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US Quietly Boosting Military Aid To Israel

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US Quietly Boosting Military Aid To Israel

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Written by Lucas Leiroz, journalist, researcher at the Center for Geostrategic Studies, geopolitical consultant

Apparently, American military aid to the Zionist state is greater than what is being officially reported. According to an article recently published by Bloomberg, Washington is sending extra packages to Israel, which shows that there is a major war effort on the part of the US to support the apartheid regime in its process of ethnic cleansing in the Gaza Strip.

Citing sources familiar with the topic, the newspaper stated that artillery shells, tactical equipment, rifles, drones and mortars were among the items secretly sent by the Americans to their partners in the Middle East. The long list of weapons also includes at least two thousand laser-guided missiles for Apache helicopters. More than that, the informants also allege that the US is seeking to mobilize support for Israel in other countries, with efforts being made for European states and even South Korea to send weapons to Tel Aviv.

“The arms are already being shipped or the Defense Department is working to make them available from stockpiles in the US and Europe, according to the document reviewed by Bloomberg News. As of late October, for example, all 36,000 rounds of 30mm cannon ammunition (…) were delivered, the tally shows (…) The ammunition for AH-64 Apache helicopter gunships includes about 2,000 Hellfire Laser Guided missiles made by Lockheed Martin Corp., some of which Israel has transferred to its forces as US Army teams seek supplies from stocks in Germany and South Korea, according to the tally”, the article reads.

A critical issue for the IDF that Israel is trying to solve through American assistance is the ability to attack Hamas’ bunkers. As well known, the Palestinian militia has a complex system of tunnels in Gaza, which facilitates operations with guerrilla tactics, especially at night. Israel hopes that US aid will be enough to avoid a “Vietnam scenario” in the Strip.

In addition, Tel Aviv is also requesting reinforcement in the air defense sector, both with missile interceptors and new batteries for the Iron Dome system. Although Hamas’ missiles are primitive and have little combat power, the intense use of artillery overloaded the Israeli Iron Dome, causing the system to fail. As a result, several Israeli targets were hit, which is why Israel asks the US for help.

“Israel has also requested more than 57,000 155mm High Explosive artillery shells and 20,000 M4A1 rifles, as many as 5,000 PVS-14 night vision devices, 3,000 M141 hand-held bunker-buster munitions that US Central Command is supplying (…) According to the tally, the US has also donated its inventory of 312 Tamir missile interceptors. The Army’s two Iron Dome batteries are traveling to Israel by sealift”, report claims.

Asked by Bloomberg’s journalists about the topic, the Pentagon responded by stating that it is “leveraging several avenues — from internal stocks to US industry channels – to ensure Israel has the means to defend itself”, adding that “this security assistance continues to arrive on a near-daily basis.”

In fact, it is easy to understand the reasons why Washington wants to prevent this data from being made public. The American government’s pro-war mentality is becoming increasingly unpopular in the US itself, with local people reacting negatively to the country’s foreign policy. After almost two years of backing an unwinnable war against Russia, Western taxpayers want peace and will not support a new conflict.

Furthermore, Israel’s war against the Palestinians is extremely unpopular around the world. The acts of ethnic cleansing, genocide and crimes against human rights are becoming clear, despite the mainstream media’s efforts to disguise them. The Zionist government is really explicit, publicly announcing its anti-humanitarian plans for Gaza. Also, the deaths of thousands of children and women are public facts, and there are no arguments to justify Tel Aviv’s actions.

The US is under pressure because of its unrestricted support for Israel. There are pro-Palestine protests happening across the country. However, the Zionist lobby in the US is very strong and manages to control both sides of national politics, with total support for Israel from both Republicans and Democrats. In this sense, even though there is no support from the people, the US continues to promote the war – and omitting the real data is a way to avoid mass protests and a crisis of legitimacy.

However, it remains to be seen how long it will be possible to avoid this crisis. With the secret aid coming to light, the expectation is that there will be more and more protests in the near future, creating polarization and dissension in American society.

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Huckelberry finn

wow this is news, the us would be duplicitous, urging for humanitarian pauses while secretly arming the idf? get outa here


slimy satanic putrid p0s scumbag parasite enemy israel started as irgun terrorists and are isis terrorists today and funded hamas and staged this recent false flag event and should be nuked and nitwityahu p0s should be shot in the face. period. no american should die for these filth. no money should be given for their psychopathic insanity

concerned citizen

hobby astronomy is important. maybe they can send me a pvs14 too.


they are going to need all the help they can get if turkey piles in on the fight, also, iran has the shishkebab, capable of hitting israel from iran, so, the war could get a lot bigger and a lot more decisive in a permanent non-journalist-friendly kind of way….

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