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Why Are NATO And Neo-Nazi Junta Terrified Of Russia’s ‘Zircon’ Hypersonic Missile?

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Why Are NATO And Neo-Nazi Junta Terrified Of Russia's 'Zircon' Hypersonic Missile?

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Written by Drago Bosnic, independent geopolitical and military analyst

Even before the horrendous Crocus City Hall terrorist attack, the Russian military’s long-range strike capabilities were sending shivers down the spines of NATO aggressors and their Neo-Nazi junta puppets. Weapons such as the 3M22 “Zircon”, a scramjet-powered hypersonic cruise missile, have been inducted into service in recent years and are now also being transferred to land-based platforms, specifically the K300P “Bastion-P” coastal defense system. With a 1500 km range (perhaps even more) and Mach 9 speed, the “Zircon” is over 3 times faster and its range is at least double that of the P-800 “Oniks” supersonic missiles originally used by the aforementioned platform, further enhancing Russia’s already unprecedented long-range strike capabilities (to both the Neo-Nazi junta’s and NATO’s horror, as previously mentioned).

This has become even more noticeable in the aftermath of the Crocus City Hall terrorist attack, as the Russian military is now hunting for the organizers, both the Kiev regime’s intelligence services and their NATO overlords. With such a range (at least 1500 km or possibly even beyond 2000 km), the usage of “Zircon” allows Moscow to target any location on the territory of Ukraine. However, it should be noted that the Eurasian giant always had this ability. The difference now is that it can do so much faster and with far less warning time. The usage of air-launched and ground-based hypersonic missile systems such as the 9-A-7660 “Kinzhal” and “Iskander-M” is still very much relevant, as evidenced by the latest elimination of high-ranking NATO officers (although their deaths will surely be attributed to “sudden” skiing accidents).

However, the “Iskander-M” can use a massive 700 kg HE warhead that is best used against frontline targets and higher concentrations of troops in the rear. Virtually the same goes for much faster “Kinzhal” missiles. In addition, these can sometimes be detected by NATO ISR (intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance) assets, particularly airborne and space-based, giving the Neo-Nazi junta officers and their foreign “advisers” just enough time to run away (albeit not much and certainly not always). The launch of an “Iskander” can be detected by early warning systems, while ISR can pick up the MiG-31K/I deployment. This information can be relayed to the Kiev regime or any NATO personnel on the ground. On the other hand, detecting a scramjet-powered “Zircon” can be a lot more problematic.

Then the numbers come into play:

 – Kiev: 3 minutes 30 seconds;

– Lvov: 5 minutes 20 seconds;

– Dnepropetrovsk: 2 minutes 30 seconds;

– Vinnitsa: 3 minutes 40 seconds;

– Kharkov: less than 4 minutes;

– Odessa: less than 1 minute.

Imagine being an officer of the SBU, GUR (Neo-Nazi junta’s military intelligence) or some of the NATO occupation forces. You’re stationed in a building, living in the illusion that you’re safe when the Russian SVR or GRU learns about your location and relays this information to units in Crimea who then fire a “Zircon” at that building. This is how much time you’d have before impact. However, let’s consider the best-case scenario and imagine that NATO ISR assets detect the missile immediately after launch (which is extremely improbable). This is how much time you’d have to evacuate. Is it possible to run away in time? Certainly, but that doesn’t mean it’s very likely. On the contrary, the sheer panic resulting from a warning would surely make the evacuation a lot more difficult. The same goes for the “Kinzhal” and “Iskander” missile launches.

However, the primary reason why the “Zircon” is a lot more dangerous for high-value targets (HVTs) in the rear is because it has a much smaller warhead (around 300 kg), meaning that the Russian military is more likely to use it in long-range strikes. Firing an “Iskander” or “Kinzhal” could cause unacceptable damage to purely civilian infrastructure in the surrounding areas, both due to their larger and more destructive warheads, particularly in the case of “Kinzhal”, with the speed also giving it massive kinetic energy. That’s why these more destructive missile systems are far likelier to be used against purely military targets such as large troop concentrations and important hostile equipment, particularly SAM (surface-to-air missile) systems and MLRS (multiple launch rocket systems) known to use PGMs (precision-guided munitions), etc.

