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Syrian Army Struck Militants’ Positions In Greater Idlib And Shoot Down Their Drones (Video)

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Syrian Army Struck Militants’ Positions In Greater Idlib And Shoot Down Their Drones (Video)

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The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) launched a series of strikes against militants’ positions, vehicles and heavy weapons in the countryside of Idlib and Aleppo in cooperation with Russian forces in the country, the Syrian Ministry of Defense announced on April 6.

The day and night strikes were carried out in response to recent attacks by terrorist groups that targeted several towns and villages as well as military positions, the ministry said in a statement, adding that “dozens” of military personnel were wounded or killed in the retaliatory strikes.

In addition, the ministry said that the SAA engaged and shot down several attack drones over the countryside of Idlib and Aleppo.

Much of Idlib and its countryside as well as vast parts of the countryside of Aleppo, Hama and Lattakia are occupied by al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS). This region is known as Greater Idlib.

HTS and its allies in the region were behind all recent attacks on nearby government-held areas. These attacks were a blatant violation of a ceasefire agreement brokered by Russia and Turkey more than three years ago.

Despite recent escalation by terrorist groups in Greater Idlib, the SAA and its allies will not likely launch a ground operation in the region any time soon as such a move could lead to a dangerous confrontation with Turkey who maintains large forces there.


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grate work saa!!!!!


not with out russian help. russia and syria should send in foot soldiers on the ground…sf go on delete my comment again

CEO of Yapping

siege of khan yunis, 1 december 2023 – 7 april 2024. status: palestinian victory, withdrawal of all israeli forces.

hahahahahahahahahaha – they lost to group of 9k soldiers in a jail lmfao. clowns point at russia again fukers go on i dare you, oh hamas is stronger than ukraine+nato now huh. they can’t even play dumb about it, they destroyed most of gaza and openly committing genocide against palestinians.

CEO of Yapping

– no israeli forces remain in gaza, except in gaza city and its outskirts. half year and this is it? “superpower” of middle east?

1. most of hamas’ senior officials and thousands of its fighters are still alive.

2. most of the “israeli” prisoners were still held by hamas in the gaza strip.

“god chosen people” got railed again huh, you know what they want? to kill bibi lmfao and the opposition calling for it.


i said it right in the beginning because i am well aware of the character of jews. standing up and telling jokes, that they’re brave at. getting into a trench and fighting in battle? complete pussies.

CEO of Yapping

“israel” is a web spider.

analysis from russian analyst: say “israel” wants to move palestine from rafah to khan yunis – in order to invade rafah. unlikely, because when they said that this is what happened. (they also ignore egypt role and iran).

egypt president sisi discussed ceasefire efforts in the gaza strip with the head of the cia. netanyahu: “we are ready to reach an agreement on the release of prisoners from the gaza strip.”

CEO of Yapping

like we all know they going to say stupid shit like, “the world stop us” (right after when they said “we are alone and we are doing it alone” and ignoring every nation and the un/icc calls thanks to the us).

i really want to know what iran going to do… the elephant in the room right now.

CEO of Yapping

the fact most western countries lost these wars?

they been lied to, they told “they are the good guys” – do you really think those soldiers believe that for a sec? the ones that don’t see a problem with killing and looting are those that know what they are doing and they are okay with it.

these zionists saying “i can go back to europe, where i came from (in their heads)”… palestinians are the natives, it is their land – they die for it. zionists have no link to that land.


too bad however. europe doesn’t want them.

except maybe the jews running ukraine after the war is over. otherwise, i’d prefer that they remain in palestine under strict islamic law.

CEO of Yapping

i think everyone knows why no one wants them. even before ww2 how many time european countries expelled jews? there are reasons for getting expelled so many times, that we all know.

even middle eastern don’t want them now, like when spain kicked muslims and jews out… most of the jews went to middle east/ north africa (to muslims countries – now ask them how they feel about jews).

iran, iraq, syria nor palestine follow strict islamic law like indonesia/afghanistan.

jens holm

to join my church –amerikan nazi church of money you must accept the dollar as your lord and savior…


putin should cancell his close door agrements with erdogan and kerry and refers back the golden rule of engagement on which principals syrya government call russian help.this thing of syria troops cant take on or deploy ground troops because of nato turkeyusa,franceand britain presence is useless excused.until when will we wait and only witness dayly crimes comitted by their isis terrorist.

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