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The Dublin Riots And BLM: Comparison Of Reactions

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The Dublin Riots And BLM: Comparison Of Reactions

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Written by Gavin O’Reilly

Last Thursday afternoon, news would spread throughout Ireland of a horrific knife attack on three young schoolchildren and their teacher outside a Gaelscoil (Irish-language school) in Dublin city centre. At the time of writing, the youngest of the victims, a five year old girl, remains gravely ill in hospital.

With it soon emerging that the suspect was an immigrant who had previously been served a deportation order in 2003, tensions that had been building across the country over the past year in response to the immigration policy of Leinster House, which has seen large amounts of male migrants placed into wildly unsuitable locations such as an inner city office block and a children’s school, would come to a head. Calls for a protest in Dublin later that night would rapidly spread throughout social media.

Such protests have become a mainstay across Ireland over the past year, with the government of WEF ‘Young Global Leader’ Leo Varadkar labelling protesters as ‘’far-right’’ and carrying out surveillance of organisers in response, a strategy that has served only to exacerbate tensions even further.

Last year in Canada, under the rule of fellow WEF ‘Young Global Leader’ Justin Trudeau, a similar response would take place to the Freedom Convoy, a protest movement launched by Canadian truckers following the decision to mandate jab passports for drivers returning from the US, the largest land-border in the world and a key component of the Canadian economy.

Just as open borders policies serve the interests of the global elites that the WEF represents, via the undermining of national sovereignty and the devaluing of labour, jab passports served their interests by acting as conditioning for the introduction of an eventual mandatory digital ID, which in line with the Great Reset initiative would allow the government-corporate alliance to have an unprecedented level of control over its citizens’ finances in a cashless society.

The fraught tensions that had spurred on Thursday’s planned protest however, would seemingly attract an opportunistic element, one that had engaged in looting and the burning of vehicles in Dublin on the night.

Unsavoury scenes, though it cannot be understated that, in terms of magnitude, they are a universe apart from the stabbing of children.

The establishment media however, did not hold the same view; with the unrest that swept Dublin dominating newspaper headlines alongside accusations that it had been ‘’organised by the far-right’’, the brutal attack on the children and their teacher being consigned to a mere afterthought.

Security Minister for the southern Irish state, Helen McEntee announced that legislation would be fast tracked to introduce Facial Recognition Technology – another key component of the Great Reset – in response to the riots, and it was announced that MMA star Conor McGregor was being investigated for ‘’inciting hate’’ over a post on X that he had sent the night BEFORE the stabbings.

A lockstep response of condemnation, though one that lies in stark contrast to the response towards the riots that swept the United States following the death of George Floyd in May 2020, for which a minutes silence was held in the southern Irish Parliament, something that has so far not occurred for the victims of last Thursday’s mass-stabbing.

To understand why, one must look at the wider political context at the time of George Floyd’s death.

Four days prior to the footage of Minnesota police officer Derek Chauvin kneeling on Floyd’s neck going viral, Joe Biden, the then-Democrat candidate for that years US Presidential election, infamously declared that whoever voted for the incumbent Donald Trump over him ‘’Ain’t black’’ in an attempt to garner support amongst the black community of the United States for his Presidential campaign. A PR disaster, and one that confirmed he was in need of the black vote in order to guarantee an electoral victory.

Thus, the death of George Floyd was weaponised to guarantee such a result, with violent riots sweeping the United States in the aftermath. In contrast to the one night of looting and arson that took place in Dublin however, the mainstream media would provide cover for the months-long unrest in the US, with corporate outlet CNN notoriously describing it as ‘’fiery but mostly peaceful’’ at one stage.

Key to this was the involvement of George Soros, a significant donor to both the Democrat Party and the Black Lives Matter organisation via his Open Society Foundations, a globalist support-network that has sponsored colour revolutions from as far afield as Ukraine and China.

