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Three Israeli Intelligence Officers Killed In Recent Attack On Iraq’s Erbil – Report

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Three Israeli Intelligence Officers Killed In Recent Attack On Iraq’s Erbil - Report

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Three Israeli military intelligence officers were killed in a drone attack that targeted their base in the city of Erbil in the northern Iraqi autonomous region of Kurdistan, The Jerusalem Times reported on January 11.

According to the Palestinian newspaper, the attack took place on new year’s eve and targeted a secret operations center of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) Intelligence Corps Unit 8200, which is responsible for clandestine operation, collecting signal intelligence, code decryption, counterintelligence, cyberwarfare, military intelligence and surveillance

On the day of the attack, the Islamic Resistance in Iraq (IRI), an umbrella group of Iranian-backed armed factions, announced four operations against several targets in response to the ongoing Israeli war on the Palestinian Gaza Strip, one of which targeted a U.S. military base near Erbil International Airport.

The Jerusalem Times reported that seven officers of Unit 8200, all of whom are dual Israeli-United States citizens, were at the base when it was attacked.

Three officers were killed in the drone attack, according to the newspaper, which said that the remaining four were all wounded.

The attack on the alleged secret Israeli base was first reported by the Lebanon-based Al Mayadeen TV, which is close to Iran and its allies in the soc-alled “Axis of Resistance”.

Neither the IDF or the U.S. Central Command has responded to the claims made by The Jerusalem Times. Israeli military censorship laws bans Hebrew media from reporting any security incident without authorization from the Chief Censor, a military official appointed by Israel’s Minister of Defense.

Over the last few years, several reports talked about a secret Israeli military presence in Kurdistan aimed against Iran and its allies. However, this is yet to be confirmed.

The IRI has launched several attacks against targets in Israel and over a hundred others against U.S. forces in Iraq and Syria since the war first broke out in Gaza. The U.S. responded more than once. Nevertheless, the group remains undeterred.



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i guess nobody should be surprised that the cucks of “kurdistan” are collaborating with the jews. i wouldn’t be surprised if they are closet noahides.

Daniel Weatherman

nothing wrong with moses mamionides and the noahide laws. kept things on an even keel for a thousand years in terms of legal relations. its the synagogue of shekel shaytans, bennies selling out for petro-pennies and cuck crusader mentality that wrecked things. i swear on the fossilized ship on mount ararat and the flaming lights of taus melek……

death in rome – its a sin


three israeli killers chosen to hell by devil.


“the jerusalem times reported that seven officers of unit 8200, all of whom are dual israeli-united states citizens, were at the base when it was attacked.”

what stinking ziodiaperhead isn’t a dual, triple and so on “citizen”?


like that israeli-tajik that took part in iran terrorist attack, some rtd going to say “these weren’t real* israelis” as if there is such people as real* israelis.

on matter that kurds crying about that no-one hears them, this is why… you are hands in hands working with zionist settlers (and acting as you all now cared about palestinians). from top to bottom israeli leaders many times said, they wanted kurds in power in syria.


1. syrian stolen oil get sent to n-iraq (kurdish hold area).

2. during riots in iran – kurdish gangs invaded iran.

3. all kurdish groups worked under the us umbrella.

4. the kurdish people now attacking palestinians to undermine their case at icj. these apes were backstabbed by the us and their puppets (many times) yet they are still eating zionists and yanquis shi*.


i’m sure you’ve come across al-gurdish kebabi/ hajjam in the eu no? i’ve talked to them and they say that their beef with the mulla’s is on religion. they hate islam. i can respect that, but if they work with the enemy, then i can’t support them. it’s always the same narrative. they’ve made up their mind.

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