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The West Bank On The Eve Of The Second Round Of The Al-Aqsa Flood

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The West Bank On The Eve Of The Second Round Of The Al-Aqsa Flood

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Written by Damir Nazarov

After Hamas shocked the key link of the imperialist camp, all the talk about the “invincibility” of the Zionists collapsed again. Hamas has successfully taken over the baton of destroying the occupiers from Hezbollah and is ready to take the Palestinian national struggle to a new level. Now the Palestinians have moved from defense to offensive* and the famous characteristic from the leader of Hezbollah Hassan Nasr-Allah – “Israel is weaker than the web”, has become more than reality. Such a transition was due not only to an assessment of the international political situation (the war in Eastern Europe, increased competition between Democrats and Republicans within the United States, an increasingly obvious confrontation between Washington and Beijing), but also to the process of rotting within the Zionist entity, where conflicts and disagreements on internal issues have not subsided over the past two years. Nevertheless, to a greater extent, the transition to the attacking phase is associated with the strengthening of the role of the ideology of Islamic Resistance among the peoples and the nation of the Ummah, which serves as the main motivation for the growth and development of all the main components of the Islamic community, from religious consciousness to technological progress.

In this situation, questions rightly arise about the West Bank of Jordan, whose residents were called upon by politicians from Hamas and the Palestinian Jihad to rise up against the enemy. It is obvious that many of those who watched the events in early October were waiting for something similar to happen in the West Bank, which would allow them to “unite in a common front.” Today, some observers have even begun to express notes of disappointment, but are they justified? To begin with, the military leadership of Hamas has been carefully planning the operation for the past two years and of course took into account the military capabilities of the resistance in the West Bank. Given the fact that it was Jenin and the neighboring neighborhoods that caused damage to the occupiers in recent years, thereby attracting the attention of Mossad, Shabak, Aman and other Zionist terrorist groups, it can be assumed that this was the task of the Palestinian resistance of the West Bank, a diversionary maneuver in the name of a counterattack from the Gaza Strip. Now we take into account the fact that the West Bank resistance factions are significantly inferior in their military capabilities compared to their brothers in the Gaza Strip, plus the loyalists of Mahmoud Abbas from the Palestinian Authority will do everything possible to prevent a large-scale strike on the positions of the Zionists, hence the guerrilla activity of the West Bank at the current stage is considered as the second option for the fight against the occupiers.

The West Bank On The Eve Of The Second Round Of The Al-Aqsa Flood

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The next point is the reaction of the Jordanian autocracy, it is not clear how they would react to the counterattacks of the West Bank factions. Given the strong connection of the Hashemite Monarchy with the Zionists, the Hamas leadership in Gaza realized that in the event of a powerful uprising in the West Bank, the Jordanian army could launch an intervention to suppress local resistance. In this case, it would be more profitable to deploy a special operation alone, and postpone the uprising in the West Bank for a more convenient time for them. Finally, it should be borne in mind that probably in the plans of Deif and Sinwar for the future, it is the West Bank that will become the main actor of the second round of the al-Aqsa flood. One way or another, Amman will have to react to new upcoming battles, and if the fears of the Palestinians are confirmed, then the autocracy promises to strengthen the internal front. So far, the monarchy of Abdullah II is already saving the Zionists by trying to prevent Ansar Allah from attacking Eilat and other Zionist cities with the help of air defense, and deputy Tamma al-Riyati said that “Most of the international hotels that we have in Aqaba are fully booked at the beginning of next week, so the Jews will be taken out of “Eilat””. That is, the monarchy is ready to host Zionists fleeing from the war.

Turning to the topic of Jordan and its connection with the West Bank, let me remind you that the special services of the monarchy continue to actively impede the Palestinian resistance, trying to block the supply of weapons from outside. Over the past year, the Kingdom of Abdullah II has regularly fawned over the Zionists, trying to prevent the penetration of various types of weapons into the West Bank. In the last month of autumn 2023, the Autocracy even came up with excuses for its aggression against the territorial integrity of Syria – calling it a “war on drug cartels.” Amman wants so badly to prevent the development of a third anti-Zionist front (the second was created by Hezbollah) that it is ready to make forays deep into Syria, almost direct intervention with the support of the United States and Great Britain.

