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US-Made Missile Suddenly ‘Transformed’ Into A ‘Russian’ One And Killed 40 Civilians

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US-Made Missile Suddenly 'Transformed' Into A 'Russian' One And Killed 40 Civilians

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Written by Drago Bosnic, independent geopolitical and military analyst

On July 8, the Russian military launched large-scale strikes on various targets across Ukraine. According to the mainstream propaganda machine, one strike was “particularly deadly”, as it allegedly “killed 41 civilians” and “destroyed a children’s hospital”. Reuters says that “Russia blasted the main children’s hospital in Kyiv with a missile in broad daylight on Monday and rained missiles down on other cities across Ukraine, killing at least 41 civilians in the deadliest wave of air strikes for months”. The report tried playing into the emotional aspects with the graphic descriptions of parents and children affected by these “evil Russian strikes”. Reuters says that “parents holding babies walked in the street outside the hospital, dazed and sobbing after the rare daylight aerial attack”, while “windows had been smashed and panels ripped off, and hundreds of Kyiv residents were helping to clear debris”.

While on his way to the NATO summit in Washington DC, the Neo-Nazi junta frontman Volodymyr Zelensky claimed more than 170 people were injured, while around 100 buildings were damaged, including the aforementioned children’s hospital and a maternity center in Kiev, as well as children’s nurseries, a business center and homes. He also stated that “Russian terrorists must answer for this” and that “being concerned does not stop terror, condolences are not a weapon”. The Kiev regime announced a day of mourning for today, calling the strikes “one of the worst air attacks of the war”, insisting it “demonstrated that Ukraine urgently needed an upgrade of its air defenses from its Western allies”. Interestingly, they also claim that their air defenses allegedly “shot down 30 of 38 missiles”. Quite peculiar that the Neo-Nazi junta forces are “so successful” in shooting down Russian missiles.

At the same time, they still “urgently need” NATO-sourced SAM (surface-to-air missile) systems. The question is, which is it? Either the current air defenses are not enough, meaning that the reports about shootdowns are a blatant lie, or the reports are “true”, meaning that the Kiev regime forces don’t really need “better air defenses“. After all, they “regularly shoot down” six out of two 9-S-7760 “Kinzhal” air-launched hypersonic missiles. However, in all seriousness, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the sheer ridiculousness of propaganda in the NATO-orchestrated Ukrainian conflict. For instance, Reuters reports that it obtained “an online video showing a missile falling towards the children’s hospital followed by a large explosion” and insists that “the location of the video was verified from visible landmarks”. And indeed, there’s horrifying footage of children injured by the shrapnel and falling debris.

The political West is now also using the UN to spread the narrative about the “brutal Russian attack”. The United Kingdom called for a UN Security Council meeting, which will take place today to “discuss a Russian missile attack on Kyiv’s Okhmatdyt Children’s Hospital that was part of a massive attack on July 8 that hit several cities across the country, killing at least 41 people and injuring at least 140”, according to the CIA front Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL). So, once again, we’re seeing the UN being used for the political West’s “soft power” projection purposes. It should be noted that the reports about injuries to civilians are true, as the footage is certainly undeniable. However, there’s a “slight problem” with the narrative. Namely, the video that Reuters referenced is also indisputable evidence that Russia didn’t conduct the aforementioned strike on the children’s hospital in Kiev.

One video clearly shows a SLAMRAAM (Surface Launched AMRAAM) missile falling and hitting a civilian building. This US-made weapon is based on an AIM-120 Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missile (AMRAAM) and is used by the much-touted NASAMS (Norwegian/National Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile System). However, the Neo-Nazi junta is insisting that the weapon in question is a Russian Kh-101 long-range air-launched cruise missile. The mainstream propaganda machine is also pushing the same narrative, despite the fact that the Russian missile has a massive warhead weighing 400 kg, meaning that the explosion would’ve completely leveled any building, which was simply not the case with the one damaged by the SAM fired by the Kiev regime forces. What’s more, it’s highly likely that the Russian cruise missile has an upgraded warhead weighing 800 kg, meaning that the discrepancy is far worse.

In case such a missile hit any residential area, the death toll would’ve been in the hundreds, if not thousands. However, the mainstream propaganda machine doesn’t really care about such inconsistencies. All it cares about is its vaunted narrative. That’s precisely why they quote Zelensky’s statements about “Russian terrorists” while also openly talking about NATO’s and Neo-Nazi junta’s terrorist attacks against Russian schoolchildren as if it were a “completely normal thing”.

However, apart from the video evidence showing that Russia didn’t conduct the aforementioned strike, there’s also the history of other blatant lies by the Neo-Nazi junta. Namely, it regularly uses SAM systems without any consideration for civilians, such as in the case of Przewodow, a Polish village that was hit by 5V55K SAMs fired by the Kiev regime forces back in mid-November 2022. Two civilians were killed.

