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In Memory Of Prominent War Reporter Vladlen Tatarsky

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In Memory Of Prominent War Reporter Vladlen Tatarsky

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Written by Daniel Diess exclusively for SouthFront

On April 2, 2023, “Vladlen Tatarsky” (Maxim Fomin) was murdered by Ukrainian terrorists. The Kiev regime claimed responsibility for this terrorist attack committed in a cafe in St. Petersburg, which left 32 more people wounded.

Maxim Fomin, known under the pseudonym “Vladlen Tatarsky”, was a volunteer fighter from Donetsk who has been defending his homeland from the aggression of the Kiev regime since 2014. In recent years, Maxim has become known as a fearless war correspondent, writer, and civilian volunteer. Since the beginning of the Russian special military operation in Ukraine, Maxim has become one of the patriotic leaders of public opinion in Russian society.

Maxim was an extraordinary, bright, assertive, strong-willed and intelligent person.

He promoted insightful thoughts that were devastating to the neoliberal globalists. He did it in a simple and straightforward manner. He attracted people with his honesty and courage.

That is why he became a priority target for the terrorist Kiev regime and personally for the clown and failed president of Ukraine, the drug addict Zelensky.

The last decade has produced many extraordinary people. Where did this happen? Mainly in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, i.e. in the former USSR; those who perceived themselves as fair, socially responsible people (Russians, Tatars, Dagestanis, Ukrainians, Belarusians, Kazakhs, Chechens, Kirghiz, Buryats, Yakuts, etc.), who are fighting with their deeds, not with mere words.
In the countries of the collective West, we observe the opposite trend. That is why neo-globalist elites seek to eliminate the brightest personalities from the peoples of Eurasia, those who have faith, honor and spirit.

They are simply afraid of such high manifestations of the human personality. After all, their families have long degenerated into freaks and idlers. That is why they need a global war to start here and now, while there is at least some chance to maintain their influence.

I am deeply grieving for Maxim. His physical body is dead, but his soul is immortal and his struggle, or ‘his personal Jihad’, as his Muslim friends would say, is an example for all those who are inclined to creation and who strive for the well-being of their Homeland and all Mankind.




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Mark Dankof

i loved his writing and analysis. i regret not having the chance to meet him and shake his hand.

jens holm

if you ask they might send it to you added many ukrainian ones and dead flowers

Last edited 14 days ago by jens holm
Crocus Shooting Gallery

the desintegration video of the gopnik swine was magical heheheh 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🖕

jens holm

a pity people him cant be killed twice.

his death support peace.


enjoy your colon cancer from all the gay sauna visits jens

jens holm

sez, the rotten dick sυcker 😂


good riddance, this loser is now burning in hell 😆😆😆


“that is why neo-globalist elites seek to eliminate the brightest personalities from the peoples of eurasia, those who have faith, honor and spirit.”

“they are simply afraid of such high manifestations of the human personality. after all, their families have long degenerated into freaks and idlers.”

very true dear author, well said…


zionist pig insults are prevalent throughout this particular comment section. where do these severely inbred zionist nazis hide?

within european territories, with their degenerate hate directed towards free peoples…


i suspect they are zionists with dual citizenship: polish and israeli. nazi attacks on this site began when the comment sections documented that ukrainians themselves were behind the crimes against russian-speaking ukrainians. many links were provided, among others, to this site. poles began to read and understand that they were ubiquitously lied to by the media because they also intended to send them to the ukrainian front.


currently, there is a forced conscription into the army of civilians in poland (including women) – everyone from 18 to 61 years of age (except those who take care of a child or an older family member). rumors say that they intend to send these people to the ukrainian front.


poles were mass murdered with extraordinary cruelty during world war ii by the ukrainian nazis, which is why there is huge resistance to fighting for the ukrainian nazis. but the project of extermination of the slavs on the ukrainian front is supported by the ruling jewish aparthaid, which has taken over this country and plans to establish a great israel in the depopulated territories of ukraine and poland.


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