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The “Axis Of Conformity” Does Not Miss The Opportunity To Destroy The Palestinians

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The “Axis Of Conformity” Does Not Miss The Opportunity To Destroy The Palestinians

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Written by Damir Nazarov exclusively for SouthFront

The new phase of the liberation of holy Palestine exposed not only the weakness of Zionism and its real state of affairs, but also the duplicity and inferiority of the “axis of conformity” – Qatar, Turkey.

Few supporters of the Palestinian struggle will see the behavior of the leaders of these countries. Erdogan continues to scream about the need to try the terrorist Netanyahu, thereby trying to make a show for his electorate, but the “Sultan” is silent about the growing trade volume of his country and oil supplies to the Zionists. Erdogan does not offer the Palestinians the advertised Bayraktar, like other types of weapons of the Turkish military industry, but the Turkish regime is ready to supply its UAVs to the countries of Europe and Africa at any price. Speaking of any military assistance to the Palestinians, with the exception of Iran and its allies, no one is talking at all. IRGC representatives have already explained to the world community that Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad will definitely replenish their arsenal after the first stage of the al-Aqsa flood. Therefore, while Erdogan is playing to the public by “calling for a trial” of the Zionists, the Islamic Republic has already developed plans for the future to fully support the Palestinian resistance.

But it is worth focusing on Qatar separately. The smallest Emirate has again failed hundreds of thousands of Palestinians, since since the beginning of the war, instead of real assistance to the blockaded Gaza Strip, Qatar has demanded negotiations the most. As cheap rhetoric, Doha issued empty threats to “cut off oil supplies” to Western countries, which naturally did not happen. But the most disgusting thing is the creation of an “operational headquarters” with terrorists from the Mossad in Doha. Thus, the ”Zionists –Qatar” tandem wants not only to control the salaries of officials of the Gaza Strip administration, but also to monitor the activities of the al-Qassam Brigade and the al-Quds Brigade. In this situation, it is obvious that under the guise of “interest in the release of hostages,” the Mossad will seek to penetrate all components of the Gaza Strip to destroy the Palestinian resistance. Qatar’s political interest lies in splitting Hamas into conformists and revolutionaries, causing a crisis between the political leadership and the military wing, and finally, simply creating an anti-Iranian backbone within Hamas, which, according to Doha’s plan, should significantly weaken the leading Palestinian movement. For this reason, the Emirate is reaching a new level of cooperation with the Zionists.

The current duplicitous attitude of the small Emirate towards the Palestinians, and in particular towards Hamas, is far from the first of its kind. Let me remind you about Syria and 2011, when Qatar, along with the Zionists, was the main party in the attempt to overthrow Assad and destroy Syria as a country. The ruling elite of the Qatari autocracy has concentrated all its efforts on the anti-Syrian direction, starting financing extremist groups and connecting a religious component in the person of Sunni and Salafi theologians to promote “jihad against Alawites.” Now let’s compare Qatar’s rhetoric towards Zionism and we won’t see anything like it. Even to this day, Doha rejects normalization with Assad. At that time, the Emirate not only incited the Arab world against official Damascus, but was also able to drive a wedge between Hamas and Assad, which became a catalyst for a split within the largest Islamic party in Palestine. Fortunately, all those crises were successfully resolved through Iran’s efforts, and today Assad is openly meeting with the Hamas delegation.

Another fact of Doha’s latent hostility to the Palestinian resistance is the recent history in Libya, when four Hamas members were released from a local prison. In 2016, the men were detained on charges of “smuggling weapons into the Gaza Strip,” and in 2019, a Tripoli court sentenced them to terms ranging from 17 to 22 years in prison. Later, during the operation “flood of al-Aqsa”, the Libyans released representatives of Hamas, after which the released joined the office of their movement in Doha. Qatar’s diabolical plan was to use its control over the government in Tripoli, first in 2016, to prevent Hamas from establishing a new way to supply weapons to the Gaza Strip. But at the end of last year, during the Zionist aggression, Doha decided to release supporters of the leading Islamic movement from a Libyan prison, but taking into account control over them at home. The release of Hamas members should fit into the image of Qatar as a “friend of Palestine.”

Against the background of open hostility to Assad and the Cold War against the al-Qassam Brigade, Qatar does not hide its long-standing ties with the Zionists. Recently, in an interview with FOX news, officials of the smallest Emirate acknowledged that Qatar is “the first country to normalize relations with Israel.“ Moreover, the country’s prime minister, Mohammad bin Abdulrahman al–Thani, referred to 1990 with the then “Oslo accords”. Actually, Doha does not even hide its sympathies for the Zionists and hopes to return to the “negotiation process” under the auspices of the United States.

So, since the first wave of the Islamic awakening, Qatar and Erdogan have been following the same tactics, insisting on the “pacification” of all Sunni potentially revolutionary organizations of the Ummah and eliminating the Palestinian resistance in favor of the plan to create a “two states”. “The Axis of Conformity” aims to disarm the al–Qassam Brigade and other resistance factions. But, the “Flood of al-Aqsa” destroyed all illusions of conformity and opened a new era of the Palestinian struggle. Now the Palestinians of the “Axis of Resistance” own the initiative, and the Islamic Resistance of the countries of the specified alliance is planning offensive operations in order to reduce the occupation to its complete elimination.

P.S. The reader has a question. “Why does Ismail Haniyeh live in Qatar despite the allied relations between the Emirate and the Zionists?” The answer.

1 – Hamas is not in a position to choose today, as the party leadership believes that it is unacceptable to drive itself into isolation.

2 – There is an important nuance for Gazans, this is the fact of financial donation for ordinary Palestinians and salaries for officials of the besieged enclave.

3 – Hamas needs access to the outside world to negotiate with human rights organizations, UNRWA and various non-governmental trade unions. Qatar is still a platform for such discussions.

It is important to understand that Doha is only a temporary place of presence of the Hamas office, soon the leading Palestinian organization will leave the Emirate and after that there will be a session exposing Qatar’s intrigues against Hamas figures.


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