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Biden’s America Is Now Losing Three Wars Simultaneously

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Biden’s America Is Now Losing Three Wars Simultaneously

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Written by Eric Zuesse 

Because of Joe Biden’s career-long consistent neoconservatism — he never met a U.S. invasion or coup that he didn’t didn’t like and didn’t assist to happen — he is losing all three of America’s current wars, and each one of them (each of which he inherited from the prior Administrations, because at least since 1980 all U.S. Presidents have been neocons) is a proxy-war by a U.S. client-state or “colony” against an enemy that the U.S. Government has long wanted to “regime-change” (i.e., to take control over):


Oddly, the neoconservative candidate who pretends not to be, which is RFK Jr., actually gave the most coherent neocon defense of the U.S.’s basic policy regarding America’s 51st state — the undeclared U.S. state in the Middle East, which is Israel:

“Israel is critical, and the reason it’s critical is that it’s the bulwark for us in the mid-east; it’s almost like an aircraft carrier in the mid-east, Israel is our ambassador, it’s our presence, it’s our beachhead in the mid-east; it gives us ears, eyes in the mid-east, it gives us intelligence; it gives us the capacity to take influence in affairs in the mid-east. If Israel disappeared, Russia and China would be controlling and they’d control 90% of the world’s oil supply, and that would be cataclysmic to national security.”

The basic neocon position is that the top strategic objective of U.S. foreign polices isn’t to protect the American people, but instead to retain America’s position as being the world’s most powerful country, #1 in the global pecking-order, especially militarily, so that in any international disagreement, America’s billionaires — the individuals whom America’s Government serves and is controlled by — will have their way regardless of what international law says, and will stand above prosecution, never under prosecution, but instead under the U.S.-imposed “international rules-based order,” which must come to replace any international-law based order (from the U.N.). Irrespective of the truthfulness of RFK Jr.’s statement in that video-clip (and I think it is loaded with lies), the part of it that asserts “If Israel disappeared, Russia and China would be controlling and they’d control 90% of the world’s oil supply, and that would be cataclysmic to national security,” is wildly neocon and false; and here is why:

That 90% figure is exceedingly unlikely, not only because even under the highest estimates of the percentage of global oil (and gas) that Israel might control or even be able to affect, Israel can’t affect more than about 3% — nowhere near 90%. But furthermore: if Israel’s goal of ethnically cleansing all Gazans out of Gaza will succeed, then not ONLY Israel, but ALSO the United States (which provides Israel the weapons and the backup threats against Iran, etc.) will be so much hated in all Muslim-majority countries, so that no Arab potentate will any longer side publicly with the U.S. That international isolation of the U.S. would be vastly more of a danger to U.S. national security than any other outcome in this war (such as America abandoning Israel, and Israel failing to ethnically cleanse Gaza) could even possibly be.

Moreover: all neocons are rabid for regime-change in both Russia and China — and by that measure, RFK Jr.’s statement there (which falsely argues that continued success of China and of Russia would inevitably turn out to be “cataclysmic” — that international relations can’t possibly be win-win for all of mankind) likewise was archetypally neoconservative.

It’s as-if (assuming that that clip wasn’t computer-generated, but I am still waiting for him to allege that it is a fake) that video-clip displayed him publicly with his pants down in the bathroom engaging in sex with Netanyahu.

Joe Biden never speaks so well as RFK Jr. does; but, if ever he were to give a coherent statement of his policies regarding Israel, then this statement from RFK Jr. is as close as I can imagine it being. And, obviously, if Israel will succeed in annihilating or forcing out all Gazans (which is Israel’s policy), then America’s standing in the world will never recover from that.

However, does RFK Jr. — who is running for the Presidency in competition against two clear neocons, Biden and Trump — really believe what he is shown in that clip as having said? Kennedy also alleges (this in an opinion-piece at Fox News on November 22nd) that

If the American people choose me as their president, I will resume the process (that my uncle [JFK] broached sixty years ago) of unwinding the American military empire. I will return the military to its proper function of defending the homeland.

I will end the reckless, belligerent policies of provocation of China and Russia. I will, in a timely, judicious process, close most of our foreign military bases. I will shrink the size of our military.

