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Turkey Escalates Strikes On Northern Iraq

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Turkey Escalates Strikes On Northern Iraq

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Turkey Escalates Strikes On Northern Iraq
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Turkey Escalates Strikes On Northern Iraq

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Turkey has escalated its strikes on Iraq’s northern region, where it has been battling the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) for years.

The escalation began in April when the Turkish military launched a large-scale operation against the Kurdish guerilla group, codenamed Claw-Lock. Turkey said that the operation is meant to neutralize PKK cells in the areas of Metina, Zap and Avashin Basyan in the Kurdsitan Region. Yet, its strikes expanded well beyond these areas.

On July 17, five people were killed and two others were wounded when a Turkish combat drone targeted a vehicle in the outskirts of the town of Haj Dijlah to the west of the city of Mosul in the northern province of Nineveh.

Kurdish officials said that the vehicle belonged to the PKK and that the casualties were members of the group. These claims were however dismissed by the PKK, who said that the vehicle was carrying civilians. Later it became known that the casualties were all members of a family from Mosul.

On the same day, the Turkish Ministry of National Defense announced that two service members were killed as a result of recent attacks by the PKK in the Operation Claw-Lock zone.

The situation in northern Iraq saw a major escalation on July 20, when a series of strikes which were attributed to Turkey hit several resorts in Zakho district of the Duhok province in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region.

The strikes claimed the lives of nine civilians, including a one-year-old child, and wounded 23 others. The casualties were a part of a 200-person group that came from the capital, Baghdad. Prior to the strikes, PKK fighters were reportedly moving in Zakho.

Turkey denied responsibility for the deadly strikes, blaming the PKK. Nevertheless, two shadowy groups, “Ashab al Kahf” and “Thar al Muhandis,” held Turkey responsible. The pro-Iranian groups claimed that they have struck Turkish bases in Duhok with drones and rockets.

The deadly strikes on Zakho led to a series of protests against Turkey in different parts of Iraq. This forced the government to take action. The country’s National Security Council held an emergency meeting chaired by Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi to discuss the strikes.

The council decided that Turkey must “submit an official apology and withdraw its military forces from all Iraqi lands.” The council also called for cooperation with the Kurdistan Regional Government to prevent further attacks and the summoning of the Turkish ambassador to Iraq, as well as preparing a report on the repeated Turkish violations of Iraqi sovereignty.

Turkey will not likely back down, as it believes it is within its right to chase the PKK in northern Iraq. This strict stand will likely lead to even more escalation with Iraq.

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Perhaps hezbollocks should help iraq rid biden puppets instead of running away from israel in syria. they claim to be the defenders of the me,whats keeping?


are people finally awake? the Turks only bring more problems, those dogs don’t belong on Iraqi soil


I think everyone sees Turkey for what they are, opportunists Let me be super clear I am referring to Erdogan and his cabinet. I’ve met a few Turks in my life here in the states and they’ve been ironclad loyal in personality and friendship. Everyone thinks Turkey first thing that comes to mind is that MSM propaganda spewing disgusting group of lying turds, the young turks, Fu4king despise those liberal scumbags everyone of them, including the hot chick.


Nothing going to change, Iraq has shown so many times that it wouldn’t fight PKK or YPG that Turkey 24/7 blames to attack Iraq. Kurds hide and support PKK and YPG which is not a secret to anyone.

Al-Kadhimi was and is an Ex-Intelligence Chief Backed by the U.S. don’t get your hopes up, people.

The easy way is…Iraq uses PKK and YPG to hold control in N-Iraq. It would stop Turkey from attack and it would make things hard for yanquis to steal Syrian oil and gas. The USA uses N-Syria and N-Iraq to steal oil and gas – Kurds in Iraq are selling IRAQ’S oil and taking the money for themselves.

“Exclusive: How Kurdistan bypassed Baghdad and sold oil on global markets” – like in N-Syria Kurds don’t own shit. 1/3 of Syria is under the control of the US and it is the same case in N-Iraq. THE USA SAID THAT THEY CONTROL THOSE AREAS.

