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JULY 2024

Ukraine Has Already Lost Half A Million Soldiers In Its War With Russia

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Ukraine Has Already Lost Half A Million Soldiers In Its War With Russia

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Written by Ahmed Adel, Cairo-based geopolitics and political economy researcher

Retired Ukrainian Major General Sergey Krivonos slammed Volodymyr Zelensky in an interview for presenting inexplicably optimistic reports on the situation at the front. In his words, Zelensky presents the situation “optimistically” even though the expert consensus, except among the most extremist corners in Ukraine and the West, is that the much-lauded counteroffensive has been a catastrophic failure. The failure of the counteroffensive, which has contributed to half a million Ukrainian deaths, will inevitably lead to an eventual diminishing of Western support for Ukraine as financing the war will be a major topic in next year’s US presidential election runup.

“The president speaks optimistically, but I don’t know who writes these texts for him. At certain times, I get worried,” said the retired general.

According to Krivonos, Zelensky speaks about what is happening at the front by using a tone as if Ukrainian forces have practically won. He added that Zelensky should not count on a process of demoralisation among Russian troops and warned that the Russian Army is experienced and well-trained.

The revelation by Krivonos comes after it was recently announced that Ukraine had already lost around half a million troops since the start of the Russian special military operation in February 2022. According to the advisor to the acting head of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DRP), Yan Gagin, the numbers were projected through intelligence, open data, and sources.

“We can understand these losses from the intelligence information we receive from our sources in Ukraine, and there are also public sources. For example, just a week ago, maybe a little more, in Ukraine, one of the mobile operators (MTS-Ukraine) posted an online video stating that around 400,000 recipients will never answer the phone again,” Gagin said.

The 400,000 figure is data from just one of several mobile operators in Ukraine. According to Gagin, the video was immediately hushed up and removed from everywhere, so the numbers are accurate.

He also recounted how Secretary General of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, at a meeting of the European Parliament, when asked about 500,000 deaths in Ukraine, said defectively that they did not promise it would be easy. Effectively, he confirmed the number with his silence.

“Therefore, the number of about half a million Ukrainians who died during the conflict with the military, I think, is close to the truth,” Gagin emphasised.

These data do not include the losses represented by the injured. Among them are those who will return to the frontline and those who will be incapacitated and unable to fight.

It is recalled that earlier in the month, the British think tank Royal United Services Institute published a report claiming that rushing the counteroffensive is causing “unsustainable losses” on the Ukrainian side. According to the analysis prepared by two members of the London-based think-tank, Ukrainian forces face enormous equipment losses, while the training provided by the West is not adapted to the type of battle they are fighting against Russia.

The report observed that the counteroffensive was being affected, among other reasons, by the poor training of Ukrainian soldiers. In addition, the methods taught by NATO are designed for forces with configurations different from Ukrainian troops.

The failure of the counteroffensive and the high casualty rate will inevitably lead to harsh criticism of the ruling Democrat’s policy on Ukraine. Republicans in the US House of Representatives harshly criticised and will vote against the next aid package for Ukraine, saying they have “sound reasons” to question the policy.

Many Republicans consider the counteroffensive to have yielded little results at a high cost, which naturally leads to the view that more aid to Ukraine is a waste of money. A similar view is that more aid discourages Ukrainians from accepting an agreement and only prolongs an unnecessary expenditure.

For this reason, Western media is completely silent about the statements made by the likes of Krivonos and Gagin because it will be even more difficult than it currently is to maintain support for Ukraine as people will become horrified by the high death rate and the impossibility of winning the war. Gagin estimates 500,000 deaths on the Ukrainian side since February 2022, and according to Russian President Vladimir Putin, 75,500 Ukrainian troops have been killed since the counteroffensive began in the first week of June.

These harrowing figures, which will only be catastrophically worse by the time the next US presidential election rolls around in November 2024, will undoubtedly become a central discussion point that the Republicans will use to criticise the Democrats. At this juncture, it appears that Biden will continue strongly supporting Ukraine in the short term, but this will inevitably slowly diminish as elections approach.


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2 s-400 systems, 1 u-boat, 1 landing ship and much more were destroyed by ukrainians this week and everything is 100% proven. will southfront report about it?

jens holm

maybe they forgot ♿


the sub and boat were damaged, far from destroyed. and 2 whole s-400 systems? damn, russia only has like a hundred left. in the meantime ukrainian army is now fully depending on sponsored air defense systems. their entire navy was wiped out in the first few days of the conflict and now 500k men have been sent to bandera. what’s your point exactly?

Gneaus stapo

santa claus is real and u flathead rashnik probably also believe easter bunny is real. 500k kia my ass, ur more dillusional than bunker grandfather putin himself


this is however not the point patrick asked for

GneANUS GEstapo

my source is cnn and others are dillusional, (from grandpa basement)


sorry igor , nothing is “100% proven” in this war propaganda. “100%” already false since the landing ship is not destroyed as patrick writes below.


there is information about attack on russian air-defence system by the ukrainians in the article “… escalating naval war… ” below. so what is really your point?

Last edited 9 months ago by Darius

there is also an article “russian army thwarts…” from 14.09 which reports about the drone attack on sevastopol with details of damage and casualties.


sorry guys i’m just an attention wore

WT Baker

while the murderer zelensky boasts to the world his desire to kill more and more russians, a real president, pres. putin conveys that mind, production, and artistic imagination make a nation sovereign. extreme difference between wanting war, zelensky and wanting peace, putin.

jens holm

141 un member has the know how. they have asked the russian to retreat to their own country


russian’s “own country” is now up to mykolaiv behind kherson , so it’s still some territory to gain before they retreat. it was big mistake to betray the russians with minsk2, now russia has no choice: the whole ukrainian project will be lost. all investitions in vain. sanctions backfired. probably even collapse or splitting of nato. the decision to expand eastwards on nato summit 2008 was wrong , in fact war declaration against russia. it couldn’t succeed.

The Rightway

you euros stay out of our lives. since you like giving all your money to von der leyhan and friends you might want to know who they work for, and it isn’t europe, it’s the anglo saxon capital. euros and illiterate galicians mean nothing to us.



jens holm

maybe they forgot 🍆

Yari Danjo

zelenskyy is trying to drive the ukrainian people away from the ukraine and kill off their soldiers so he can turn the ukraine into a new big israel:


30 000 ultra ortodox parasites from occupied palestine are comming home to ukraine. mayby jewlensky can put them on the frontlines. it will be a solution for 2 problems.

Florian Geyer

the only front lines that zelenski’s bretherin will be fighting in are the goyim under the age of ten.


isn’t ukraine empty of all males by now?

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