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JULY 2024

Ukrainian Army Lost About 400 Servicemen Over The Past Day – Russian MoD

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Ukrainian Army Lost About 400 Servicemen Over The Past Day - Russian MoD

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The Russian Ministry of Defense reported on the ongoing military operations in Ukraine. According to the Russian military, the Armed Forces of Ukraine lost about 400 servicemen over the past day.

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense:

  • three Ukrainian attacks were repelled in the area of Krasnogorovka, Nevelsky, Andreevka in the Donetsk direction. As a result, up to 180 Ukrainian servicemen were killed or wounded
  • two Ukrainian attacks were repelled near Chervona Dibrova and Belogorovka in the Krasny Liman direction. As a result, more than 60 Ukrainian servicemen were killed or wounded
  • in the area of Kupyansk, Russian forces struck the AFU units nera Borovaya, Novoe, Novoselovskoe, Makeevka. As a result, up to 65 Ukrainian servicemen were destroyed.
  • Russian forces struck the AFU near Rabotino, Malaya Tokmacka, Novodanilovka, Verbovoe in the Zaporozhie region. As a result, the AFU lost up to 35 Ukrainian servicemen.
  • in the Southern Donetsk direction, Russian forces repelled Ukrainian attack near Priyutnoe. In their turn Russian forces struck Ukrainian forces near Konstantinovka. As a result, up to 30 Ukrainian servicemen were killed and wounded.
  • Up to 30 Ukrainian servicemen were destroyed by Russian fire in the Kherson region.

Reports by the Russian military officials confirm the Ukrainian counter offensive struck and the AFU were forced to reduce all their military operations on the southern frontlines and they went into defence in several strategically important directions.

Destruction of Ukrainian forces in the Zaporozhie region:



Another attack of the AFU near Avdeevka failed. Several Ukrainian servicemen were captured, the others were killed:



US-made M113 armored personnel carrier destroyed by Russian ATGM fire near Verbovoe:



Russian missiles destroy Ukrainian strongholds on the western bank of the Dnieper river:



The Ukrainian military also suffered losses in military equipment, including those supplied by NATO. The military equipment destroyed over the past day, include among others, the Bradley BMP, three Gvozdika self-propelled guns, Acacia self-propelled guns, M109 Paladin self-propelled guns, two Us-made M777 artillery systems, US-made AN/TPQ-48 counter-battery warfare station, an Enclave navigation receiver jamming station.

The Ministry of Defense reported a strike on the Dolgintsevo airfield, which is located in the Krivoy Rog area in the Dnipropetrovsk region. According to the military department, fuel depots and aviation weapons of the air forces of Ukraine were destroyed there.


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Based US Vet

look at these poor ukranazi pigs

The Outsider

those pow`s look a bit young and a bit old, like some random people snatched from the streets or something…

M biyd

yes they do. the army looks more and more like its starting to crumble. are we are seeing the death throes of the ukrainian armed forces?. i didn’t think it could get any worse for them but….


i mean, you’re not wrong. that’s what ukriane gas been doing as of late. you even have western officials daying ukriane must now have their youths drafted to keep the fight going

Last edited 9 months ago by CentralAsianStudies
Icarus Tanović

yesss… look at me!!! looook attt meeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jürgen Woge / Recklinghausen

these are the heroes of ukraine! – you defend the values of the eu and the usa, even if no one knows what those values are???


evry day and others more. i had suspicions othr fronts opened up briefly when they attacked around th north west. mercs…thousand day with more in the grey from light wounds? since febuary last year? 800k? look at the offical un toll for iraq and afghanistan when excess deaths was a million.


kurňa, aké krásne majú na hlavách tie čepčeky. zrejme s nich budú mladé nevesty!!! ha, ha, ha … môžu byť rady že sú na žive!!!

The Queen

speak english you patheti, shrivelled up euroweenie


no russian casualty that is great 😃


i have noticed that in general that mercs fighting for the ukes use green tape on their uniforms, is that true or do the ukes run out of yellow and blue tape sometimes ?


tape colour can correlate different front/ units etc. perhaps mercs use lots of green as it relates to their unit. i’ve seen plenty of mercs with yellow and blue ribbons lately though so green might not mean merc on sight


sad story that brother nations are fighting, these people are completely brainwashed

The Queen


Icarus Tanović

i am a g@y ukropian lgbtq f@g. i will bend over for american dyck!

Soros iza losa.

woke faggs bend over for the pfitzer vax,kiev is fighting for pfitzer subsidys,seens usa is seriously broke:

christian reinhard

monobrow gang fights the whites

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