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JULY 2024

Russian Forces Struck Ukrainian Ports, Warehouses With Storm Shadow Missiles, Depleted Uranium Ammunition And Other Targets

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Russian Forces Struck Ukrainian Ports, Warehouses With Storm Shadow Missiles, Depleted Uranium Ammunition And Other Targets

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On September 18, the Russian Ministry of Defence reported that “at night, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation launched a group strike with high-precision long-range air-based weapons, as well as strike UAVs at the storage sites of Storm Shadow cruise missiles, depleted uranium ammunition, as well as the centers of radio-technical intelligence and training of sabotage groups of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The goal of the attack was achieved. All targets were hit.”

The Russian military officials did not reveal details on the location of the targets hit by their missiles and UAVs. In their turn, Russian and Ukrainian media reported numerous explosions throughout te country since the late evening on September 17. Air alert sounded in all Ukrainian regions. While the Ukrainian officials keep silent on the results of the Russian combined attack, the local sources confirmed that Russian forces reached their targets in the Odessa and Khmelnitsky regions. Explosions also thundered in the Mykolaiv and Kirovograd regions in the central part of Ukraine.

The target struck by Russian missiles in the Khmelnitsky region was likely the notorious military airfield in Starokonstantinov, where the Western Storm Shadow and SCALP EG missiles are stored. The military airfield was also reportedly struck by Russian forces on September 16. LINK The Khmelnitsky region is also a famous warehouse for foreign depleted uranium ammunitions. On May 14, the storage facilities with DU shells supplied from the UK were already destroyed by Russian missile strike near the city of Khmelnitsky, when clouds with dangerous radioactive substances moved towards Europe.  LINKLINK, LINK

Russian UAVs struck Ukrainian port on the night of September 17:



At night, Russian UAVs continued the destruction of the Ukrainian port infrastructure in the Odessa region. Explosions again thundered in Kilia and Izmail ports located on the bank of the Danube River.

As for the Mykolaiv and Kirovograd regions, the targets of the Russian strikes are yet to be revealed.

Russian precision strikes on the strategic military and infrastructure facilities throughout Ukraine on a daily basis. They are less massive then those launched in response to the terrorist attack on the Crimean Bridge but the Ukrainian military is yet to learn how to protect its facilities from Russian drones and missiles. No expensive military supplies from the NATO countries helped Kiev to secure its territories.


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John Tosh

future prediction the creator usually gives minimal intervention in human affairs hence russia will receive spiritual gifts of knowledge that will enable to overcome the seven headed beast and its prostitute. this gift may include knowledge that explains physical principles like “the strong nuclear force” which the hadron collider in switzerland has been trying to open even with the power of human sacrifice.

John Tosh

russia should praise the creator for this gift everyday as it takes over the world. you are now the dominant military force on the planet. remember where that knowledge came from. you first duty is to end the seven headed beast (g7) and it’s prostitute (the cia)

Florian Geyer

the prostitute’s bitch is mi6, lol.


yeah he speaks “ukrainian” with a lower class british accent..listen at the end of the video

Last edited 9 months ago by Kubaczeck
Edgar Zetar

i guess jens holms was the prostitute… lol! there are extreme nonsense to use biblical extemporaneous passages to try to describe reality 2000 years afterwards. why you instead of reading the bible you don’t read nietzsche and discover what’s underneath western civilization and the building blocks of this horrible civilization scheme.


however if you believe , a sort of creator watches his creation here on earth , you could feel sorry for him. why give “minimal intervention in human affairs”? it’s rather totally botched. back to the roots and create again.

John Tosh

perhaps so you don’t become a robot following orders. freedom of choice. despite the wealth and power of the usa, within the last few decades the usa has been crumbling. use physical laws to explain that. i am all ears

Edgar Zetar

to me people that speaks with the christians bible are just very blind and naive jailed minded people, the dreamers of the dreams inside dreams.

Edgar Zetar

my friend, you live in a poswwii world were your mind paints your worldview and even the creator you believed its an invention on your propaganda minded reality, scientifically designed by usa army, the vatican church and others… it never was your creator, it’s not god, it, it’s the gods (plural), also there are female gods, so instead of talking about creators and nonsense why you didn’t start to break the walls of your jailed mind.

Edgar Zetar

masters of the universe are very clever, the exceptionals, they designed, created and deploy this post wwii reality we are living right now. to me, wake up and discover on how in the 70s and 80s usa army (third generation after wwii) prepared the democratic liberal radical age in the 90’s are just out of this world (even with the release of the inventions like internet and other liberal technologies), masters of the universe are indeed very exceptionals.

Edgar Zetar

usa army are indeed very clever. they even prepaired the future generations of soldiers according to their multilayer goals in the civil and military domains, multilayer, multi tier multi compartments. they even show they can project and deploy realities two decades in advance like the 90s, the excepcionals. we see today the transhumanism, full propaganda, brain control using technologies, lgbt agenda and all diseases, pandemics we can predict what’s usa army wanted to do to the world. mou

Edgar Zetar

the creator are at the top of the pyramid, (its rather disguised as a cloud ☁️ on the top of the pyramid) down below at the sight of humans its the female “architect” the holy mother of the millions of humans apes, human ape were designed since western civilization developed ways of doing civilization and slowly evolved with the ancient christianism. to them the world created are wonderful and its the best of the worlds just like emanuelle kant wrote in the past.


dobrá práca. aj tie lode ktoré mali cez koridor smerovať do ukrajinských prístavov by mali ruské vojská skalibrovať. len pre istotu, aby náhodou neprevážali zbrane, zbraňové systémy a muníciu. najlepšie až keď zakotvia. vtedy sa dá kalibrácia previesť bezpečne a bez problémov. svetu mier!!!


we have been told by the lying western media that ukraine have been shooting down rassiann missiles. what has happened? if u still read and believe what the western media is saying about war in ukraine. then u are a stupid

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