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MARCH 2024

Taliban Tightens Its Grip in North, While Kabul Retains Last Strongholds in South

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Taliban Tightens Its Grip in North, While Kabul Retains Last Strongholds in South
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Taliban Tightens Its Grip in North, While Kabul Retains Last Strongholds in South
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Taliban Tightens Its Grip in North, While Kabul Retains Last Strongholds in South
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The Taliban is trying its best to distract Kabul from the defense of the capitals of the southern Kandahar and Helmand provinces as well as in western Herat, which it has been trying to take over for several weeks now. The group has stepped up attacks on cities throughout northern Afghanistan, so far successfully.

Afghan National Security Forces claimed counter-offensive operations in the cities as Taliban militants mount around the outskirts, and civilians are fleeing the areas.

People suffer not only from the clashes, but also from regular air strikes on targets inside the cities, as Taliban militants often hide in civilian settlements. On August 8, a Helmand provincial council member said government air attacks had damaged a health clinic and a high school in Lashkar Gah.

At the very moment when the government forces are mainly concentrated on the protection of the large southern cities, the Taliban wastes no time and takes control over other provincial capitals one by one

The first provincial capital came under the Taliban’s control on August 6th. The city of Zaranj in Afghanistan’s western Nimruz province, located on the border with Iran and Pakistan fell almost without a fight. Taliban fighters entered the city in U.S. Humvee vehicles taken from the Afghan forces. They’re now used to patrol the streets of Zaranj.

The next day, the city of Sheberghan in northern Jawzjan province became the second provincial capital to be taken by the Taliban. According to the deputy governor, government forces and officials had retreated to the airport on the outskirts of the city, where they were preparing to defend themselves.

On August 7th, the Taliban launched an advance in the city of Kunduz in north-eastern Afghanistan.According to local reports, the Afghan security forces retreated to the airport area, preparing for a counter-offensive.

Even the air support from the U.S. failed to prevent the loss of the city. U.S. B-52s bombed targets in Kunduz, starting major fires. During the day of fighting, some 50 to 70 civilians were reportedly killed.

On August 8, the town of Sar-e-Pol in northern Afghanistan fell under Taliban’s control. Government officials and the remaining forces had retreated to the army barracks about 3km from the city.

The city of Taloqan, the capital of Takhar province was taken over by the Taliban late on August 8.

The last but not the least on the list of the Taliban’s victories was the city of Aibak, the capital of Samangan in northern Afghanistan that fell in the early hours of August 9. The Taliban claimed that a commander and former member of parliament Mohammad Asif Nabi Jan had joined the Mujahideen along with his eight armed men.

The provincial capital of Balkh Province, Mazar-e Sharif, and the town of Gardez, the center of Paktia, in northern Afghanistan are likely to become the next trophies for the Taliban, as fierce clashes broke out in the cities’ outskirts.

Amid the Taliban’s advance, the U.S. and Great Britiain urged their citizens to leave Afghanistan immediately using available commercial flight options. Washington condemned the Taliban’s violent new offensive against Afghan cities.

The United Nations claimed that Afghanistan was descending into a situation of catastrophe so serious that it would have few, if any, parallels in this century.

Meanwhile, the MSM sound the alarm, forgetting that the entire responsibility for the current situation in Afghanistan lies with the United States and its satellites.

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In March 1975, the North Vietnamese People’s Army attacked the South Vietnamese Central Highlands town of Buon Me Thuot. It was supposed to be a preparatory offensive to capture enough territory to serve as a springboard for a later attack on the coastal areas around Danang and Cam Ranh Bay. NVPA General Van Tien Dung’s strategic plan envisaged an attack on Saigon not earlier than the summer of 1976.

What happened next astonished the North Vietnamese and their Viet Cong allies more than anyone else.

The South Vietnamese regime and army imploded. To call it a collapse would be an understatement. It dissolved, evaporated, ran for its collective life. Far from waiting till 1976, the North Vietnamese People’s Army found itself at the gates of Saigon in less than a month and a half. And we all know what happened then.

