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Russian Su-34 Launched Kinzhal Hypersonic Missile In Ukraine For The First Time

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Russian Su-34 Launched Kinzhal Hypersonic Missile In Ukraine For The First Time

Mig-32 with Kinzhal

On September 4, Russian media reported, citing sources in the Russian military, that the Russian Su-34 multifunctional fighter-bomber used the Kinzhal hypersonic missile for the first time during the special military operation in Ukraine.

The main carriers of the Kinzhal missiles are MiG-31 fighters. They can also arm Tu-22M3 bombers. It was also planned to equip the strategic missile carriers Tu-160.

The Russian military reported on several successful strikes with Kinzhal missiles since the very beginning of the special military operation in Ukraine. They were first used on March 18, 2022, when one of the main heavily equipped storage bases for nuclear weapons in western Ukraine, known as “Object 711”, or “Ivano-Frankivsk-16” was destroyed. LINK In August of the same year, Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu said that the military used the Kinzhal missiles three times for strikes throughout Ukraine. Since then, the Ministry of Defense has reported two more strikes on March 9 and May 16. Among other targets, Kinzhal destroyed the US Patriot air defense systems in Kiev.

Russian Su-34 Launched Kinzhal Hypersonic Missile In Ukraine For The First Time

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Kinzhals are used to strike particularly important targets. These missiles are considered one of the most powerful and invulnerable missiles in service with Russian Aerospace Forces.

The hypersonic X-47M2 air-based missile of the Kinzhal complex was developed on the basis of the Iskander ground-based missile in the Kolomna Design Bureau of Mechanical Engineering. The complex work on the adaptation of a land-based missile to an air-based to equip MiG-31K was carried out at the Mikoyan Design Bureau. The missile is designed to destroy well-protected command posts, underground arsenals and even aircraft carriers. The missile has one of the best navigation systems, developed by Russian specialists and assembled only from domestic components.

However, the lack of MiiG-31 carriers did not allow the mass use of Kinzhal missiles in hostilities. This aircraft is very expensive to operate and maintain and there is a limited number of them in service with the Russian Aerospace forces. In their turn, the Su-34s are a mass-produced front-line fighter-bombers that are well mastered by Russian pilots. The capabilities of the Su-34 sighting and navigation system are higher than those of the MiG-31, since the fighter-bomber is designed to destroy ground goals.

The installation of Kinzhal missiles on the Su-34 is an important breakthrough of the Russian military-industrial complex. At the same time, the Russian military declared the multiple increase in the production of Kinzhal missiles. Thus, their use on the battlefield can become massive soon.


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US Cruel Regime

russia must mass-produce su-57 and other 5th gen fighters, us brutal regime is going to announce 6th gen fighter, soon.


yes they annonce but they never finished really even the gen 5 has a lot of problems caused by software and turbine

Last edited 8 months ago by Inquisition
AM Hants

have the us ironed out the 100 primary problems with the f-35 yet?

Florian Geyer

yes, am. the peski yanks have now perfected a snorkel system for the ‘f35 submersible wanks f35 and the cost is only 5 billion dollars per f35.

borrell's big booboo

they’re working on it. so far they’ve come up with a $25000 neck brace that looks like that $15 one at walmart but with a fancy embossed logo on it. that’ll keep pilots necks from snapping if they’re ejected. how to fix that ejection handle that keeps snapping though, well they’re working on it. they’ll get it. i have faith.


it will come as no surprise if we start hearing that the kinzhal is being carried by the sukhoi s-70 okhotnik stealth uav


kinzhals shot down by patriot…by the way, what is armata doing? limping back to factory…same story for s-70…ruzzian moon landing failed, space station nothing more than a stupid dream of useless ruzzian fuckheads


low quality bait even for an automated bot post 😃


ahahahahaha, pathetic loser

Raptar Driver

it is a physical impossibility for a patriot to shoot that down.


wrong shithead


ahahahahaha…ruzzia is fucked up and has no idea about modern technology…


come clean my dude, you are not really a polish toilet cleaner are you? i bet youre a nasty desert jew 😃

Last edited 8 months ago by Sunny

don’t confuse yourself with others, pathetic loser


que o senhor deus muy abençoe a grande e amada rússia, e demais povos do bem!!! desde o brasil


@sf. under the photography you wrote mig 32. its a mig 31 and mig 32 didnt exist.


i hate to be “that guy” but the image depicted in the article is that of a mig-31 vis-a-vis su-34, thus confusion at first.


treba začať sériovo vyrábať a dodávať armáde na bežné použitie. nie iba na vybrané ciele. masová výroba by mala znížiť cenu.

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