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Westerners More Afraid Of Migrants And Radical Islam Than Russia, Finds Poll

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Westerners More Afraid Of Migrants And Radical Islam Than Russia, Finds Poll

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Written by Ahmed Adel, Cairo-based geopolitics and political economy researcher

The son of former US President Donald Trump Jr. expressed scepticism regarding the supposed national security threat that the US Congress was warned about. Donald Trump Jr. is not alone in this thought, though, with a new poll finding that most Westerners are more afraid of illegal immigrants and radical Islam instead of Russia.

For Trump Jr, only a “stupid enough” person would accept the claim made by the US Congress. “Textbook deep state propaganda!” he added.

“Does anyone really believe that there is a serious Russian threat that magically leaks about 30 seconds after the Speaker said they’re not going to take up funding another $60 billion in Ukraine?” questioned Trump Jr. on his social media.

The US House Intelligence Committee had previously warned all members of Congress of a “serious national security threat” and urged US President Joe Biden to declassify information on the matter to allow for open discussions between Americans and their allies. According to American media sources, the “threat” is allegedly related to Russian weapons development to put nuclear weapons in space for use against satellites.

Senate Intelligence Chairman Mark Warner and Vice-Chairman Marco Rubio said in a statement that their committee has been “rigorously tracking this issue from the start” and “are discussing an appropriate response with the administration.”

“We must be cautious about potentially disclosing sources and methods that may be key to preserving a range of options for US action,” the statement added.

Although the top Democrat on the committee, Connecticut’s Jim Himes, said in a statement that while the classified threat is “significant,” it “is not a cause for panic,” followed by House Speaker Mike Johnson saying that there is “no need for public alarm,” this is the exact goal that the US House Intelligence Committee is trying to achieve – widespread Russophobia and fear.

It is little surprise that they are trying to achieve this since more and more Westerners are rejecting the Russia threat narrative concocted by Western officials and media.

A survey from the Munich Security Index 2024 found that Russia and China are less of a threat to the West than mass migration and radical Islam.

Although Russia ranked as a top threat for G7 countries in 2023, most of those perceived risks have faded, according to the study conducted from October to November 2023, polling 12,000 people across G7 countries plus Brazil, India, China, and South Africa. Only citizens from the UK and Japan still consider Moscow a top risk this year, while the threat of Islam, mass migration, climate change and organised crime has shown a marked increase, especially in Europe and North America.

“Russia, which was rated as the most serious threat to Germany last year, has dropped 11 points and is now the seventh most serious threat,” the report said.

Germany is not alone, though, as on average across the G7 group of countries, the so-called threat posed by Russia has fallen to fourth overall in 2024, a massive drop since the Eurasian country was cited as the top concern in surveys conducted in late 2022 for the 2023 Munich Security Index.

These findings are especially problematic because Kiev is desperately trying to secure European and American funding, especially as the latter’s commitment to the war effort is vacillating due to continuing Republican opposition in the US Congress and the rising popularity of Trump, who has said he will quickly end the war between Russia and Ukraine, whilst, although the EU agreed on a €50 billion aid package for the Kiev regime on February 1, this is completely insufficient as Ukraine’s financial needs are always increasing.

The Munich Security Index 2024 report ludicrously claimed that the re-election of Trump as US president could potentially “spell the end of trusted cooperation among democratic states.” Rather, this is a desperate attempt to maintain unity behind a so-called Russian threat, a threat that Westerners are now rejecting as they are being directly affected by illegal migration and radical Islam.

It is safe to assume that Trump Jr shares a similar position to his father that one would have to be “stupid enough” to believe in “textbook deep state propaganda” about the Russia threat. Although most Westerners are already rejecting the Russia threat, the more powerful voices that project this sentiment, such as Trump Jr, the greater the demand to end support for Ukraine will grow, a demand that will certainly grow stronger as the US presidential elections approach.


