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Demolishing Gaza: Israeli Forces Get Ready To Enter Jabalia (Map Update, Videos)

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Demolishing Gaza: Israeli Forces Get Ready To Enter Jabalia (Map Update, Videos)

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According to the Israeli military, over the past day, Israeli aircraft struck approximately 250 targets in the Gaza Strip. At the same time, they confirmed advance in the area of the Jabalia refugee camp in northern Gaza. According to the reports from the front, clashes are still ongoing near the Indonesian hospital.

According to the IDF, the 162nd Division, in collaboration with the Israeli Air Force, is currently preparing the battlefield to enter Jabalia. Israeli fighter jets and UAVs are pounding the targets in the area. The Israeli military claimed the destruction of three tunnel shafts used by Hamas fighters in the area of Jabalia. Additionally, combat squads of the 551st Brigade, in collaboration with special forces, continue mop up operations north of Jabalia. The 401st Armored Brigade and the 933rd Infantry Brigade “Nahal” also reportedly operate in the vicinity of the camp.




A senior health official in Gaza said hundreds of people have been trapped inside the Indonesian hospital, hours after Israeli forces launched an attack on the facility and besieged it on November 20. Some 700 patients along with staff at the Indonesian Hospital remain under constant Israeli fire. At least 12 people were recently killed in the attack and dozens more were wounded.

Some advance of the Israeli 36th Armored Division was reported in the Zaytun area, where they are engaged in fierce battles with Hamas forces, including the battalion of the same name al-Qassam Brigades, which is considered one of the most combat-ready units of the Palestinian movement.

Israeli forces are demolishing infrastructure in Gaza:






The press service of the Israel Defense Forces said that during the ground operation in the Gaza Strip there were several cases of friendly fire between Israeli servicemen, some of them ended with the death of fighters.

A total of 66 fighters have been killed since the start of the ground operation in the Gaza Strip. The names of the last two of them were revealed on the morning of November 21.

In his turn, the spokesman for the al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas, said that Palestinian fighters destroyed at least 60 Israeli military vehicles over the last three days . The targeted vehicles included at least 10 armored personnel carriers. The spokesman added that the al-Qassam Brigades inflicted “fatalities and injuries” on Israeli forces in “several qualitative operations,” which were carried out during the same period. According to him, if the Israeli military is unable to tow its damaged vehicles, it resorts to bombing them from the air to erase the traces of its failure.

The al-Qassam Brigades also reported bombardment of the Israeli Ra’im military base with a missile barrage.


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good bless israel, this site shoud stand with christian world, and not jihadi terrorists


rodent filth gnawing in the dark

The Crunge

israel treats christians like dirt as well.

Psionists slaves of America

looks like hamas barefoot, goatherder insurgents in tiny gaza have inflicted another strategic defeat on the welfare funded, banana republic of israel & their treasonous, israel-first aipac slaves in the us. hamas is forcing the israeli war criminals to negotiate, implement a ceasefire & get hundreds of hamas operatives in israeli prisons released. how do these israeli idiots hope to take on hisbollah & iran if they can even finish off a few hundred hamas fighters in gaza


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Allah is SATAN

no amount of your allahu snackbars and hate speech against tel aviv will make these filthy rats win the war or save their azzes from getting killed.

Huckelberry finn

remind us who got their azzes handed over to them on oct, 7?

Psionists slaves of America

exactly. if the israeli imbeciles couldn’t prevent hamas goatherders from slaughtering all those poor “people”when they chose to do it on oct 7. how will psionist stop a much competent, better armed & trained hisbollas from doing an even larger operation at a time of their choosing; specially since the landbridge from lebanon thru syria into iraq & all the way to iran is wide open thanks to george bush illegal war of aggression


a steaming stinking pile of chosenite filth

Palestine People Are No More!

what a fitting title to this video, because truly israel is demolishing gaza: the palestinian people is being exterminated! and yemen is the only foreign country that has had the backbone to stand up for them, while the rest of the muslim countries only threaten israel with consequences but nothing happens!


do kedy sa bude svet na toto svinstvo iba nečinne prizerať? to br osn nevadí bombardovanie nemocníc? nevadí im zabíjane civilistov? čo by asi robil svet, ak by aj ruské vojská postupovali takto na ukrajine?

Ernst von Kierleis

unless the jihadists have a considerable supply, the idf is likely to win. they have already cut off the guerrillas’ access to the south in a “scythe” movement so that the fighters have been surrounded. now they are eliminating pockets of resistance. there is no way to supply hamas and reserves are consumed very quickly. it’s impossible to imagine that the tunnels have infinite supplies. then, the tunnels are a double-edged sword: simply blocking the entrances will trap everyone inside.


the world rejoices as the gallant palestinian freedom fighters stack more dead idf diaper head shlomos for return to nut’nyahoo. the shlomo can no more kill palestine than it can free itself of its reptilian brain and psychopathy. the halcyon days of the hollow co$t scam are over forever. all humanity despise these zionazi vermin.

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