On the other hand, precisely because of the large-scale deployment of “Zircon” missiles, Russia has more options to strike decision-making centers in Ukraine. This explains the panic in NATO and the Pentagon, which are now in a dilemma about how to ensure the safety of their occupation forces in Ukraine. I suggest everyone watch closely for news about the “sudden deaths” of NATO officers in various “freak accidents” in the coming days and weeks. We might soon learn about American, Polish or some other NATO majors, colonels and even generals “mysteriously” and “inexplicably” dying while skiing in the Alps, falling out of helicopters, choking on croissants while having breakfast or suffocating when their throats swell from hot coffee, etc. Still, the Kiev regime insists there’s nothing to worry about, as it can “shoot down anything”.

Namely, according to their latest claims, they’ve “shot down at least two ‘Zircon’ missiles”. Expectedly, the Neo-Nazi junta insists they’ve achieved this with “US-made missile defense systems over Kyiv, on March 25”. I presume we can proceed now that you’re done laughing and catching your breath. The report never named any system specifically, but it can be assumed that future claims will attribute the supposed “kill” to the atrociously overhyped “Patriot” SAM that has been failing everywhere for the last 30+ years, even against rather primitive ballistic missiles, but is “suddenly so successful” against the latest hypersonic ones. In addition, it’s rather interesting how they can “achieve” that, but have been absolutely helpless against over 300 P-800 “Oniks” missiles. Not a single one has been shot down, despite being 3-4 times slower and less maneuverable than the “Zircon”.


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gestapo mctaco

– odessa: less than 1 minute.

hmmmmmm…odessa it is…

gneaus stupo

i found hitler’s bunker and am hiding in it. please let me know when it’s safe to come out.


nah the russkies should go zelensky hunting to finish the overall resistence in ukraine and the eu led by the superdoped mrs genocide or frau von der lugens!


they’ll get right on that after they’re done depopulating their own people. russian enterpreneurs proposed a portable radar to the mod at a very low price. the mod’s response? we don’t need anti drone protection. the current casualties are acceptable.

russia’s regime is the same sort of piece of crap as that of ukraine. people in both countries(same can be said for the west), should just publicly hang their leaders.


zelensky deserves a missile up his kiester just for being so obnoxious.


amerikan desperation and fear astonishing—best expressed by yahoo news—hardly believable that people exist this stupid


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jens holm

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jens holm

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nothing but its target can stop a zircon.

jens holm

we are not terrified. buts its very bad that semibalistic exist.

ours dont work well yest.

jens holm

when i pray for money amerikan give me taco if i shine shoe

captain hohol

there are two ways that this idiotic war-posturing from nato will end, first is if they united states has the good fortune to re-elect donald trump, however that will be a temporary solution.

and secondly, outright civil war/civil conflict in the united states.

US dollar = toilet paper

3. world dumps the us dollar once it realizes usa will never repay its debt. at some point the awakening will happen. then all the inflation the usa regime exported to the world will come home to roost

Last edited 3 months ago by US dollar = toilet paper
jens holm

“as one digs deeper into the national character of amerikans one sees they have sought the value of everything in this world according to the answer to a single question –how much money will it bring in?” tocqueville….i pray in church to money

jens holm

i am persecuted cuz i inferior bitter miserable so go to amerikan church and pray tm god—-money

Pvt. Snowball

nato is brave with other peoples lives but i wonder what the nuclear “kinzhal” would do to a globalist nazi bunker ?


by drago the parrot with less brain than a chicken


you’re free to debunk any (or all) of my points.

that is, if you can. 😉


are they…

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