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JUNE 2024

Mass Graves On Ukrainian Positions Around Bakhmut (Videos 18+, Map Update)

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Mass Graves On Ukrainian Positions Around Bakhmut (Videos 18+, Map Update)

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Fighting in the Artyomovsk (Bakhmut) region has almost turned into positional battles. The Armed Forces of Ukraine continue attempts to break through Russian defense along the railway on the southern flank, while the Russian military gained a foothold in the recently captured village od Orelhovo-Vasilievka to the north-east of the city. Clashes have recently increased to the north, in the Soledar direction. However, they have so far led only to the increasing losses of the Ukrainian army.

After months of bloody battles, Ukrainian forces failed to take full control of the villages of Klescheevka and Andreevka, which were completely destroyed. The village of Kurdyumovka remains under the full Russian control. Achieving no significant results, the AFU command changed tactics. In an attempt to decrease losses and avoid bloody infantry assaults, they are heavily pounding the first line of Russian defense with constant artillery fire, including with foreign cluster munition, forcing the Russian military to retreat. After the prolonged  shelling, Ukrainian servicemen rush to the area by foot and attempt to gain a foothold on the ruins. Such tactics are only possible thanks to the massive supply of ammunition to the area and ignorance of horrific losses in manpower by the Ukrainian military command, since the AFU infantry is forced to operate under the Russian response fire. Ukrainian servicemen are not highly motivated to launch assaults in the area. That’s why the barrier squads are deployed near the frontlines, forcing Ukrainian soldiers to fight or killing them on the spot.

The ongoing military operations of the AFU result in heavy losses. The servicemen of the Russian Southern group of troops showed the results of their attack on one of Ukrainian strongholds in the Seversk direction, north of Artyomovsk. As a result of their operation, at least six Ukrainian servicemen were killed:



The Ukrainian military has recently pulled reserves to the western flank of Artyomovsk, preparing for counterattacks. After the prolonged pause in the area, one of Ukrainian attacks was repelled on October 3. According to the reports from the front, at least 15 Ukrainian servicemen were killed, six other were captured by Russian forces:



Russian reconnaissance UAVs filmed Ukrainian military positions near Andreevka. They are full of bodies of Ukrainian servicemen abandoned by their comrades. Some of the dead are buried in kind of mass graves:



In total, on October 3, the Russian Ministry of Defence reported that Russian forces had repelled three attacks by Ukrainian assault groups in the Donetsk direction over the past day. Up to 285 Ukrainian servicemen were killed and wounded.


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le ia mult sa invete… pacat de vieti


no sympathy for foreign mercs, you dug your own graves, literally. unfortunately many younger forced conscripts who failed to escape ukraine desereved a chance at a normal life.

the coke addicted fool from kiev is busy shopping for villas abroad…


v tom prvom videu to bola banderovská fašistická sviňa v koryte? svetu mier!!!

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