The Neo-Nazi junta was adamant that Russia “deliberately” attacked Poland. At the time, I argued that the location of the incident was nowhere near the engagement range of any Russian SAM system that uses the 5V55K missiles. All evidence suggested that the weapon was fired from an older iteration of the Soviet-era S-300 SAM system. At the time, the Kiev regime forces still operated several versions, with the vast majority belonging to the S-300P/PS/PT series. The missile in question has a maximum engagement range of approximately 45 km.

Updated versions of the post-Soviet era were never deployed in Ukraine, while the closest Russian air defense units are at least 150-200 km away, in Belarus, and operate much more advanced systems such as the S-400. Poland itself later confirmed that the Neo-Nazi junta lied, even leading to strained relations between the two. The latest incident is in no way different.


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nazis are so dumb that they can’t even use their air defense in a proper way


looks to be deliberate


fascinating how these attacks always happen just before nato summits.

were there any white helmets wandering around?


upvoted for the mi6 created “white helmets” reference.

surprised ukraine don’t have their own version of these “heros”.

Self-Evident Truths

the mere thought of even a fake humanitarian organization was found to be thoroughly unpalatable for the ukranazis. they revel in their terrorism and don’t want any distractions for their audience.


in one off the videos i saw yankee soldier. the video whit the ambulance and “patients” being coming out of the building. yankee uniform, tall person and black glasses as usual in irak, syria

The Belching Cat

i’ve recreated the flight path of the missile with my handy dandy online ballistics calculator and can prove it was fired from the kremlin itself. check the nyt and wapo in a few days for my expose. it takes that long for their checks to clear.


to my dear friend the belching cat in white helmet. there are 12 kremlins in russia, i’m serious, in pskov, in novgorod, in kazan’… thus it was massive attack from 12 points and may be from pyongyang too, putin was there recently. by the way, kremlin in moskva is the world’s largest medieval fortress existing now with walls around perimeter (and river too), towers and buildings inside. second largest is in prague, but the wall is almost lost, just some fragments still exist.

Ancient Roman

the story about the children’s hospital in kiev is a “jesuit pr operation on blood,” peskov told pavel zarubin. and he is absolutely correct; the owners of that particular special operations force have been trying to destroy russia (or more specifically eastern orthodoxy) since 1054.


jesuit in this case mean two-faced, hypocritical and nothing more, without any connection to religion or policy of vatican. though you are right about the great schism.


another fake and gay production from otan and the cocaine fuhrer

Drago Kurton from Curtonistan

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Last edited 11 days ago by Drago Kurton from Curtonistan
Kavurma Sutra u Kurton

i storngly agrees fit zist statement of my cortonistani compatriott. serfs fucked. long deafth serfia-curtnonistani landia.

V2 for Victory

still i think it was a too powerful explosion to be a sam missile, especially a nasam.


crazy dick piano player, is full of shit before his mouth moves western media is a political mess and it’s so glaring everyone needs glasses from the bullshit.


deutscher wirtschaftsminister, gestern in tv: “-ich bin froh, dass le pen nicht gewonnen hat. nationalismus hat keinen platz in europa”. und dann, heute, schickt er schon wieder die milliarden steuergelder nach ukraine direkt in die hände der ultranationalisten. was für ein heuchler.

Allahists are Nazis

der herr meinen terroristen. nicht ultranationalisten

Drone Times

since the destruction of the spy drone global hawk above the international waters of the black sea 2 weeks ago, the usa and nato stopped to send spy drones to the black sea close to crimea.

Weapons inspector

because they are pussies, cowards

Joseph Robinette Biden Jr.

“-russia wants to destroy the culture of uranus”.


nato celebrate culture of urinus. these pesky russians, they kill sick , ukro children knowing that when these kids get better (meaning if their organs do not get not sold to western mafia linked to nato and european aristocracy) in 12-15 years they may become ukro soldiers fighting russians. unfortunately, in 12-15 years there would be no ukraine, no nato, no western world and, thank god, no western aristocracy.

Weapons inspector

the day nato shoots down a ru missile over west ukraine is the day all nato hubs will immediately cease to exist.

Last edited 11 days ago by Weapons inspector

let’s pray for that day to come asap.

US Empire Of Misery

i have a suspicion that the americans deliberately targeted this children hospital. the usa are known for killing innocent civilians especially children.


brits are even more culpable perp of this horrible crime. remember, british sas units in iraq dressed up like arabs, put explosive devices in an open markets and killed huge number of civillians. brits are wile degenerates, ugly, dishonest and great deal of the world problems would be solved if that shitty island is sunk with nuclear torpedo. by the way, british ruling family is of german origin. british most prominent banking family is of german-jewish origin.


russia gover are the neo nazis from 21 with vladolf on is head

Weapons inspector

ok stepan bandera


quit lying russia. you are truly zionist just like your western partners.

ew, everything we do is good and perfect.

they are all a bunch zionist lap dogs.

"R" the peace-WarrioR

the lies are odiously, propaganda ploys advanced by zionist-christians in us, in france, in spain and elsewhere in europe. as facts have zelenskyy, the puppet who owns 8-mansions, but allows nazis to be maintaining, fascist dictums of the overtly militarized extent in afu.

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