Syria will never allow the USA to make a base in their country NOR does Iraq. What piss me off is the yanquis said it a long time ago – so they would use Kurds to make and hold control in Iraq and Syria. Mossad was making houses in N-Iraq and Kurds build those houses for them, Kurds in N-Syria host fuking Wahhabis from KSA and UAE.

Kurds are Zion 2.0 fully made up and backup by NATO, Zion, and the USA. Kill cancer before it’s too late, the funny part is Iran, Iraq, and Syria thinks they can work with them.

Don’t fuking fall for the yanquis open trap again, remember Iran nuclear deal… The USA said openly what they were going to do and they did. Iran is under more sanctions than before they sign the nuclear deal LMFAO.

People give too much shit about Zion but not yanquis or British apes, Zion are nothing compared to the British and yanquis, just saying.


To those who can read and don’t fall asleep. I said “Iran nuclear deal was a trap and the USA said openly” go read Brookings Institution’s 2009 “Which Path to Persia?” // The USA DID everything they said in that paper. It was published in 2009.

To those hard lovers of Iran, Russia and China, don’t read what I’m going to say.

The USA loves to make an example of Iran for Russia, China, and any other mid-power countries in the world. They want to do that badly very badly, as how things are going I can tell you that might just happen soon. Israel’s nuclear weapons: is a loophole for the USA to launch a nuclear attack, again it is not a secret to anyone and never was, to begin with. Only a foolish person undermines their enemy and I’m not going to listen or care what about that and this and ifs.

The USA and Isreal are set and ready and they sign the deal. What I want to see is can China prove it will be the next superpower or not. I don’t believe so and never did and Russia isn’t going to do anything.

I love the Middle East, it is just so much shit show by all superpowers. Iran has done so much and proven so many times that it can fight back and that is not a question and that is the main reason why I support them. Trust me, the next big war in the Middle East wouldn’t be won by anyone really but the real losers would be the USA, British, Wahhabis, and Zion.

When a powerful country is falling and losing it all… they are much more dangerous than when they were powerful.


moron gringo cannot comprehend history


Nor can you, thank you for pointing that out.


you are amusing


So you are, but again if you have nothing meaningful to add… you know… maybe don’t.

Just because you disagree with someone – doesn’t mean you should yell “hey fuk you” and say nothing else.

Say what you disagree with or don’t comment.

“moron gringo cannot comprehend history”… oh dude you got me bad…oh no.


“To those hard lovers of Iran, Russia and China, don’t read what I’m going to say.”

Oh dear, I forgot I was on SF LMFAO.

Last edited 1 year ago by JJ345

Notice how Turkey can enter the sovereign territories of two different nations, Syria and Iraq and attack simultaneously within these nations completely violating their territorial integrity and Turkey faces absolutely no backlash or any international sanctions or condemnation whatsoever. Of course since it is a NATO nation breaking international law there will be no repercussions for Turkey. Russia enters Ukraine after Ukraine violated the Minsk peace agreements for eight years and the entire western EU and US sanction Russia immediately. Its up side-down clown world for the U.S. EU and the NATO globo homo whining little international bitches. The good news is that all the inversion and injustice being perpetrated by the LGBTQ promoting west is soon coming to an end as Russia has the U.S. and NATO on the run and the EU is going bankrupt faster than Elon Musk’s SpaceX Rocket B7 exploded last week without even taking off.

Last edited 1 year ago by 7-even-N-6

more ambiguous—turkey is mainly in conflict w Kurds and USA in Syria and Kurds in Iraq—-EU pays Turkey 1-3 billion euros annually to prevent Syrian refugees immigrating to Europe. Turkey cooperates w Iran, Russia Israel Qatar in some areas, others not–today Turkeys primary adversaries are Greece and France


Sadly, if the Iraqi state is not able to claim the north of its country, then it can not defend it either. The same goes for the Syrian government, twice.


duplicitous Kurds always choose the wrong allies

Rodney Loder.

Well done brother Erdogan, while the US is occupying parts of Syria calling for an Kurdish State the PKK must be denied safe haven everywhere in the region.

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