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U.S. Bombs Yemen, Iraq To Show Support For Israel

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U.S. Bombs Yemen, Iraq To Show Support For Israel

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U.S. Bombs Yemen, Iraq To Show Support For Israel
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U.S. Bombs Yemen, Iraq To Show Support For Israel

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The U.S. is escalating against Iran’s allies in both Yemen and Iraq in order to support the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip, which has so far claimed the lives of more than 25,000 Palestinians.

On January 23, the U.S. and the United Kingdom, with support of other allies, carried out a large-scale aerial attack against the Houthis (Ansar Allah) in Yemen. Eight targets of the Houthis were struck, according to the U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM).

The Houthis’ military spokesman Brigade General Yahya Saree said that some 18 American and British strikes hit the Yemeni capital, Sanaa, as well as the provinces of al-Hudaydah, Taiz and al-Bayda. The spokesman vowed that the attack will not go “unpunished.”

The U.S. and allies said in a statement released by the Pentagon that the attack was a response to the Houthis’ repeated attacks on ships in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden. The group has been only attacking Israel and U.S. affiliated ships in response to the war on Gaza.

On January 24, the U.S. announced another wave of strikes against Yemen, allegedly targeting two missile launchers of the Houthis.

On the same day, CENTCOM said that the Houthis fired three ballistic missiles at a U.S.-owned container ship, the M/V Maersk Detroit. The command claimed that two of the missiles were intercepted by U.S. warships and the third missed its target. However, the Houthis later announced that they had engaged U.S. vessels with missiles in a two-hour battle and damaged a warship.

Meanwhile in Iraq, the U.S. launched on January 24 strikes against the Iranian-backed Kataib Hezbollah, a faction of the officially-recognized Popular Mobilization Forces and an alleged part of the Islamic Resistance in Iraq (IRI).

The strikes were carried out in two sites in western Iraq, including al-Qa’im, as well as Jurf al-Sakhar. According to CENTCOM, the strikes targeted “headquarters, storage, and training locations for rocket, missile, and one-way attack UAV capabilities” of Kataib Hezbollah.

An Iraqi fighter was killed and two others were wounded. Kataib Hezbollah spokesman, Jafar al-Hussaini, vowed that attacks on U.S. forces will continue.

Hours after the strikes, the IRI attacked a U.S. base in Syria, the Conoco gas plant, and two other bases hosting U.S. forces in Iraq, al-Asad Air Base and another located next to Erbil International Airport.

Overall, the U.S. appears to be willing to escalate against Iran’s allies in Yemen, Iraq and any other country in order to support the Israeli war on Gaza. However, the factions of the “Axis of Resistance” remain unfazed by U.S. attacks.

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lol, tldr they are stuck in middle east. you can say what you want about these people but they will not bow down to anyone.

yemen was getting bombed for 10+ years by nato+ksa, what did they achieved? nothing.

in iraq the us bombed pmus, the iraqi army and iraqi government pushing to kick the us out.

iranian foreign minister, amir abdollahian: ‘we have not given any weapons to yemen’. do you get it, no matter how much they want to cope they are losing.


show support…no. the reason you drop a bomb is to kill enemy soldiers and iran’s got their little army ants running around all over the place apparently. iran declared open season on the us military, and actions have consequences. old king diaperhead over there is still shaking his fist at the us and israel. maybe he’ll stop finally. probably not, but while there’s life, there’s hope…


the way these apes change any story to cope is something.

“ukraine is not losing, china is bad, us left afghanistan for a good reason…bla bla bla.”

you donkey, the world “best” military getting attacked left and right – it has consequences for them as well. “the army expects to recruit 55,000 new soldiers in 2023, 10,000 short of its goal. the air force also expects a 10,000-person shortfall, and the navy expects to be 6,000 shy of its goal.”

oh why is that? crazy huh.

Last edited 2 months ago by Ihavebeenhere

there is no need to fret. the usa is circling the drain. the biden administration is desperate to start a really big war to distract from his thievery. once the dust settles biden and his crew will hang for treason.


“the reason you drop a bomb is to kill enemy soldiers” – really that is fuking crazy kiddo, did you know you can drink water to hydrate?

dead ass, people like him would support nazis during nazis era. these “little army ants” were fighting invaders as well during the us invasion of iraq.

“old king diaperhead” what? the new iran king is pro-zionist… wtf are you on about?


like this is a zionist bot people, they always say the same thing.

they link iraqi pmus, hezbollah, houthis, shi’a overall to iran as somehow iran control all of them without any problems (as if any country could do that just look at how much ukraine fight with the us+nato orders – btw ukraine that is fully controlled and funded by the us).

douglas macgregor and scott ritter said how “some people” try to draw a picture as if iran behind everything in the middle east.


as long as the rich want these wars to exist, they will always be prolonged.

halfwit amerikan

you a dumb hillbilly amerikunt…”amerikunts are 300 million used car salesmen that have no qualms about killing anyone that makes them uncomfortable”. hunter thompson


kindly recognize that there is a vast difference between the american people and the american government. only true nut cases want to go around killing people.


guess who group controls the entire us establishment? oy vey

halfwit amerikan

in a nation of submissive hillbillies obviously you are impotent incompetent


i’m not an american you ignorant ungrateful colonist.

Kev not Kiev

houthis vs the blowfish… it’s still too early to start keeping score, as both teams are lining up to start the next test… still a lot of streching on the pitch…ok the referees have come onto the field, the game will now start into about 45 seconds to midnight.

Last edited 2 months ago by Kev not Kiev
homer in oregun

we support only lgbt in our shithole nation—we mean bitter unhappy bomb cuz we envious others happy

poko molo sean

i bitter retired janitor in omaha—nobody listen to me cuz me fake moron

Chad Goy

the us should withdraw all support from the illegitimate bandit state of israel.

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