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wtf, seriously, wtf? nobody is afraid of migrants… and islamic radicalism is a straw man. sf has reached another low. seriously, you’re playing the islamism card??? like the neocons. afraif of migrants? why? racist towards, yes, but afraid? why? bc they are, overall, peaceful, kind and diligent?


well, rapefugees are not welcome anywhere and even merkel when visited infamous german rapefugees ghetos used armed security to protect her fat ass (but nobody would rape her). you can ask people in stockholm if they are afraid of the “civilized multiculti enrichment” or not. it will escalate as soon as weak eu economy will not able to pay ransom to illegals and they will start looting. in the u.s. it already started because eu is always 20 years behind.


first of all. fuck white people. those land stealing bastards bring it on themselves and then bitch and complain about the results. when was america ever a white country? you psychotic cunts stole it off the native americans remember…secondly whilst i hate slavs, at least those cunts stay in the east of europe, rather than stealing other peoples land and then complaining about it like the anglo and norman.


except perhaps when they’re stabbing little irish children to death and gang-raping 15 year old italian girls, right?

please stfu

thanks in advance

Guy Metdrapedes

shalom daveed

Pedo Joe Cia Hoe

uncle tom’s cabin much tunnel dwarf.


there is no such thing as “the west”. the immigration patterns are established by the financial elite. in the face of post-industrial societies, divide-and-rule is crucial to defeating democratic economic reforms. radical islam is entirely a creation of the five eyes, and has served them well in indonesia, the middle-east, and along their “arc of crisis”.

Icarus Tanović

so called “radical islam” is nothing but a scarecrow, actually it is know better by the name of wahhabism. them immigrants are to empty turkish kurdistan, and ti send vermin turkish/kurdish ehatever to the “clean” europe. those that goes to eu are vert well suited. cheked them theurs phones, rented apartments. it is all fairytales.

M biyd

trump’s mother was scottish. the scots are perhaps the most sceptical and cynical people in the world. living next to the english for a thousand years you learn to develop the skillset to recognise crap when you hear it. nice to see the trumps have retained a little bit of their scottishness.


drumpf is literally a professional wrestling heel and trust-fund real-estate fraud artist. that’s really the long and short of it. he should have some capacity to recognise crap given that he is an endless font of crap.

CEO of Yapping

oh he got his wife’s family into the us how? melania trump’s parents become citizens through ‘chain migration’. hmmm didn’t he bitch about that? goes to show how much you know about him.

okay, “give bud light a second chance” after trans row, says trump – do you know why he said that? i’m 100% sure you wouldn’t dare to look into because you will see he is not different.

he wants a war with china buddy not russia which is far worse.

Last edited 2 months ago by CEO of Yapping
CEO of Yapping

my point is don’t fuking believe their words but know what they have done. first of all he is a rich man and he is into politician (bought by zionists).

CEO of Yapping

yeah blame yourself clowns… and even with russia-ukraine you got yourselves to blame. oh yeah they are now crying about ukrainians not wanting to work or leave… shouldn’t fuking supported that regime change in 2014…no?

which countries invades other poor countries in africa to build a fuking drone base to watch china/russia movement? oh yeah the us and eu. which countries support isil/isis/daesh in the middle east and africa? oh the us and eu. stfu you cause this…

CEO of Yapping

guess what the iranians fought the us? they had a monarchy, one thing led to another and they remove them. they voted and elected who they want, the us and uk did coup in iran, they shah (king) got back and again they removed him and other western clowns.

europeans are good at talking and nothing more. i don’t fuking like franch but they protest at less – you know what other european say about them? the clowns protesting again. i say good luck, you aren’t waking up until it is too late.

CEO of Yapping

fun fact, iran host the most refugees in the world… the un ranked iran as the 2nd but many other site believe iran host more refugees than turkey (which btw turkey get money for). you have questions in your head now… look what iran doing maybe and learn from them. oh they don’t allow terrorists inside and don’t fund terrorism inside their country… to scare the population to dislike countries they invaded.

as long as you are fighting with each other you aren’t fighting them.

Pedo Joe Cia Hoe

that is the wej way, concur and divide!

Pedo Joe Cia Hoe

don’t be going on tell truths now, they will call you names and sheet, lol. the cia cuckbois hate to have their narrative washed away. costs them mo paper to combat this… usa is the sheet hole of all sheet holes of the world and responsible for 99% of the worlds problems, fact. to russian and brics victory!

captain hohol

russians should be afraid of progressive leftist policies and see what they have done to the western world.

the leftist wolves are at the door and russia is their target because complete demoralization cannot happen if russia stands tall, that’s why anglos of the western world look to russia as an example of freedom from the hell of postmodernity.


russia should be afraid of colonialism. do not colonise = do not suffer migration. not that hard to understand, unless you’re a fucking thicko white man that has trouble putting two-and-two together.

Pedo Joe Cia Hoe

russia has already put laws in place that makes everything western globohomo 100% illegal. hell english speakers with the help of russians are building a town jsut outside moscow. the west is moving east fren, better back yo bags and do the same. west is done, stick a fork in it.

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