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Secrets And Results Of Deadly Drone Attack On US Military In Jordan

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Secrets And Results Of Deadly Drone Attack On US Military In Jordan

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Washington continues hysteria after the reported drone attack on the US military base in Jordan. Despite numerous questions on the incident, the US and its media continue the escalation.

CENTCOM reveals new details on the casualties. The number of wounded US soldiers has increased to 34, while the number of dead remains the same, i.e. three servicemen. Eight servicemen reportedly demanded evacuation to receive a higher level of medical care. Other wounded soldiers are undergoing follow-up examinations. According to CENTCOM, the final number of injured may still change.

The fact that an UAV managed to break through US air defense and inflicted so heavy losses to the US military raised a lot of suspicions. Moreover, there are a lot of questions on the details of the strike.

Jordan continues to refute reports of the US military. The Cabinet of Jordan denies that American soldiers died on the territory of the Hashemite Kingdom. Ammann claims that the deadly attack was carried out on the Al-Tanf base in Syria.

While the exact area of the attack is still unknown and any damage is yet to be confirmed at least by some footage, there are yet more doubts about the forces behind the strike. 

The Shiite movement “Islamic Resistance of Iraq” has claimed responsibility for a drone strike on a US military base on the border of Jordan and Syria. This was reported by The Washington Post, citing an unnamed source in the leadership of the group. The source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, allegedly said that the Iraqi movement, which unites several groups, takes responsibility for the attack.

“If the United States continues to support Israel, the escalation will continue. All US interests in the region are legitimate targets and we are not concerned about retaliatory threats from the United States,” a representative of the movement allegedly told the newspaper.

Sources of the Associated Press agency also confirmed that the strike was carried out by one of the groups in Iraq, but did not say which one. In the NYT article, “Iranian-backed” are named as culprits at least 10 times; but those who actually launched the drone have never been named.

Thus, the reports by the MSM did not reveal the exact group which is behind the attack.  However, they pointed out the main culprit, Iran, as always, providing no evidences.

Iran’s permanent representative to the UN claimed that the Islamic Republic had nothing to do with the strike on the US base on the border of Jordan and Syria.

Secrets And Results Of Deadly Drone Attack On US Military In Jordan

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However, Washington cannot stop to escalate the situation. The US military gained a pretext to launch retaliation strikes, including on the Iranian territory. Despite all the questions related to the alleged attack, the Pentagon claimed it would respond to the strike. Biden is quoted as saying that nothing is really clear yet — except that Iran is behind all the attacks.

Washington blamed Iran without any evidence, while the Democrats in power are seeking to show the treat of an external enemy which is allegedly threatening their security. While the Republicans are ‘fighting the illegal migrants on the US border’, Biden enters the battle against Iran. The ongoing hysteria in MSM and loud claims of the US military are likely to lead to another temporary escalation in the region, but Washington has no power to enter the full-scale war against Iran.


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Zionicide 101

it would be a good idea to rule out israel and the uk and even the cia with evidence before retaliating. if the uk or israel is responsible the city of london or israel or both should be held accountable..


who else than uk has initiated war in last 200 years? israel has nothing to do with that.


nowadays the uk couldn’t hit a barn door with a banjo, mainly because it has run out of banjos long ago.

exhibit a: uk sent a frigate to the red sea to attack yemen, forgetting it doesn’t have any ship-to-surface missiles on board. it’s now resorting to gunpowder and cannon balls.

“arrh, jim lad, shiver me timbers.”


besides the only meaningful test here is ‘cui bono’. and those deranged zio mobters are at (or at least very near) the top of the likely suspects list.


israel is most likely behind it. they tried to sink uss liberty back in 1967 because they wanted the u.s. to believe it was egypt in order to drag the u.s. into that 7 day war. israel wants the u.s. to go to war with iran.


the highest levels of us government, military and intelligence had to be involved in the liberty incident, particularly the cover-up. this notion that the jewish supremacist state acts of its own accord is silly. they provide a service to the us empire, and they make a shrewd bargain when the transaction goes down.

Massa John

refusing slavehood.means destruction and occupation. they are the exceptionals who rule everything. ask germany, italy and japan about it.


in italy 120 nato bases and 20 usa bases that are kept secret, meaning italians are not allowed to access them

The Old Man

us marines should secure the borders of their country. go home and stay home, boys.

CEO of Yapping

nah they would end up fighting and killing their own…like before. right now they “might fight” the national guard. also, the whole texas thing is bs… us federal government: “oh no don’t do that, anyway i wouldn’t stop you lmfao.”

Last edited 2 months ago by CEO of Yapping

the best solution for joe is s u r r e n d​e​r

CEO of Yapping

ah yes, the shiite movement “islamic resistance of iraq” has claimed responsibility – the washington post. lol, 1. which one? 2. i have not heard anyone close to any pums in iraq claimed responsibility for it yet. 3. washingjew post is the outlet of pmus in iraq now?

also, where are satellite apes that 24/7 show picture of strikes? sleeping… yeah it could take some time but if the strikes was against russia or iran you get in 24 hours, funny huh.

CEO of Yapping

the u.s. national security council, john kirby:

“we have prepared several retaliatory options for a response to iran’s attacks and presented them to the president, and we are waiting for his approval.”

“we do not want to enter into a full-scale war with iran, but we will take all necessary measures to protect our security and our interests.”


CEO of Yapping

these morons are stuck in middle east with them not the other way around. if they think they can attack them without retaliation they are on drugs – the whole time they have been retaliating.

also, think for a sec, most people of the world don’t believe the us anymore thanks to their elites and military lying 24/7 like dogs. if the us attack again people say yeah the iraqi pmus have the right to attack back.

CEO of Yapping

i say this as well, if the attack was from pmus they most likely want the us do something stupid – like what trump did in iraq.

remember what iran did after that? what the us under fuking trump-jew did? nothing.

if it was them in fact they have plans for it, btw most channel calling for all out war with us and israel for past weeks… funny isn’t? they pushing out that idea as well.


who controls the news? (part 1) of the sixty-seven(67) senior executives of the major television and radio news networks, forty-seven(47) are ashkanazi jews or have jewish spouses. this is a numerical representation of 70%.

who controls the news? (part 2) of the sixty-five(65) senior executives of the major newspapers and news magazines, forty-two(42) are ashkanazi jews or have jewish spouses. this is a numerical representation of 65%.


obviously jews superior—in your country 50% account for nobel prizes


nothing ‘superior’ about a koshernostra cartel.


if uncle sam thinks he can whack the iranians, let him have at it! same goes for the israelis! but iran isn’t gaza and it isn’t iraq and the year isn’t 2003. so just watch what happens if biden chooses war. another war.


amerikunt cannot prevent home made drone from sending 36 lgbt soldiers to hospital—we incompetent morons inferior burger species


as the american empire collapses im reminded of the roman emperor valerian and his invasion of persia.


actually it was carus who invaded persia, but he died mid campaign. his successor numerian was forced by his own army to retreat, being frightened by the belief that carus had died of a strike of lightning.

Last edited 2 months ago by Christopher

all i can say is, good shootn’!

Kev not Kiev

while playing football in the yard, an fpv drone snuck in and was mistaken for the football, triumphantly caught in the end zone, exploding, taking the receiver, and two tacklers with him. best catch ever. it will go down in footballing history.


jordan is right. the puppet of the ziomafia parasites in the white house was told to state jordan to avoid questions about the attack in syria where the us bases are illegally occupying a sovereign nation’s territory.

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