That’s the exact opposite of what was said (if he did say it) in that video-clip about Israel — and it is a repudiation of the neoconservative policies of all U.S. Presidents after FDR (except for JFK late in his Presidency when he turned against the Deep State). So: unless RFK Jr. will attack that video-clip as being inauthentic, he contradicts himself in the most fundamental way, and therefore shouldn’t be trusted on anything he says.

But what we do know, because both Biden and Trump already have records as the President and clearly are neoconservatives, is that what this video-clip from RFK Jr. says is what the policies of both Joe Biden and Donald Trump are and have been. In 99% of U.S. political contests, America’s voters aren’t offered any real choice. America has a two-Party rabidly neoconservative Deep State, which gives voters the candidates in federal elections.

And America’s siding now with Israel’s genocide against Gazans will mean that America is going to lose the war in the Middle East, because Israel will lose that war even if its genocide succeeds.


Ukraine was neutral between Russia and America until Obama’s brilliantly executed Ukrainian coup, which his Administration started planning by no later than June 2011, culminated successfully in February 2014 and promptly appointed a rabid anti-Russian to impose in regions that rejected the new anti-Russian U.S.-controlled goverment an “Anti-Terrorist Operation” to kill protesters, and, ultimately, to terrorize the residents in those regions in order to kill as many of them as possible and to force the others to flee into Russia so that when elections would be held, pro-Russian voters would no longer be in the electorate.

The war in Ukriane started in 2014, as both NATO’s Stoltenberg and Ukraine’s Zelensky have said; but Russia responded militarily on 24 February 2022 in order to prevent Ukraine from allowing the U.S. to place a missile there a mere 317 miles or five minutes of missile-flying-time away from The Kremlin and thus too brief for Russia to respond before its central command would already be beheaded by America’s nuclear strike.

However, even after at least $360 billion in support to Ukraine’s war against Russia after Russia’s invasion, from the U.S. and its colonies and their IMF, Ukraiine’s prospects of winning against Russia have been declining not increasing throughout the course of the war and are now close to nil.


Whereas in 2015, America was, by a margin of 0.29%, larger an economy than China was, China now is, by a margin of 3.4%, a larger economy than America is; and China’s economic dominance on the basis of economic size is increasing every year because each and every year, China grows its economy by a bigger and bigger percentage than America’s does, as a consequence of which, China is leaving the U.S. farther and farther behind each and every year.

Furthermore, whereas in 1980, the EU, which America’s CIA had created, was 4.54% larger an economy than the U.S. itself was, the EU’s economy in 2015 was 1.07% smaller than #1 America’s was, and 0.78% smaller than #2 China’s was: the EU was #3.

Whereas the U.S. was 21.32% of the world’s economy in 1980, it became 15.42% in 2023 — a 28% decline: clearly a declining economic power. So: by the time of 2015, the U.S. decided for war against China, but also against Europe — despite Europe’s declining faster than the U.S. did. That’s the reason why the U.S. Government, which is controlled by America’s thousand-or-so billionaires, sharply ratcheted-up their anti-China propaganda at that time. And it’s also the reason why America’s sanctions against Russia harmed also America’s European ‘allies’: America’s billionaires aim to be #1 again.

On November 24th, I documented from World Bank figures all of these facts, under the headline “America and its allies are CLEARLY declining powers.”

The Biden Administration is arming and encouraging Taiwan to declare independence from China though in 1972, the U.S. Government, in order to keep wages for workers in America down and profits for investors in America high, ended its barriers against trade with China, and promised to China’s Government that the U.S. Government acknowledges that “Taiwan is a part of China. The United States Government does not challenge that position.” However, now that China has the world’s largest economy, the U.S. Government wants there to be a war between China and its province Taiwan so as to have an excuse to invade and (so America’s billionaires hope) conquer China. That would be WW III, and it would start by China’s destroying U.S. forces in China’s region.


Probably all three of Biden’s foreign-takeover attempts will result in failure, but, in any case, the attempts themselves endanger greatly the entire world; and, so, it now is clear that every foreign Government should immediately reduce its ties and connections to the United States, as being a pariah nation. Then, after perhaps a few decades, the U.S. might become a decent nation again.