It is also why last week’s night of unrest in Dublin, carried out amidst a wider political context of opposition to globalist policies in Ireland, came in for far more media condemnation than the months of BLM-led riots that took place in the United States in 2020.


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the ziomafia parasites who orchestrated the invasion of european countries with immigrants use their complete monopoly over the mass media to denigrate people of european descent and incite the newcomers to hate their hosts.


your comment is right on da money. good on you for telling it like it is.

Robert Hollemans

firstly, where or was one of the victims related to the perpetrator or is this just a rumor? secondly, almost all news services doesn’t underline the fact that the perpetrator was just a disturbed man without a future perspective and that regardless his etnic background his act has nothing to do with [illegal] immigration nor his etnic background enough.

Last edited 4 months ago by Robert Hollemans

he got 3 deportation orders, never had a job in 20 years, and a very senior politician finally got him citizenship. on what grounds did he qualify for citizenship or residency, when he obviously had no overt employment or assets. it seems you have no problem with the ethnic backgrounds of people who came to the children’s aid, but you baulk at giving the attackers ethnicity, why?


decades of jewish brainwash about multiculturalism


just in france last week, in roman sur isere, a boy called thomas was killed and 7 hurted by by a gang of muslims with knife who said “we are here to kill whites.” yesterday a german t


sry. a german tourist has been killed in paris by a muslim known by the police as extremist. the jews in charge of the country organise the genocide of the white.


instead of having the people change out the globalist government the government has decided to change out the people with mass immigration to stay in power.

Icarus Tanović

this and all those stabbing, running over with cars is orchestrated by someone who works for ziomafia in ireland, or elsewhere. that someone would lime to say, to tell us how those dirty arabs deserves all that genocid, by genocid perpetrated by 🇮🇱. there was stop of these attacks everyday occurrences in the time of corona may 2020 to 2022 and now, when all that carnage against arabs is happeining in palestine, them apes stepped on the gas even harder.

Icarus Tanović

and it isn’t just that, but it is because of clare daly, mik wallace, and others that are in parliament of ireland, that sanctioned israel, namely stopped importing anything from there. leo vardakar, of course was always pro israeli prick who isn’t even irish, but some ape shit from fuckistanilandia.

Janosz Tibory

now, like in the days of overthrowing hollande, this happened, just like back then with hebdo, and attack on a passenger airplane by mossad or cia. this was the punishment for all those who dare to resists, just like ireland have and having.

Steven morgan

haha. white people are a joke. you have an algerian man attack people in ireland and you drag black people from another country, protesting -about historical mistreatment into the conversation? are black people living in your minds? you people are f^cking stupid and it is actually hilarious. i get the russian strategy to destabilise the west but this is not 2015. i used to be worry about it, now i just find how stupid you are entertaining.


steven morgan… you are absolutely right. i don’t know what has gone wrong with the white people in the west. if you look at the blm protests half of them were white. i don’t know how retared you need to be to buy that story. it’s about time for people in the west to wake up enough is enough


the vertical pork in ireland is among the most corrupt hog meat in urupp, bar none, as for the transgendermutant retard freaks, the mean greenies and the rest of the political pedovore trash, they are all bought and paid for and compromised by the globo soros mob. however, the ira have not gone away and as in the 1000 year occupation, under the pirate rock demons, insurrection always lies close to the surface. the irish will not go quietly to their r€set doom.

Daniel Weatherman

the west is going through demographic collapse due to austerity and feminism. they want the immigrants to repopulate areas dying out but this will happen every so often. putin deserves a certain amount of respect for reversing the 90s russian demographic collapse. wef has the absolute opposite agenda. far right needs to adapt to the new economy and do what they can integrate or block these people coming.

kaiser chiefs – i predict a riot

WT Baker

i am thinking how the george floyd/ derrick chauvin event was staged. staged in a way unknown to the two men. the rest involved from the gathered violent crowd to pre trial demands for the death penalty for chauvin was always suspicious there is a bigger story yet told.

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