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MARCH 2024

Trump Orders To Build Wall On Mexico-US Border

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Voiceover by Harold Hoover

US President Donald Trump has signed executive orders to start construction of the US-Mexico border wall and to strengthen enforcement of immigration laws.

“A nation without borders is not a nation. Beginning today, the US gets back control of its borders,” said Trump on Wednesday afternoon. In his address to the Department of Homeland Security, he add that he would discuss how to dismantle the drug cartels and stop the flow of illegal weapons from the US into Mexico in an upcoming meeting with his Mexican colleague.

Earlier this week, Trump signed 3 other executive orders: withdrawing the US from the Trans Pacific Partnership, instituting a federal hiring freeze (except for the military) and limiting abortion funding overseas.

It looks as if Trump will do just what he promised. How will the global elite respond?

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Sergio González

The only real difference the wall will make is to stop illegal immigration, given that its whole length is guarded. I don’t get why the wall is seen as a racist thing when it will actually help reduce crime rates.

It’s not like the border crossings will be shut off or anything. People that do things right will be able to pass.

Dod Grile

Another big waste of US tax payer money. Pray tell, is Chump going to build a wall along the Gulf of Mexico, up and down the Atlantic Seaboard or the Pacific Coast? What is to stop anyone from going by water? Or sneaking in from Canada or flying over, tunneling under or blowing it up altogether.

The way things are going with the real hourly wage (what it actually buys) before long who is going to want to come to the USA anyway. They will be receiving better value for their wages in Mexico.

Building a wall still does not bring back all the jobs lost to NAFTA/GATT. One doesn’t see Chump doing anything about that. What a fraud.


Mexico will scream and cry, even as they have a wall on their southern border.


USA has the right to construct whatever it wants to construct in its house, that it is not a problem. The problem is that it pretend to collect the cost of its construction to its neighbor ! That is totally nonsense and out of any international law.

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