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MARCH 2024

U.S. Says One Of Its Warships Intercepted Suicide Drones Over Red Sea

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U.S. Says One Of Its Warships Intercepted Suicide Drones Over Red Sea

USS Thomas Hudner (DDG-116) steamed in the U.S. Fifth Fleet area of operations in the Arabian Sea to ensure maritime stability and security in the region, 24 April 2021. U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Cameron Pinske.

A United States Arleigh Burke-class destroyer patrolling the Red Sea intercepted multiple suicide drones which were launched from Houthi-controlled areas in Yemen, the U.S. Central Command announced.

“On the morning (Yemen time) of November 23, the USS Thomas Hudner (DDG 116) shot down multiple one-way attack drones launched from Houthi controlled areas in Yemen,” CENTCOM said in a statement posted on X, previously known as Twitter.

The command added that “the ship and crew sustained no damage or injury,” without providing any further details on the interception.

The interception took place just a day after the Houthis said they attacked military targets in the southernmost Israeli city of Eilat with cruise missiles. The Israeli military said that its fighter jets intercepted one missile over the Red Sea. There were no reports of impacts.

This was the third intercept by a U.S. warship in the Middle East since the October 7 Hamas-led surprise attack on Israel from the Gaza Strip.

On October 20, the Arleigh Burke-class destroyer USS Carney intercepted four cruise missiles and 15 drones over a nine-hour period. The missiles and drones were launched by the Houthis at targets in Israel.

Later on November 15, USS Thomas Hudner USS Thomas Hudner shot down a drone that was launched by the Houthis from Yemen over the red sea.

The Houthis, who control a large part of Yemen and maintain a large arsenal of missiles and drones, are a part of the so-called “Axis of Resistance” which is backed by Iran and opposes Israel. Since the outbreak of the war in Gaza, the Houthis have been launching attacks with missiles and drones against Israel. The group also seized an Israeli-owned ship and vowed to target any other one that approaches Yemen.

Israel is yet to respond to the Houthis’ repeated attacks. It is possible that it is waiting for a green light or even direct support from the U.S.



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Psycogeriactric Command

sounds like a propaganda buildup to involve the usa in a war with yemen. biden must have gotten his payoff.

Last edited 3 months ago by Psycogeriactric Command

well good luck to them. houthis defeated saudi arabia and they had direct british and american military support and mercenaries on the ground. they have better weaponry; drones and guided missiles, underground tunnel networks. overall, an even greater capability than the taliban; they are just as formidable on the field as fighters; including many skilled snipers.


overall, they are competent organizationally & strategically. so good luck to them — they will need it — especially considering how battle hardened they are today, with legendary, unwavering resolve against tyranny and wickedness.there is a reason why israel hasn’t retaliated. although i’m sure they will at some point. but if the taliban squeezed the “mighty” us military out of afghanistan. they will not fare better v. the houthis

Last edited 3 months ago by Ericunt
Jesus didn't speak English

houthis ansar allah strong 💪 🙏

Max Hermansen

are they not terrorists? are you a muslim?

jens holm

one shlomo’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.

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