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Russian Army Hold Its Ground Across The Front (Videos)

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Russian Army Hold Its Ground Across The Front (Videos)

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The Russian military has repelled several attacks and inflicted heavy losses on Kiev forces in different directions, according to the September 30 briefing of the Russian Ministry of Defense.

In the Donetsk direction, the Russian Yug Group of Forces repelled seven attacks by Kiev forces close to Kleshcheevka, Maryinka, Vodyanoye and Khimik. The group also targeted several gatherings of manpower and equipment near Bogdanovka and Kurdyumovka.

Up to 430 Ukrainian troops were killed or wounded during the fighting in this direction, according to the ministry. Four armored fighting vehicles and two motor vehicles were also destroyed. In addition, one American-made M777 towed howitzer, one Polish-made Krab self-propelled howitzer and one Gvozdika self-propelled howitzer were destroyed by counter-battery fire.

In the Zaporozhye direction, Russian forces targeted Ukrainian positions close to Verbovoye. Up to 30 Ukrainian troops, two armored fighting vehicles and three motor vehicles were neutralized in the strikes.

The ministry said that five towed howitzers, one American-made M119, one British-made FH70, two D-30 and one Msta-B, were also destroyed by counter-battery fire.

In the Kupyansk direction, the Russian Zapad Group of Forces targeted Ukrainian positions close to Stepovaya Novosyolovka. The strikes neutralized 20 Ukrainian troops and two motor vehicles.

Moreover, one American-made M777 towed howitzer, one Msta-B towed howitzer and one Gvozdika self-propelled howitzer were hit by counter-battery fire.

In the Krasny Liman direction, the Russian Tsentr Group of Forces repelled two attacks by Ukraine’s 21st and 67th mechanized brigades close to Yampolovka and Chervonaya Dibrova. The group also targeted gatherings of manpower and equipment near Kuzmino and Grigorovka.

Ukrainian losses in this direction amounted to 50 troops, two armored fighting vehicles, three motor vehicles and one D-30 towed howitzer, according to the ministry.

In the South Donetsk direction, the Russian Vostok Group of Forces targeted Ukrainian formations close to Nikolskoye and repelled two attacks by 127th and 128th Territorial Defence Brigades near Rovnopol and Priyutnoye.

During the fighting, Kiev forces lost 120 troops, two pickup trucks, one American-made M777 towed and one Polish-made Krab self-propelled howitzer.

Meanwhile in the Kherson direction, Kiev forces lost at least 40 troops and three motor vehicles as a result of Russian military fire.

The Russian MoD also provided the following details during its briefing:

Operational-Tactical and Army aviation, Missile Troops and Artillery of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation have neutralized manpower and military hardware in 102 areas.

In addition, three ammunition depots of 124th and 126th Territorial Defence Brigades and the 81st Airmobile Brigade of the AFU have been destroyed close to Kiselyovka, Shlyakhovoye (Kherson region) and Kramatorsk (Donetsk People’s Republic).

Air defense systems have intercepted nine Uragan MLRS projectiles and one U.S.-manufactured HIMARS MLRS projectile.

In addition, 25 Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles have been shot down close to Belogorovka, Chervonopopovka (Lugansk People’s Republic), Kamenka, Zaitsevo, Vasilyovka (Donetsk People’s Republic), Tokmak, Pologi (Zaporozhye region) Peschanovka, Krynki (Kherson region) and Liman Pervy (Kharkov region).

In total, 482 airplanes, 250 helicopters, 7,277 unmanned aerial vehicles, 438 air defense missile systems, 12,218 tanks and other armored fighting vehicles, 1,157 fighting vehicles equipped with MLRS, 6,598 field artillery cannons and mortars, as well as 13,605 special military motor vehicles have been destroyed during the special military operation.

In addition, Russian news sources shared videos showing the destruction of several Ukrainian military vehicles, including a Swedish-made Strv 122 main battle tank and a German-made MAN HX81 Tank Transporter, with FPV drones, Lancet loitering munitions and artillery fire.

Kiev forces stepped up their attacks in recent weeks in what appears to be a last attempt to break through the defensive lines of the Russian military before winter. So far, this attempt has resulted in nothing but heavy Ukrainian losses.


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holding it‘s ground… mmhhh, wasn‘t it the russians who went in? shouldn‘t they be liberating zhaporizhia? doesn‘t sound very winning.


what people like you forget russia is on the strategic defense, russian military has made small limited counterattacks to the north but nothing major. afu sure as hell aren’t winning.


russia didn’t go in for strategic defence. it went in to topple the ukrainian government just like the u.s. toppled saddam hussein’s government. if ukraine eventually breaks through the landmines, this war will end within a few months. they liberated more than 40% from russia in less than 6 months.


whats the weather like on fantasy island?


well there is one notable difference in your comparison, iraq is 7 thousand miles away from the us while ukraine is on russia’s border…


imagine if the average american understood basic geography, there would be revolution by the morning, except for the promise of buy one hamburger get one free.