I am getting a distinct echo of that in the abrupt landslide collapse of the puppet child sex slaver Quisling warlord regime army in Afghanistan. Try to explain it away as you will, no army loses six provincial capitals in three days unless it has been strategically wrecked beyond recovery.

We just have to wait and see if anyone tries to step in to rescue Ashraf Ghani’s Vichy regime, just like nobody did to rescue Nguyen Van Thieu’s Vichy regime in 1975.

Last edited 2 years ago by Ragheadthefiendlyterrorist
S Balu

Exact replay is taking place here

Florian Geyer

The US/NATO leaves a long trail of misery and wanton destruction wherever they ‘pitch their tents’.

Arch Bungle

Ah, the memories. Good times!

Last edited 2 years ago by Arch Bungle
US & EU are Zion slaves

Afghans who don’t wish to live under extremist Sunni groups who worship Osama the goat fuker still have time to divide the country for good, Pashtuns to S and civilian to N.



So your idea is that Pashtuns aren’t civilians?

That is……an interesting concept.

Last edited 2 years ago by Ragheadthefiendlyterrorist
US & EU are Zion slaves

They are human but so are ISIS and Al-Qaeda no? They are “Human” that can’t live with others.

US & EU are Zion slaves

Yeet the Pashtuns from N and send weapons to ONLY, “Hazaras, Tajiks, Uzbeks, and Turkmens”. Pashtuns are Taliban most of them killed are Pashtuns fuk ’em. Kandahar Taliban controlled because they are fuking Pashtuns. You can’t ignore those facts. https://cdn0.vox-cdn.com/assets/4232319/Durand_line.gif

US & EU are Zion slaves

What I mean by yeeting them out from N Afghanistan. https://cdn1.vox-cdn.com/assets/4396287/afghanistan_taliban_ethnicity_map_crop2.jpg

US & EU are Zion slaves

Kick the Pashtuns out before it is too late, from N of Afghanistan and save civilians, map 2.0 https://cdn0.vox-cdn.com/assets/4232063/Mid_East_Ethnic_lg.png

Michel LeBlanc

anyone advocating for ethinic cleansing, thats you in this instance, can kiss my hairy white ass.


You apparently aren’t aware that at least 30% of the Taliban are now Uzbek and Tajik, and that the Taliban have a Shia Hazara military commander.

That is…..even more interesting that you don’t know that.

US & EU are Zion slaves

You are a child? “One Shi’a Hazara?” What about One Shi’a Hazara? Ohhh shi* all Hazara love Taliban now that one of them joined Taliban and that is, if it’s true, you’re not proving anything. Your mother is with the Taliban if we going by words of mouth.

30%? Where did you get your numbers? from your mother, I heard she is also a Taliban leader, the first “Woman” who became a Taliban leader.

You are stupid? read what you saying…that is interesting. “Taliban have a Shia Hazara military commander.” Read what you said… a shi’a

US & EU are Zion slaves

LMFAO, before you run your mouth tell me few things, I don’t want to reply to a stupid extremist “person”. 1. Who are the Taliban and where they came from, who funds them. 2. Why yanquis bombed Pakistan at the start of the Afghanistan war against the Taliban? 3. What is your stand on Baloch and Pashtuns terrorists that are killing civilians in Pakistan?

Also, for fun do tell me what the Taliban would do after the Afghan war?


Since you know nothing about me, including whether I’m an “extremist” or not, all you can do is ask questions and hope I can’t answer.

Unfortunately for you I can.

1. The Taliban started off in 1994 in a village mosque near Kandahar when a few tribal elders had had enough of a local Mujahideen warlord blocking roads, extorting “taxes”, and abducting their daughters. They persuaded a retired ex Mujahid called Mullah Omar to lead a group of volunteers to take out the warlord. With 30 men and donated vehicles, the new group broke the roadblock, set free two abducted girls, and hanged the warlord from the barrel of his own tank. That immediately caught the attention of more resistance groups of youth in the Kandahar area and they joined with Omar, reviving a name that some of them had used during the anti Soviet jihad: Taliban. At this point they were operating entirely on donated money, vehicles, and weapons, but once they began scoring successes they caught the eye of Pakistan, which began recruiting from Afghan refugee madrassas and providing weapons and military training.

