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JUNE 2024

Syrian Army Kills Terrorists, Captures Smugglers & Intercepts Drones In Separate Operations (Photos)

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Syrian Army Kills Terrorists, Captures Smugglers & Intercepts Drones In Separate Operations (Photos)

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The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) killed a number of terrorists, captured drug traffickers and shot down armed drones during recent operations in different parts of the country, the Syrian Ministry of Defense announced on June 9.

In a statement, the ministry said Syrian troops killed and wounded a number of terrorists of ISIS in al-Badiya, a vast desert in the central region, while conducting combing operations. A photo shared by the ministry showed the dead bodies of two terrorists.

ISIS has been waging an insurgency in the central region for several years now. In recent months, the terrorist group stepped up its attacks against government forces and civilians, killing and wounding dozens of people.

Syrian Army Kills Terrorists, Captures Smugglers & Intercepts Drones In Separate Operations (Photos)

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Units of the SAA’s border guards in the southern region also captured two smugglers near the Jordanian border, according to the ministry, which shared photos showing a large shipment of drugs that was seized during the operation.

Drug smuggling from Syria into Jordan saw a surge in recent years. Starting last year, government forces began a serious crackdown on smuggling operations in cooperation with Jordanian authorities and other regional sides.

In addition, the ministry shared photos showing the wreckage of seven rotary and fixed-winged armed drones which were recently shot down by the SAA in the directions of the governorates of Lattakia and Aleppo in the northern region.

These drones were most likely launched by al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) or one of its allies from the Greater Idlib region, which includes much of the Idlib governorate in addition to parts from Lattakia, Aleppo and the governorate of Hama. HTS stepped up drone attacks on nearby government-held areas in recent months, with no apparent success.

The SAA’s recent operations highlight some of the security challenges Syria is still facing over a decade into war, despite that major military operation stopped four years ago.


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it looks syria needs more support internationally to put down the isis insurgency in the central desert area and to liberate the oil fields of course. btw i can eat popcorn again because i have watched a video of the smoking carrier. it is time to send the next one to the shores of yemen oh my what an amazing time to be alive!

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isis is a us creation.


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Proud Hindu

100,000 sudanese dead in sudan civil war since april 2023

jens holm

i retired as helper on potato farm terrorized by those with intelligence–i submissively pay 65% income tax

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