Lo Hung Testicle

yep. nothings as dumb as an american and nothings as gutless.

lol can you imagine any us soldier having the balls to take on russia or china??? of course not. they take on third world nations with basic weapons.

the reason they invented america is to keep americans there. they’re such cowards they cant even protect their own border lol


when nato invaded ukraine, did they anticipate that their entire army would get destroyed by $200 improvised drones hehehe


the war is still ongoing. don’t shoot off with your mouth. you guys have been humiliated many times already. just pray that russia ends the ukraine business without the russian homeland breaking up into several countries.

jens holm

do you still blieve at that kind of selfcomponied ♿

if we there there were no russian feet dead or alive,

as a start ther i meantion the ukras are missing several 100 f16 and f35.with god pilot.

just as in the ussr empire your leaders has digget you deep, you see only see their behinds and the real world im and fx eu and nato are living in.

jens holm

the ujkaine malfuntion created by land grabbing by stalin and added by krustov has every right to make its own choises – there is not a sigle sind for russia for that change.

so nato and fx 141 countries in un has that that in their and my initatives – no matter what.

jens holm

you has erased eu and the rest of the world has dont well in your ruins. poland har several more gdp per capital. they now can produce and has somthing to share.

i certainly has the oposite of hope you even they invanded them. several 100s has died in billions of their theirs are no more.


russia is part of brics. brics population is 3.24 billion people, which is over 40 percent of the world population (29.8.2023)

the original brics five contributed (2023.07.19) 31.5 percent of global gdp, while the g7 share has fallen to 30 percent. brics has drawn membership bids from 19 countries, which reflects its significance on on potential growth.

after new six members, population is 46% in 2023 and could soon represent over half the world’s population.

jens holm

another funny russian version of thew world.

we also not need more people . we try hard to avoid them comming here.

fine china finally feed their own people better. there you have your gdp. its the same for of the rest.

and russia is not even in that. in the china trade there are tiny dwafts compared to eu and usa.


remember that ukraine itself started the war by persecuting ethnic ukrainian russians in ukraine. forced to resign from government posts at gunpoint.

and events like the odessa tragedy, where dozens of teachers were burned alive in a building.

all this made the regions of donetsk and luhansk declare independence in 2014 – to which ukraine responded with airstrikes and artillery fire.

russia intervened in the 2022 genocide, all this is videotaped as proof – the rest is western propaganda

jens holm

the russian is routine. everthing before maidan gone. my alarm clock has better brain and common sense. .

Lo Hung Testicle

cant you get an-us off you mind jens? why you only talk about ‘behinds’ and ‘digging deeper’?


if the enemy makes what you want, just let him continue… urkis are killing themselves weeks ago. they are comiting the “demilitarization” themselves 👍


it was the same narrative you guys spewed about “tactical retreat” last year and early this year. if not for the landmines russia spread across wide areas, they’d be out of ukraine by now. the ukrainians fight better than the russians. i have no doubt about this.

jens holm

many things foyou has erased eu and the rest of the world has dont well in your ruins. poland har several more gdp per capital. they now can produce and has somthing to share.

i certainly has the oposite of hope you even they invanded them. several 100s has died in billions of their theirs are no more.litary

Grobe Katzen

i would call my support of general peace and ceasefire but zaporohizia is a complex one to figure out. historical ukraine kind of begins in galicia, kiev, goes to about that steppe but could you say a city like poltava isn’t russian? zap. is cossack country, home to chmielnitski, kind of its own thing.


stupid ukronazi pigs. you sad fools have no idea…

Last edited 7 months ago by Dstroj

don’t bee too quick to belittle them. you guys are already hoping that trump wins so he can pull putin out of the quicksand he willingly stepped into. even if trump wins, i’m sure biden will do everything to complicate trump’s ukraine policy just like trump complicated biden’s afghanistan policy. shipping several hundred long-range missiles to ukraine should do the trick.

Grobe Katzen

nah dude biden will be switched off at the wall outlet.


bee in your bonnet fruitcake?


continue the good work. 100 t ukros less, and the demilitarization willl be completed….


biden may send hundreds of long-range missiles to ukriane if he losses the elections. this can be done covertly, with the u.s. officially denying it. if trump cuts off military aid or significantly reduces it, ukraine can resort to using the long-range missiles for devastating missile strikes on russian infrastructure. trump will be forced to continue sending shorter range weapons or deal with the consequences of such ukrainian strikes.

Last edited 7 months ago by censorshipp
bert didddle

i think the tanks etc have some kind of interference system that makes the video go corrupt as the drone gets near. some kind of signal blocker.


poľovačka na banderovské fašistické svine je v plnom prúde. podľa videí je vidieť, že sa ruským vojskám darí. ničia fašistov, jedna radosť!!! svetu mier!!!


they hold the line, because they are orchestrating everything and decide where the killzones are. this is just a suicidal mission impossible. and if by some strange coincidence there is a defense line breached for real, you will see hellfire. i hope a mutiny breaks out finally, because this is insanity. but it looks the azov are like ss and keep order by shooting dissidents. until then soldiers just have to surrender themselves as soon as possible.


if you are sure it’s a suicide mission for ukrainian soldiers, why are you guys openly praying for a trump victory? you think he’ll have some deal with putin that might end this nightmare for russia. don’t forget that there’s still 1 year of war left before biden leaves office ….. that’s if he loses. even if he loses, he’ll flood ukraine with enough arms to fight for several more years.


if it’s a nightmare for russia, what have the last nine years, since the us overthrew the democratically elected government, been like for the ukrainians? the ethnic cleansing operation in donbas failed, millions of refugees have left the country, and who knows how many ukrainian military personnel have died, all in a failing effort to break up the russian state. dream on.

Clyde is a commie loser

but tlyou were telling us that rússia would swipe ukraine, odessa kharkiv kiev dniper… nato is larger us ia selling weapons and gás like crazy, putin looks like a cuck, and rússia a failed state kissing the ass of north koreans lol where is the strategic victory?


you’re a funny mofo… tell ya that.


or shuut their superiors! c’mon… if you’re gonna die anyway… you should at least take a nazi with you!

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