Being the leading nation is not necessary in order to be a decent nation; but, right now (following in the wake of the catastrophically bad U.S. President Harry Truman, whose leadership destroyed the decent and improving nation America had been Under FDR), America is neither. It’s neither the leading nation nor a decent nation.


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse’s new book, AMERICA’S EMPIRE OF EVIL: Hitler’s Posthumous Victory, and Why the Social Sciences Need to Change, is about how America took over the world after World War II in order to enslave it to U.S.-and-allied billionaires. Their cartels extract the world’s wealth by control of not only their ‘news’ media but the social ‘sciences’ — duping the public.


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whole ukraine war is rigged ! see for example: artillery shell production wehrmacht 1943:

56 million pieces (including different sizes)

see: http://rlu.ru/3gbos

and today the jewish governments of usa & whole eu claim they are unable to deliver 1 mio artillery shells per year to ukraine ? i hope all of you see the foul play here. they do not want to deliver, it is not that they cannot !

Last edited 3 months ago by MotherTeresa
John Kesich

slava bandera?


we still have to be careful when we try to define globalist narratives in old military historian terminology of “losing” or “winning” when the real goals seem to be (neo-feudal) war-profiteering and (technocratic) world engineering; depopulation. globalists use fake nationalist narratives and use nationalists to fight and die when they themselves are representing a global banking elite (and one world government).


this also explains the ukraine conflict and new khazaria — which is meant to rise from the ashes of a third world war and be the epicenter of (tolerant) interfaith relations; (racial & religious tolerance model for the rest of the world.) as well as a major economic trade hub between europe and asia.

jens c.u.m. drop

who wrote this?

trump is hardly a neo-con. quite the opposite.

neo-cons are conservatives who want to intervene all over the planet to dictate others election outcomes, force democracy in other regions even if it involves military action and mass murder.

jens c.u.m. drop

who runs this channel???

fckn ret-ard jew lover censors every second comment

good way to run a website clown


take it up with eric zuesse, he doesn’t run this channel.


trump is confusing af tho. he did say “maybe get the vaccine…” at one of his rallies and got booed by his own supporters either last year or 2021. he is also way into supporting israel. i hope he doesn’t end up being another globalist puppet. hope he’s legit.


usa is so pro capitalism and pro wealthy that even policies like universal health care, which let me remind you only 31 out of the 32 first world nations have managed to achieve, is considered a far left policy. bernie saunders and aoc in any other first world nation would be centrist politicians in the usa they are the furthers left you have.


63% of the usa want universal health care and yet your political class and the news networks demonise it repeatedly. so tell me again how left wing the establishment is so we can all laugh.

John Kesich

so, you prefer the shit sandwich to the vomit burger. bon appetit. “it’s a big [bad, bipartisan] club.” — george carlin

if trump is the billionaire superhero you seem to think he is, can you explain his obsequious clinton ass kissing at his inaugural luncheon, “trump full speech at inaugural luncheon: ‘honored’ by hillary clinton’s attendence”?


trump raged for war with china when he was president. he seemed psychotic at the time.


didnt know biden was conservative lol….last i checked he was (ultra)liberal….but hey… :p

John Kesich

if anyone had intended to vote for “peace candidate” rfk, that initial quote, revealing his inner neocon, should put paid to that. can we please do what we should have done in 2016 – elect jill stein.

remember shireen abu akleh, rachel corrie, the uss liberty and all the many, many other victims of us / israeli terrorism.


we still have to be careful when we try to define globalist narratives in old military historian terminology of “losing” or “winning” when the real goals seem to be (neo-feudal) war-profiteering and (technocratic) world engineering; depopulation. globalists use fake nationalist narratives and use nationalists to fight and die when they themselves are representing a global banking elite (and one world government.)


this also explains the ukraine conflict and new khazaria, which is meant to rise from the ashes of a third world war and be the epicenter of a newfound interfaith & economic epicenter and racial & religious tolerance model for the rest of the world.

austin powers

biden’s always been a three time loser anyway. everything in life he’s done has been a scam, including his election.

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