The Taliban at this stage, because they came from Pashtun South Afghanistan, were Pashtun, and were led by a core group that were Ghilzai Pashtun, specifically Hotak Ghilzai.

Today the Taliban are 30% Uzbek and Tajik and with at least a small Hazara component. This is why they captured, for instance, Badakshan and the Wakhan corridor without a shot, though there are no Pashtun there. It was local Uzbek and Tajik Taliban who the locals surrendered to, not “foreign” Pashtun from the south.

Who funds them? They exact taxes from communities they control. They probably get funds from Pakistan too, at least unofficially. They definitely take customs duties from the border crossings they captured. Your point?

2. To help their Mujahideen warlord puppets to capture Afghanistan.

3. What does that have to do with Afghanistan? The Balochi and TTP lot aren’t the Taliban.

Now answer my questions.

US & EU are Zion slaves

1. With your numbers, you still haven’t proven anything. Forcing a group of people to join your terrorist group doesn’t mean they are really with the Taliban, which is something I tried to point out. ISIL/Al-Qaeda also forces people to fight with them in Syria and Iraq. There is also the problem that the civilians have no weapons to fight the Taliban so what the fuk you mean? it is like Syria and Iraq. Those Uzbek and Tajik are still civilians not part of the Army. They is also the problem with having non-stop war that people give up, that doesn’t mean they are part of the Taliban or in line with Talibans.

1.1. For most of the war they had some to no border crossings control – most of them being near Pakistani borders, ISIS and other terrorist groups in Syria still do that but that doesn’t cover much of their costs. Pakistani Pashtuns are the main funders of the Taliban with the Pakistani government/ Saudis aiding (ISS). My point is the money of Saudis and the role of ISS. Saudis pure money on ISS to boost Taliban and their teaching.

3. “What is your stand on Baloch and Pashtuns terrorists that are killing civilians in Pakistan?” It is something I wanted to know your point of view, also no it got nothing to do with Afghanistan, did I mentioned it’s got to do with Afghanistan, no.

US & EU are Zion slaves

On second thought, nvm, I believe I remember your comment/s from before. You are an extremist lover, there is another guy who I believe is Sunni Pakistani – that ignored Bolachs and Pashtuns’ “motherland” and believes those belonged to Pakistan LOL. Don’t reply and nor will I, but I think I never wanted to talk to you in the first place anyway. I wouldn’t reply to your comments, it is useless as you showed, with your cheap comments. Mostly copy and paste.

@SouthFront add blocking accounts, please. Also, I think it is better to have links only. As you guys can see it’s blocking other people’s comments/replies.

S Balu

Keep on dreaming Neighboring countries will not allow this happen and Taliban is now inclusive of All afghans This is India’s dream but Indian do not understand that it weak in North East and new Christian state of Nagaland will emerge

US & EU are Zion slaves

Ohhh yeah, let me ask my Hazara friends or any Shi’a. “Pakistan: Rampant Killings of Shia by Extremist Sunnis” “Afghan Hazaras being killed at school, play, even at birth”

As long as they are Sunni and not Hazara fuk face. Taliban are like any other terrorist groups and it is because of Iran the Taliban don’t dare to attack Shi’a in Afganistan. Look at these poor Pakistani bitch you want more aids from the UN still or are you begging China?

S Balu

US & EU are Zion slaves Hazaras were killed by Indian RAW sleepers and west media then blamed Sunnis in reality this was devious zio Christian west with India to ignite a Shia Sunni war which never materialized Sad India is playing a devious game and will have terrible consequences for India in longer term

The Objective

Unfortunately for you bitter Iranian, the Taliban will IMPOSE Sunni Sharia right on the Iranian border and there’s nothing you can do to stop it. The best you can do is watch. Your leaders fear the Taliban. That is why Iran dares not support the Shiites to fight our Taliban brothers. I’ve read your comments about how Iran is the only country standing up against America and Israel. Iran is all mouth and no guts. What has Iran done to America or Israel over the past decade? But America killed your top general. They sanctioned your country and caused hundreds of billions of dollars in losses for Iran. They assassinate your nuclear scientist like Fakhrazadeh. They instigate color revolutions INSIDE Iran that killed more than 1500 Iranian civilians and hundreds of security forces. They sabotage your nuclear, electrical, and industrial installations. They sank your largest warship just weeks ago. Because of America, hundreds of Iranians died in stampedes protesting Soleimanis death, and more died when Iran accidentally shot down a civilian plane. They have killed more than 1000 Iranian officers in Syria alone over the past five years. WHAT HAS IRAN DONE TO THEM FOR ALL THIS DESTRUCTION AND KILLING?

