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MARCH 2024

“We Will Hunt You Down”: Too Little Too Late

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“We Will Hunt You Down”: Too Little Too Late
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“We Will Hunt You Down”: Too Little Too Late
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An ISIS attack at Kabul Airport killed at least 13 US servicemen and wounded 18.

Additionally, at least 90 Afghanistan civilians were killed in the attack and it is increasing, with more than 150 injured.

Two ISIS suicide bombers and additional gunmen were behind the terrorist attack at the airport’s Abbey Gate. One of the bombers struck people standing knee-deep in a wastewater canal under the sweltering sun, throwing bodies into the fetid water.

US President Joe Biden gave a press conference, vowing that the US would punish the Islamic State for the attack.

Biden said that he would send additional troops to aid Americans in Afghanistan if his military advisers ask — though he said that had not been initially requested.

US CENTCOM Chief Gen. Kenneth McKenzie said that the risk of an attack from Islamic State persists alongside other threats.

Just after the attack, gunmen opened fire. Another blast later occurred at a hotel outside the airport. ISIS claimed responsibility for it too.

Gen. Mckenzie indicated that U.S. military action in response is possible.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said that one explosion was near an airport entrance and another was a short distance away by a hotel. McKenzie said clearly some failure at the airport allowed a suicide bomber to get so close to the gate.

He said that the Taliban has been screening people outside the gates, though there was no indication that the Taliban deliberately allowed the attacks to happen.

He said the U.S. has simply asked Taliban commanders to tighten security around the airport’s perimeter.

The second blast was at or near Baron Hotel, where many people, including Afghans, Britons and Americans, were told to gather in recent days before heading to the airport for evacuation.

This took place just hours after Great Britain and Australia released a warning of a possible impending terrorist attack at Kabul Airport.

Still, despite the attack and fatalities, the airlift continued. The number of evacuees fell for a second day as the terror attack and further threats kept people away.

US President Joe Biden revealed that he has ordered military commanders “to develop operational plans to strike ISIS-K assets, leadership and facilities.”

They said the United States will respond with force and precision, when the time comes, in a place and manner of their choosing.

Still, this showed that despite the warning, in spite of all imminent and actual threats, the preparations were not sufficient, no guarantees were giving and hundreds of lives were lost.

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biden is a senile, perverted imbecile. The only language the american, british and zionist trash understand is body bags and theft of others resources.

Marco Polo

You continually ignore jewish influence, preferring to remain a judas goat and cast Whites as scapegoats for jewish actions.

What is meant by ‘scapegoat’: https://odysee.com/@KnowMoreNews:1/Jewish-Blood-Magic-720:9

World jewry has been organizing goyim for thousands of years, creating different organizations for us, all directed by jews of the kehilla. https://worldtruthvideos.website/watch/the-kehilla-by-peter-quiggins-tierney_ZN93GGjsmb1k8yf.html

Last edited 2 years ago by Marco Polo
Arch Bungle

The “Whites”, particularly Anglo-Saxons, more specifically the “White power elite” (not the peasants – they are just like us in the end) in my book are not merely a “scapegoat” as you would like to believe.

They worked hand in hand, they cultivated and they encouraged the Pharisaic Blood Cult and in the end were entrapped by their own creation.

Lord Balfour and his cronies thought he could use Lord Rothschild to achieve British colonial control of Palestine, but in the end he wound up a servant of the Rothschild, and with him the entire British Establishment.

“Lord Rotschild” … ask yourself how khazar rabble transform into British Royalty. Through Bribes, money and blackmail. A Jew with a Lordly title is a wolf with poor fitting sheep skin …

There are no scapegoats here, just accomplices.

Last edited 2 years ago by Arch Bungle
Marco Polo


Last edited 2 years ago by Marco Polo


Rodney Loder

Afghanistan is gripped by jew terror false flag attacks

Marco Polo

Who is more civilized? European/Aryan man, stop conflating Jewish tendencies with those of Whites. We don’t have Bacha Bazi (effeminizing little boys to wear makeup, act and dress as women to sexually satisfy pedophiles) as a national tradition, unlike Afghanistan. The Ottoman empire had Köçeks, the Turkish equivalent to the practice of Bacha Bazi.

400 Pakis Assault Woman: https://worldtruthvideos.website/watch/400-pakis-assault-woman_J93cSCuyjWAe3Zd.html


You persistently attribute the projection of decadent Asiatic cultures like that of the Jews as if it were the culture of West men, completely ignoring the past as if it were a fantasy.

You are going along with the scapegoating, the origin of the term explained here: https://odysee.com/@KnowMoreNews:1/Jewish-Blood-Magic-720:9

Putin: ‘I support the struggle of Israel’ https://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/182754

[“I follow closely what’s going on in Israel,” said Putin during the long meeting, which was held in Moscow.

“I support the struggle of Israel as it attempts to protect its citizens. I also heard about the shocking murder of the three youths. It is an act that cannot be allowed, and I ask you to transmit my condolences to the families,” added the Russian president, in referring to the abduction and murder of three teens in June by Hamas terrorists.]

Last edited 2 years ago by Marco Polo

What is the culture of “West men”? The last time I checked, at least half the globe spoke English, wore suits and used forks. History is also clear about the worst atrocities ever committed, the raping and killing of natives in genocides in the Americas, Africa, Australasia and many other places. One race in particular is the common denominator. I wonder what you are on about? We have great people in the West but let’s be clear, your governments and the governments before them enslaved much of the world and still do to this day.


Papa Joe didn’t kill nobody in a drone strike. If there was ever a strike, some mountain side was assaulted with a couple missiles. The Americans wanna go home, they don’t want no more part of this smoke.


They spend 20 years in Afghanistan, and it’s only now that they promise to hunt them down, lol.

Pathetic, hunting them down after 20 years ffs, why didn’t you get them all along?

Instead of paying the Taliban not to attack the US Armies high heels brigades, they could have paid the Taliban to hunt down IKISS, and left the high heels gang at home.

Hey Joe, SEALSwithIKISS.

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