy, having requested membership in NATO. Although the process to accept Sweden into the alliance seems far from complete, the country has already taken important steps in its integration with member states, participating in a series of joint exercises and operations.

The Swedish government recently authorized the deployment of 800 soldiers to Latvia, where the troops will join the “Enhanced Forward Presence in the Baltic states” – an international NATO team led by Canada that aims to “improve” Baltic security amid current tensions. In the same vein, there was a statement by Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson last year saying that Sweden could have NATO nuclear weapons on its territory, which would represent a serious escalation in the regional crisis.

All of this shows how the Swedes, even though they are not yet formally members of NATO, are already engaged in the alliance’s war plans against Russia. Just like Finland, which has already achieved its membership, Sweden is resolute in working in favor of the interests of the Western military bloc, contributing as much as possible to the alliance’s projects. Scandinavian countries have irrationally adhered to the unsubstantiated narratives of the Western mainstream media, so that Swedish and Finnish decision-makers actually believe that there is a kind of “Russian danger”.

There is no evidence that Russia plans to launch military actions against any European country. Moscow does not have any territorial claims in Europe and does not see any need to use force against other countries on the continent. The reason that led Russia to intervene militarily in Ukraine is very clear: there was a genocide of ethnic Russians in Donbass. This was the only reason why Russia, after failing diplomatically, began its special operation and decided to reintegrate some territories into its Federation. There is currently no situation similar to the Ukrainian one in any European country, so Moscow obviously does not plan to “expand” its military actions.

However, it is necessary to emphasize how anti-Russian paranoia creates a kind of “self-fulfilling prophecy” as Russophobic governments implement measures that put regional security at risk, prompting reactions from Moscow. For its part, the Russians have no military interest in Sweden, Finland or the Baltics, but if these countries begin to engage in operations that threaten the Russian strategic environment, then Moscow will certainly retaliate in the appropriate way to keep its borders secure.

In other words, Russia poses no threat to Europe, but Europe is close to posing a threat to Russia. By calling on its soldiers to prepare for conflict, Sweden is engaging in a dangerous way that could have devastating consequences. From the moment it becomes known that a foreign country is preparing for a war with Russia, Moscow has the right to also put its troops on combat readiness. The result can be the beginning of a vicious cycle of tensions and frictions.

Sweden should stop believing Western lies about Russia and focus on its internal problems instead of taking anti-strategic military measures. Stockholm needs to resume its neutrality and stay out of NATO’s war plans, respecting its own diplomatic tradition.

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“an international nato team led by canada that aims to “improve” baltic security”

ahahahaaaa…gud luck…haaaahaa…


sweden preparing for war with russia 😂😂😂😱


hahaha, swedish barbies celebrate their a$$ets publicly, ken holdenfag is neutered “downstairs”.


they don’t even know if they are male or female anymore

Peter Jennings

sweden has migrant ghetto’s the authorities won’t touch because they fear injuries. they cannot sort their problems at home yet they feel they can solve problems abroad. problems caused by the us and its nato poodles. sweden is but another barking dog put out by nato to bark at the russian border. no more, no less.


ah yes, sweden, where they celebrate ultra feminist stupity and the “men” learned to sit cross legged like the pansies they are.

tenth generation metal hair band anyone?

(remember, the hair gets bigger with each generation, ed.)

Last edited 3 months ago by Dstroj

swedes lick too much yellow snow from nato. they are the usual chumps the zionists feed so well from with fear politics and false reality in the media

Last edited 3 months ago by Disneyland
Peter Jennings

sweden has been infected with the same hubris as nato. that isn’t too surprising when you consider all at the top have been bribed with nwo power or wealth, or both. these people do not care about sweden or its people, as has been demonstrated in the ukraine. that could be the future of sweden if the people sit on their arses and do nothing about the nwo takeover of their country..


very true jennings, good reporting. the problem is the naive coddled masses are infected with the same neo-liberal, ultra feminist, pro-zionist bullshit as is found in canada or australia, two examples.

the average person must leave his native land for an extended period of time to understand what the “system” or state has done to him/her. otherwise further intelligent discourse is impossible.

Peter Jennings

i agree. travel certainly broadens the mind. it also gives one a good chance to see whether their state education has been honest.

Björn Helge Lindstrøm

the swedes are completely freaking out since they have a köttbullar cannon that shoots 500 meters wide.

one thing russia has definitely achieved with its intervention in ukraine is that there is pure panic in imperialist societies at the moment.

it will be really funny if trump wins the us elections at the end of the year.


cv 90 tomberon gunoi…. ai chef de cheltuit bani pe arme… si baga un discurs de mare iubire ai înțelegere intre oameni

Icarus Tanović

an international team lead by disneyland is gonna defend that country. narative made in washington.


the funniest part in all of this is that most western countries have been saying for two years now that russia is unable to defeat ukraine, due to a lack of finance, resources, allies and all that other good stuff. yet simultaneously, they’re claiming russia isn’t going to stop after ukraine and will start to conquer all of europe immediately after they defeated ukraine. make up your mind already, it’s one or the other, not both

Cuckoo 40

i for one haven’t got any problems with russia but if the swedish elites do then let them fight. no one wants to fight on the beaches for these’s prick’s anymore.

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