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JUNE 2024

Ukrainian Counteroffensive Turned Into Russian Counterattacks

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Ukrainian Counteroffensive Turned Into Russian Counterattacks

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Ukrainian Counteroffensive Turned Into Russian Counterattacks
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Ukrainian Counteroffensive Turned Into Russian Counterattacks

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Kiev is still assuring the Ukrainian population and Western taxpayers that its counteroffensive is going according to plan and the Ukrainian army will continue attacks despite the approaching rains. However, bad weather, which will undoubtedly complicate any military operations, is not the only problem of the Ukrainian military. Huge losses, the lack of victories on the battlefield despite the deployment of strategic reserves and expensive Western heavy equipment, the low morale of mobilized Ukrainian soldiers, who have no necessary experience and training, have already put Kiev’s plans at risk.

As a result, Kiev’s counteroffensive turned into bloody positional battles. Ukrainian frontlines are inflamed by fighting with the initiative passing from one side to the other. As a result, losses in manpower and equipment are growing on both sides without any significant results.

In the south, Ukrainian units continue attempts to gain a foothold on the outskirts of Novomayorskoe and Novodonetskoe. In their turn, Russian forces counterattacked and recently regained control of some positions.

Russian stormtroopers also counterattacked on the western flank near the village of Priyutnoye. They reportedly pushed Ukrainian units out from the Grushevaya beam. Fighting continues a few kilometers north of the village, which complicates the Ukrainian offensive in the region of Velikaya Novoselka.

The Ukrainian advance has also stalled south of Orekhov. As a result of another counterattack, Russian units regained control of some positions near Verbove.

Meanwhile, the village of Rabotino remains partially in the gray zone. Ukrainian units are trying to gain a foothold on the southern outskirts under heavy fire from Russian artillery and aircraft. In their turn, Ukrainian sources claim heavy losses on the Russian side in the area.

In an attempt to break through the Russian defense, Ukrainian forces are bypassing the village from the east, but without any results so far. On the morning of September 11, 3 American Bradleys were defeated in the area. Another attack ended with wounded Ukrainian men left to die on the battlefield. Some were more lucky as several Ukrainian soldiers were reportedly taken as prisoners.

In the second main direction of Kiev’s counteroffensive, the Ukrainian military has managed to slightly advance in recent days. To the south of Bakhmut, heavy fighting for every house continues on the streets of Kleshcheevka. Amid heavy losses in the army, the Ukrainian command threw police officers into the bloody battles there. More and more officially published obituaries confirm heavy losses in this untrained police brigade.

Ukrainian forces have also resumed active offensive operations near Andreevka. Russian troops were recently forced to leave some of their positions near the railway but they still continue their counterattacks.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine launched their offensive in the Bakhmut region four months ago but they are yet to achieve any strategically important victories.

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Florian Geyer

it appears that j ewlenski is running out of western frenemies and ukie police, lol.

Icarus Tanović

just beware guys, there are many double agents, propagandists, agitators for ukie facists on yt and other places, pretending that under guise of neutrality are actually pro russian, while aside all they are pro ukie fascists.

Icarus Tanović

just find out about that. never say, states anything about russian counter attacks, but have bombastic titles, such are “3 bradleys destroyed” in kupyansk and then starts with stuff like in between words, ukraine is winning and shit, and so on. just beware of thise tripple curtain pigs. just be warned of pigs in general.


this week 3 days rain jet


germany’s unternehmen frühlingserwachen didn’t achieve much either, and they had more men and kit.

WT Baker

anything going on in these battles is allowed to happen by the russians.it is the strategy of using defensive tactics supported by offensive capabilities in the secondary defensive positions. what i do know is that these are nato trained troops following nato doctrine. ukrainian “commanders” may be carrying out this doctrine but it is still nato. one result of this war could be the self destruction of nato.

Last edited 9 months ago by WT Baker

this is why death becomes us. toxoplasmosis, it comes mostly from cats infects our brains and turns a lot of us into psychopaths, and obviously the people who start and maintain these wars are affected with this disease that alters our minds. read the article please; toxoplasmosis and behavioural changes t desmettre. j fr ophtalmol. 2020 mar.

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