The West Bank On The Eve Of The Second Round Of The Al-Aqsa Flood

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On the domestic front, against the background of the “al-Aqsa flood”, the Hashemite dictatorship, although it showed a share of “democracy”, allowing thousands of demonstrators across the country to express support for the Palestinians, later the dictatorial essence of the monarchy still made itself felt and at the moment thousands of cases of arrests of young people, including those related to the main opposition is known to the Islamic Action Front party.

After the truce was declared, the spokesman of the al-Qassam-Abu Ubayda Brigade stated: ”You, our people in Jordan, are a nightmare occupation that is afraid of your movement and tirelessly seeks to neutralize and isolate you from your cause.”

It is not difficult to guess what Abu Ubayda was hinting at and what the Palestinians of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank crave. Millions of Palestinian refugees stationed in Jordan are considered by Hamas and the Axis of Resistance as the main anti-Zionist force, which, after the elimination of the Hashemite monarchy, will transform into a huge liberation army, after which Zionism will face all the key forces of the Axis of Resistance concentrated from southern Lebanon through Syria and Jordan to the Red Sea. After the truce was declared, the influential cleric of Iraq, Muqtada Sadr, expressed the hope that “this truce will be the beginning of the end of Zion-American terrorism.” Let me remind you that it was the crowds of Sadrists who were among the first to head to the border of Iraq with Jordan demanding that Amman allows the Iraqis to join the Palestinian resistance. Are the Palestinian resistance and various political forces in Iraq coordinating their actions? The answer is obvious. Hint – Hamas and Islamic Jihad have regularly praised Iraq’s Resistance factions for their strikes on Pentagon bases in Iraq and Syria. The Government of Prime Minister Sudani also received flattering reviews from the Palestinians.

“The al-Aqsa Flood” has demonstrated a regional shift in favor of the Axis of Resistance alliance, the status of the Palestinian resistance has now been elevated to the side taking key decisions, and specifically Hamas is gradually turning into a revolutionary force before which not only the Zionists, but also their regional henchmen tremble. The West Bank is on the verge of a new intifada, which promises to develop into a new Islamic awakening in at least two Arab countries.

P.S. Some of the ruling class of Jordan are already sending signals of cooperation to the Axis of Resistance, so the publication Middle East Eye pointed out the words of former Deputy Prime Minister Mamdouh Abbadi – “What is happening in Jordan is a popular and official reassessment of relations with the occupation, since the future of Jordan is under threat due to Zionist influence. The Jordanian State should not only sever ties with “Israel”, but also arm the people and build strategic relations with countries opposed to the occupation, such as Syria, Iran, Russia and China, as the West colludes with the “Israeli” occupation to create a balance..”

* The representative of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad in Iran, Abu Sharif, referred to the leader of Hezbollah, pointing out that in the course of future wars, the Palestinians will go on the offensive against the positions of the occupiers.


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R. Ambrose Raven

socialism is the answer to imperialism; religion happily coexists with oppression. that said, the palestinian and liberationist causes are just.


as much as i despise the jews, if they had the inclination, they could easily wipe the goat fornicating, pedophile mohammad following muslim trash from the face of this planet.

and the world would be better for it.

they shouldn’t stop until every last palitrash man, woman, and child suffocates and dies under the burning rubble of their homes

then i too will dance in the streets like a 7th century retard.

Bashir jeena

@rommel the rotten head no need to join 7th century retard because you already sound like dumb ass your knowledge is limited on the issue and you not worth having any discussion with what you deserve is a one on one with a real man like myself and i will show whats the true meaning of a retard

Bashir jeena

i’m sure you mama regrets giving birth to a highly toxic person like yourself your vile language bears testimony to your iq level you worse then scum

Bashir jeena

your time is up sooner then a blink of an eye no threats but we will come after you be rest assured retard sitting behind your screen

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