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JUNE 2024

Ukrainian Forces Landed From Helicopters In Russian Belgorod Region But Were Destroyed – Report

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Ukrainian Forces Landed From Helicopters In Russian Belgorod Region But Were Destroyed - Report

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Ukrainian groups continue attempts to break into the territory of the Russian border regions of Belgorod and Kursk. For the third day in a row, Ukrainian servicemen and foreign mercenaries have been conducting assaults on the border in an attempt to thwart the presidential elections in Russia.

The Ukrainian operations are accompanied by massive shelling of civilian areas, including indiscriminate fire on the city of Belgorod. Unfortunately, civilian casualties could not be avoided.

Counter-battery shooting continues throughout the day in different areas near the border. The main fighting is localized near the village of Spodaryushino in the Belgorod region. In this direction, Ukrainian forces have already suffered heavy losses in equipment and manpower, including precious foreign tanks and demining vehicles, over the past two days.

The second main direction of the Ukrainian assault is the village of Kozinka in the Belgorod region. Defeated near the border, the Ukrainian military launched a desperate operation.

Ukrainian Forces Landed From Helicopters In Russian Belgorod Region But Were Destroyed - Report

Ukrainian sabotage group reportedly destroyed near the border




According to preliminary reports from the front, the Ukrainian group landed from helicopters south of Kozinka on the evening of March 14. The helicopters passed at extremely low altitude to avoid Russian air defenses.

The landing group tried to gain a foothold and wait for the approach of the ground forces. The goal was to create a local foothold on Russian territory; but Russian forces reportedly repelled the attack on the ground and did not allow the enemy to send reinforcements across the border. As a result, the Ukrainian landing force was defeated.

According to preliminary reports, some of Ukrainian servicemen managed to escape into the forest back to the Ukrainian border.

Reports of the Ukrainian landing have not yet been confirmed by any official statements or footage from the area.

According to unconfirmed reports, the Ukrainian military lost more than 560 fighters and more than 20 units of military equipment over the past day.

In the course of their ongoing operations on the Russian border, the Ukrainian military is trying to use aircraft accumulated at Kharkiv airport. Several Ukrainian Mi-8 helicopters are in constant operation at the airport. A French-made Super Puma helicopter was also spotted there. Ukrainian aircraft are mainly involved in the evacuation of wounded militants from border areas.

Despite all the efforts and the large number of forces and means involved, the Ukrainian military positions are still in the same place as before the assault, i.e. beyond the Russian border.


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fm eere et

since these mercenaries are not soldiers according to the geneva convention, they have no rights, so they can and should be executed right at the spot. there is no need to capture these nazis. thus just carpet bomb all of these mercenazis once and for all. fab them already


according to the latest reports almost 6,000 dumb foreign mercs have been killed in the smo fighting since february 2022.

darwin awardees are as follows: 1st place= poland 2nd place = usa. 3rd place = britain. 4th place = georgia. 5th place = canada. 6th place = france. 7th place= nigeria. 8th place = australia

over 50% of all the arrived mercs have been merced.

Last edited 3 months ago by Name

over 40%* also forgot the german and romanian darwin awardees in between france and nigeria.


oy vey, if you kill them then you cannot send them back to fight russian soldiers on the front lines. like they did with that little british faggot aidar isle or w/e, who is currently making front line tik toks despite his supposed death sentence while in captivity.

despite all the noise, western mercs are actually released from captivity 100% of the time, with no strings attached. so much for harsh treatment of mercs huh?

Last edited 2 months ago by Sunny

sounds like a good ass kicking again but when there wasn’t really the means to take on such a risk with the way the front lines are.


“according to unconfirmed reports, the ukrainian military lost more than 560 fighters and more than 20 units of military equipment over the past day.”

the tards got even more retarded. you can’t even make this shit up.


its a bit late to be doing air inserts.

captain hohol

here’s the thing if i were in charge of the uaf at this point, i’d be consolidating defenses on the dnipro river and getting into settlement talks with russia immediately.

i feel like these repeat attempts at “thunder runs” as they were described two years ago are more symbolic than anything else.

they aren’t being sent there to actually gain ground, they’re being sent there so that some idiot shill on youtube can report about how they did it as if it achieves anything.


exactly. however, i can’t beleive ukraine don’t know that. they need grand victories, like taking belogrod by surprise with 100ooo troops popping out of nowhere, or having taken melitopol with similar effect. all these missile attacks and sinking ships mean nothing, its 100% about terrain and they cant take any.

captain hohol

they literally don’t have the numbers for that and russia has been fighting with one hand behind it’s back the entire time.

captain hohol

hilariously enough jordan peterson did a spot on a podcast talking about how “lulz culture” is pointlessly cruel and toxic. and i would disagree, because being that brevity is the soul of wit, i think there’s only one word to describe the outcome of this gambit by the uaf.



thats diversion as they need to rebuild new iteration of ukro army after their failure in adeevka

jens holm

i land in gay taliban bars and am destroyed


my idol hitler cuz he hate freedom and make firearms illegal

jens holm

i use germ donkey cart cuz we no make anything except lgbt

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