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Iraqi Resistance Announce Attacks On ‘Vital Targets’ In Northern, Southern Israel

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Iraqi Resistance Announce Attacks On 'Vital Targets' In Northern, Southern Israel

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On January 12, the Islamic Resistance in Iraq (IRI) announced that it had attacked two “vital targets” in Israel in response to recent “massacres” against Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip.

One of the targets is located close to the Jordan River Park in the northern region, while the other is near the southernmost city of Eilat, the group, which is made up of several Iranian-backed armed factions in Iraq, said in two separate statements.

The group said that the targets were attacked with “suitable weapons,” without elaborating. The group is known to be armed with suicide drones as well as ballistic and cruise missiles.

“The Islamic Resistance affirms that it will continue to attack the strongholds of the enemy and promises you with more,” the IRI concluded its statements.

The Israeli Defense Forces didn’t announce any attack on northern or southern Israel during the day. There were also no reports of blasts or interceptions in Hebrew media.

These were the IRI’s eighth and ninth attacks against Israel since the war first broke out in Gaza. Previous attacks targeted Eilat, military sites in the eastern region, the occupied Syrian Golan Heights as well as a gas rig off Israel’s shores. During the same period, the group launched more than a hundred attacks against United States forces in Iraq and Syria in response to Washington’ support for the war on the Strip.

The U.S. responded by targeting some of the IRI’s factions in both Iraq and Syria. Israel didn’t announce any retaliatory attacks. However, it was unofficially blamed for several recent strikes which targeted the Iraqi-Syrian border and were not claimed by the U.S. military.



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War Inc.

the british royal animals and their american puppet hope to rebuild the british empire with war then globalism. the enemies they now create will eventually have the power to sink their pitiful island.


it’s important now that houthis, hezbollah or iran sink at least one usraeli resp. uk large ship, a cruiser, destroyer or carrier, so that everybody around the world (& ofcourse especially in usa & uk) understands that sending troops or ships into that area will cost them losts of losses, really high losses in lifes and gear.

Last edited 6 months ago by MotherTeresa

a jewish state made through peace instead of war would have been much safer, apparently. all of the murdered and mistreated civilians is the one thing that could bring the arab and variously muslim countries back together. israel is giving the mongols and crusaders a run for their money in stirring everyone up there. maybe if only they had some more bombs for hamas hiding under every grade school, hospital and pebble.

Boycott usa the world's bully

so the new colonists in the region have not very well at integration. big fail in fact. time they leave their second holiday homes in the sunshine to go back home.

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