You idiot always claim that Iran is causing more harm to America than the Taliban. So, let’s look at the numbers.

2300 Americans are killed by the Taliban over the years. Tens of thousands of Americas are wounded, many of whom are maimed permanently. The Taliban killed almost 2000 NATO soldiers and wounded other tens of thousands (they never killed a single Turkish soldier) Taliban cost American government about $3 trillion over the years Unlike cowardly Iran, the Taliban humiliated America with a crushing defeat after twenty years of war. America sank hundreds of billions of dollars rebuilding Afghanistan. Now they are forced to flee the country BECAUSE OF TALIBAN.

Your Shiite forces are the biggest cowards in the Muslim world. All you do is talk. You haven’t openly killed a single American yet since Soleimani’s brutal killing. You also haven’t killed a single Israeli despite Israel killing hundreds of Iranian forces and Hezbollah in Syria. Israel has conducted more than 200 air raids on Shiite targets across Syria and parts of Iraq. What have you done to them in return? Nothing but bluster and hot air. You are cowards and everybody can see this. No amount of mouthiness can question the fact that you FEAR America like death. Taliban is not like you, otherwise they would have lost the war against America. If the Taliban had the kind of missiles you have, they won’t hesitate to kill hundreds of American soldiers should the U.S so brutally assassinate their leader like they did Soleimani.

You should be ashamed and humiliated at the cowardice of your people, not opening your dirty mouth hear to promote cowards.

Last edited 2 years ago by The Objective
Arch Bungle

Damn. Did the Shia abuse you as a child? You sound like some kind of middle eastern male Karen on steroids!

The Objective

I’m not against all Shiites. But I truly hate the Iranian brand for being so sectarian instead of forging unity (even temporary unity is okay).

Arch Bungle

Your statements are contradictory.

You come across as schizophrenic.

Last edited 2 years ago by Arch Bungle
Arch Bungle

“But I truly hate the Iranian brand for being so sectarian i”

But this is a deliberate and obvious lie that even a five year old could spot.

Personally, as a non-muslim, I quite prefer the Shia.

Looking from the outside inward, I equate the Shia with:

– Hezbollah warriors – Iranian IRGRC and Soleimani – Houthi Fighters – The Fedayeen of Alamut (The so called Hashishin) – The islamic Golden Age

In fact, Islams total contribution in science and philosophy came almost exclusively from the Shia … I find little of value provided by the Sunni.

All in all, the Shia seem to me the true warriors of Islam, and ones with some sense of morality.

I associate the Sunni with the House of Saud, the corrupt Gulf monarchies, the brutal Taliban of Afghanistan.

"Israel" is a NATO terrorist settler colony

Vietnam 2.0

Michel LeBlanc

Did I read that correctly, that the US are providjng b-52 planes for close air support?

Thats what you need in defensive operations anyways. Not b52 bombers, a pitiful effort by nato.

S Balu

Biden and western mass media are LYING AND DEMONIZING TALIBAN to remove focus from their illegal invasion of Afghanistan and death,destruction it created US/NATO and especially Britain should be held accountable for WAR CRIMES IN AFGHANISTAN AND ROLE PLAYED BY INDIA INDIAN RAW IN CARRYING OUT TERRORIST ACTIVITIES


US Marines stationed in Afghanistan had given up on Afghan government and Afghan security forces by end of their first decade there. Marines as fighting units basically stopped risking leaving their secure bases during their second decade there. Thereafter they just went through frustrated motions of dealing with hapless Afghan security forces, who were always hopeless, and hopelessly corrupt all through the ranks.

Last edited 2 years ago by AlphaBravoCharlie
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