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MARCH 2024

Hamas Fighters Clash With Israeli Troops In Southern Gaza, Fire Rockets (Videos)

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Hamas Fighters Clash With Israeli Troops In Southern Gaza, Fire Rockets (Videos)

Click to see full-size image. (The Israeli Defense Forces)

Violent clashes took place in the southern part of the Gaza Strip on December 6 as the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) attempted to advance in the city of Khan Yunis.

Israeli troops faced fierce resistance from the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of the Hamas Movement, and other Palestinian armed factions.

In separate statements, the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades said that its fighters hit four main battle tanks and an armored personnel carrier of the IDF, attacked a building occupied by an Israeli force, targeted six troops with sniper rifles and shelled several gatherings in the eastern neighborhoods of Khan Yunis.

The al-Quds Brigade, the military wing of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, also announced that its fighters in Khan Yunis attacked a building occupied by the IDF and shelled several gatherings of Israeli troops.

Despite facing heavy fire from the IDF, Gaza factions carried out several rocket attacks against nearby Israeli settlements, firing more than ten at the the city of Be’er Sheva alone. Israel’s Magen David Adom ambulance service said that one civilian was lightly wounded.

The IDF didn’t report any advance in Khan Yunis. However, it announced that the 460th Armored Brigade and the Nahal Brigade’s 50th Battalion had discovered large caches of weapons yet during operations in northern Gaza. Most of the weapons shown by the IDF were apparently models built for training or parades.

It’s worth noting that the IDF stepped up strikes on southern Gaza in recent days. The Hamas-run health ministry said that the death toll in the Stip has suppressed 16,000 with more than 41,000 others wounded.

Overall, the Israeli advance in southern Gaza remains limited to the eastern neighborhoods of Khan Yunis. Despite sustaining some losses, the IDF will likely attempt to further develop its operations there in the coming days.



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it’s hard to see what the ultimate goal is for the izz ad-din al-qassam brigades. do they just hope to prolong it until israel negotiates some sort of territorial concession? the palestinian cause is just but at the rate they’re going they won’t have a civilian population left.


with luck to make those zionist thugs pay for every inch of gaza.

The Crunge

according to scott ritter the idf court marshalled 2 officers for pulling out their battalions from gaza from high pressure from hamas.

evidence the israeli army really is taking a serious beating?

Massa John

the only way for the palestinians is to assemble a weapon in east-jerusalem and trigger it manually. instead they do business in caves and show now and then up like rats.


who are kicking your ass,why aren’t you fighting mighty warrior?

jens holm

my lipstick clash w my pink panties


third clip 0:38, idf morons really proudly present rubber dummy training ak47? hahahahahaaaaaa but ok, lot of other stuff, what some hamas morons was unable to hide better, bring in safety in time or to mine and blow up before falling in idf hands. but thats life, always some morons on all sides.

jens c.u.m. drop

wow, hamas launches 100 missile in 12 days and 3 civilians are wounded.

jens dirty little meat pole does more damage than that in 5 mins

israel is about flood the hamas underground with 5 massive pumps that will have the hundreds of kilometres of tunnels overflowing around christmas

the end is near for gaza

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