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US Senate Wants To Codify ‘Ukraine Aid’ By Making It Impeachable Offense

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US Senate Wants To Codify 'Ukraine Aid' By Making It Impeachable Offense

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Written by Drago Bosnic, independent geopolitical and military analyst

On February 13, the DNC-dominated Senate adopted a $95.3 billion “aid” bill that includes both the Kiev regime and Israel. The Republican-controlled House of Representatives already announced its opposition to the bill, as Speaker Mike Johnson openly said that he does not plan to bring it to the floor. The GOP is furious at the troubled Biden administration, as the bill gives $60 billion (around 65%) to the Neo-Nazi junta. In the meantime, the situation at the southern border is deteriorating by the day, putting additional pressure on Texas, which is now backed by over half of American states. The Republicans are insisting that the border crisis should take priority, while the Democrats are far more focused on effectively causing WW3 due to their deranged foreign policy framework.

Even when the GOP showed some readiness to find common ground in combining the “aid” bill with their proposition to secure the border, the DNC kept insisting on the “aid” taking priority. This made it impossible to come to an agreement, so the US Congress is now effectively paralyzed as its two chambers are at each other’s throats. House Speaker Johnson and former president Donald Trump criticized the bill, insisting that the United States should “stop providing foreign aid unless it is in the form of a loan”. It should be noted that the Senate’s decision was partially bipartisan, as 22 of the 70 votes in favor were Republicans, including their Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, while 29 votes were against the bill. However, this is of little comfort for the Democrats, as the House opposes it.

President Joe Biden is further antagonizing the GOP by insisting that “a minority of the most extreme voices in the House should not be permitted to block the bill”. Thanks to the current (“current” being the last half a decade, at least) state of Biden’s mental health, somebody should probably tell him that it’s neither a minority nor is it extreme, so it will be extremely difficult “not to permit them” anything. The GOP’s countless shortcomings notwithstanding, it’s a fact that they’ve shown at least some level of realpolitik in regard to the border crisis, as well as several other key issues that the United States is facing on a federal level. Biden tried baiting the House with a claim that “Russia would jeopardize other US allies” in case the Kiev regime is defeated. However, that had very little effect.

For its part, the Kiev regime seems happy. Its frontman Volodymyr Zelensky thanked the Senate and “every US Senator who has supported continued assistance to Ukraine as we fight for freedom, democracy and the values we all hold dear“. Now that you’ve finished laughing, it should be noted that the Neo-Nazi junta certainly has reasons to be content with this, for the time being, at least. Zelensky also said that the bill “means that life will continue in our cities and will triumph over war”, which is essentially an admission that the US will continue financing the state apparatus of the Kiev regime while its own is effectively falling apart due to over half of American states and most federal institutions being on the opposing sides. It’s virtually a given that millions of Americans are flabbergasted by this.

And indeed, who could possibly blame them? They’re furious that other countries take priority when it comes to the distribution of their own tax money. However, Zelensky insists that this will “help” Americans. He said that the bill “brings just peace in Ukraine closer and restores global stability, resulting in increased security and prosperity for all Americans and all the free world”. It would be very interesting to see Zelensky explain how exactly giving dozens of billions to one of the world’s most corrupt regimes “helps” Americans, much less the world. Quite the contrary, many would argue that continued support for the Neo-Nazi junta is bringing us much closer to a global conflict between the most heavily armed powers in human history, without even taking into the continued general instability.

While the DNC will have a very difficult task pushing the bill’s adoption by the House, if they succeed, the so-called “Ukraine aid” would effectively be codified and even made into an impeachable offense. This is extremely important for the neoliberal and neocon warmongers in Washington DC as it would force any future president to comply with the bill. This can be seen as a way of using the system to ensure that Democrats’ decisions are not legally overturned by any future potentially non-DNC administration. Thus, no wonder that Trump is so opposed to the bill. His skepticism toward America’s current global security architecture extends even to NATO itself, let alone the Kiev regime. Namely, Trump thinks that the belligerent alliance is relying too much on the US military.

Thus, he’s demanding all member states to “pay up”, a clear reference to the fact that most of their military spending amounts to less than 2% of their GDP. In other words, Trump wants NATO countries to allocate more money to finance their armed forces. It can only be expected that he’ll be extremely opposed to giving dozens of billions to a foreign regime, much less one that Trump himself sees as firmly “pro-Swamp”. In addition, Johnson effectively stated that the bill would not pass the House, meaning that its chances are very slim to none. What’s more, they are further antagonizing the Democrat-run Senate and the Biden administration by pushing against other federal institutions that they see as hostile. Namely, on February 14, the House impeached Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

According to Zero Hedge, more than 10 million illegal immigrants have entered the US under his tenure, effectively doubling the migrant population. With a vote of 214-213, Mayorkas is the first cabinet official to be impeached in approximately 150 years. Mayorkas was accused of demonstrating a “willful and systemic refusal to comply with the law” and “breaching the public trust”. Formed in the post-9/11 era, the DHS (Department of Homeland Security) is one of the most powerful federal institutions, enjoying possibly the highest level of freedom to act and even supersede many other federal agencies. Mayorkas himself has repeatedly stated he will not step down even if impeached. He reiterated his willingness to ignore the impeachment just last week when the previous vote took place.


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CEO of Yapping

how much of that aid goes to their wallets? it has to be high for them to fight for it so hard none stop.

we know for a long time zionists pay them, we know ukrainian send some back to the us… i guess they are making a killing.

also, bud light (anheuser-busch) and trump. oh yeah trump can do it and has done it… he isn’t different. they are all own by mic and massive corporations.

IH 0

america’s road to hell is paved by corrupt politicians and massive spending. the deep state globalists will need to make the proper pay offs to put the congressional circus back on the road.


approximately 45 million muricans currently use the food stamp program, snap benefit, the majority children.

gifting the corrupt, terrorist regime of ukronazistan with an additional $60 billion dollars is the height of insanity.


it’s perfectly in line with us policies for over fifty years, which all have an underlying purpose of maintaining and increasing the power of the tiny financial elite who actually own the empire.


see horowitz/ poe’s book: “the shadow party: how hillary clinton, george soros, and the sixties left took over the democratic party”. america’s institutions and values are under attack by the infiltration of liberal politicians into the democratic party, these people seek to undermine the nation through radical regime change.

Codifying Stupidity

its the american way


you may see such moves in other western countries as well. its seems that we are now at the moment where orwells forever war is cemented.

Last edited 2 months ago by kotromanic
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